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A blog forum discussing issues and developments in the fields of Brownfields tax credits, Historic Rehabilitation tax credits, Renewable Energy tax credits, syndicating and monetizing tax credits, and tax credit industry news and insights.



 The economic models of socialism, capitalism, and European-style socialized capitalism are under pressure given today's economic realities.  In a global economy, where we are all inerconnected and inter-dependent, the reality of which model will be most effective in attending to our issues is m...
I suffer from this more than most.  Having been trained as a lawyer, I'm long at problem spotting, scrutinizing and critiquing proposed client actions, but short on prescribing the remedy - so here goes.  The economy is in a tailspin and much has been written about what caused it; why we are in t...
As attorneys, we find ourselves from time to time being called upon to guide clients through business situations that require skills more akin to a consultant than a legal advisor. In that role, I find the following advice helpful: Understanding the objective of the decision is often a key to the...
We buy and sell hopes and dreams all the time, particularly the American Dream. We store these hopes and dreams in the financial markets and over the past 70 plus years, our financial or capital markets have fueled growth, innovation and development, and spurred us into becoming an ownership soci...
It's very difficult to refrain from taking action to stem the spiraling economic crisis, but in reality there is little that has been done so far that will aid a near-term recovery, and less that can be done to prevent the continuing difficulty we will experience in 2009.  The billions of dollars...

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