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Trivia question answers for Friday July 19, 20191. If you have singultus, what do you suffer from? Hiccups2. What is the full moon nearest the autumal equinox called? Harvest moon3. In British English, what is the two-initial term for a resume? CV4. What faddish word comes from the Japanese for "...
Trivia question answers for Thursday July 18, 20191. What part of  New York City got its name because it lies south of  Houston Street? SoHo2. Which ingredient provides the red color in a Tequila Sunrise? Grenadine3. Which cartoon character has a girlfriend named Petunia? Porky Pig4. What does "A...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday July 17, 20191. Which band released the song "Proud Mary" in 1969? Creedence Clearwater Revival2. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean? Amelai Earhart3. What was the name of the world's first nuclear powered submarine? Nautilus4. A "t...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday July 16, 20191. What was Fox's first series to win a TV season's Nielsen ratings? American Idol2. What artist's largest work is called "The Night Watch"? Rembrandt's3. What round-bottomed cooking vessel did China introduce to the culinary world? The wok4. What ...
Trivia question answers for Monday July 15, 20191. Prosciutto is derived from the meat of what animal? Pig2. Which gland is enlarged in the condition known as "goitre"? The thyroid gland3. Which country offered Albert Einstein its presidency in 1952? Israel4. What is a group of mallards in flight...
Trivia question answers for Sunday July 14, 20191. What toe is the foot reflexology pressure point for the head? The big one2. In what game do countries play for the Venice Cup? Contract bridge3. Facebook was first limited to students at what university? Harvard4. Bananas Foster originated in wha...
Trivia question answers for Saturday July 13, 20191. Florida has more of what per mile than any other state? Tornadoes2. Who won the first season of the TV series "American Idol"? Kelly Clrkson3. How many teeth does Bugs Bunny have" Ewo4. What is the name for the type of scissors which produce a ...
Trivia question answers for Friday July 12, 20191. What war saw the most Americans die? The Civil War2. How many children did Baron Von Trapp have in "The Sound of Music"? Seven3. What would a sommelier recommend to you? Wine4. What car manufacturer gave away its patent for the seat-belt in the i...
Trivia questio answerns for Thursday July 11, 20191. What do climbers rub on their hands for extra grip? Chaulk2. By area, what is the smallest of the Great Lakes? Lake Ontario3. What whiskey cocktail lends its name to the short glass also called a "lowball"? The Old-Fashion4. In which US stateis...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday July 10, 20191. Which planet spins on a nearly horizontal axis, as opposed to all the others which spin on a vertical axis? Uranus2. In which decade was the Hindenburg disaster? 1930's3. What continent is the natural habitat of the Ostrich? Africa4. What is t...

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