wny mortgage: Time to Spring ahead! - 03/07/08 01:21 AM

Spring is heading our way!   
Saturday it is time to Spring Ahead!   Time to change your smoke dectector's battery! 
And it is time to start looking at those seed catalogs for our spring gardens!   Yes it might be snowing outside today, but it will pass...
Do You have the Credit Score Blues? The video is a bit cheeky, but it explains in very basic details how your credit score will affect your ability to purchase with credit. Your credit score can range from 300 to 900. Basically your credit score is determined by a formula that is calculated that is proprietary information and … (0 comments)

wny mortgage: January News for Western New York - 01/23/08 11:18 AM
Welcome to Carl F. DeFranco Real Estate Corp January Update.  Below you will find links to many of our articles written in January.   Feel free to visit our Western New York BLOG to get the latest news and information affecting Western New York Real Estate, WNY Buyers and Sellers.  
If you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way, please feel free to call us!
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There is a general misconception that hard money is an opportunity of last resort for people who have, or want to have, an interest in real … (1 comments)

wny mortgage: Why Use Hard Money? - 01/14/08 12:40 AM
Why people use Hard Money?There is a general misconception that hard money is an opportunity of last resort for people who have, or want to have, an interest in real estate. After all, the rates are higher, terms shorter. That is a truth-but not the whole truth.Savvy investors use hard money to their great advantage.Except for the people who can walk into their bank with a deed in their hand, and walk out with a check, bank financing is highly unlikely. There are, however big lenders that advertise how quick, easy and cheap it is to borrow from them. It isn't … (0 comments)

wny mortgage: Purchase your First WNY Home! - 01/14/08 12:29 AM
Congratulations! You want to purchase your first Western New York home but there are so many decisions and you have a few questions. First off, realize that if you are purchasing your first or your 10th home in Western New York you are going to have questions. No question is a dumb question!The process of purchasing a Western New York home (or anywhere) can be frightening but it doesn't have to be. It doesn't have to be overwhelming either. That is why you enlist the assistance of a Realtor. The team at DeFranco Real Estate Corp is ready to assist you!Before … (0 comments)

wny mortgage: How Important is your credit report to purchasing a new home in WNY? - 01/03/08 02:39 AM
How Important is your Credit Report to Purchasing a New Home In WNY? It is very important, especially with the credit tightening up not only in Western New York, but around the country. So if you are planning on obtaining a Mortgage to finance the purchase of your New Home in WNY, you should check it out before applying for a mortgage.Your Credit Report, should be clean. Your Mortgage Professional will run their own copy, but you need to get your own Credit Report to verify that it's squeaky clean, and fix it if it's not.Here is a list of places … (1 comments)

wny mortgage: What documentation do I need to apply for a mortgage? - 12/16/07 07:05 AM
Buying a home in is not so difficult if you know what is going to happen along the way. Before you start looking at houses and falling in love with the perfect home, apply for your mortgage and at least get a pre-approval. This will allow us to ensure you are seeing homes that you can afford. There is nothing more frustrating to a Buyer than to fall in love with the absolutely perfect home only discover you cannot afford it.If you are not purchasing your home outright with cash, part of that process is obtaining a Mortgage. Since applying for your Mortgage can … (3 comments)


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