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This is a blog about real estate topics both of interest to readers nationally and the local Dallas Ft. Worth area authored by REALTOR Gary Woltal of Keller Williams in Flower Mound, TX. Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Texas, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Keller Williams, Flower Mound, TX,Gary Woltal Blog, Buy a house in Flower Mound, Flower Mound Home Search, Sell Buy Flower Mound TX homes for sale



I have seen some real estate agents say they can always get back to you in 30 minutes. That is impressive I think when one can't pick up a phone or email, but how about UNDER half a day? Don't Play Hide N Seek In Real Estate. When on the job, work. If you have to deliver bad news to a client or a...
If Animals Would Eat At McDonald's
Sometimes falling home values in your neighborhood happen so suddenly you can't do anything about protecting your investment, but ALWAYS keep in mind these There Goes The Neighborhood Trends * If no HOA rules, watch for strong violators of people doing their own thing, painting weird colors, junk...
I understand March 8th is a day honoring Women. This is probably a good thing beyond a Mother's Day celebration to encompass ALL women from the daughters to mothers to single women to older women. Women are pretty darn important to all of us, cause none of us would be here without them having car...
I have always been fascinated with the old adage, at least for children, "Don't Talk To Strangers." Well it may fit children mind you but too often we carry it into adulthood and openly conversing with people YOU DON'T KNOW finding what is common and appreciating differences with respect, well yo...
Heard That Rule Measure Twice Cut Once? With regard to all our plans, slowing down and deliberate carefulness will save the day into the future. They say if you don't have time to do it right the first time where will you find the time to do it AGAIN? How much backyard for the two large dogs? How...
I had been meaning to write a blog post about perspective for awhile cause I think many people with heated discussions with other people "lose it." Can you read the eye chart? We do need to be reminded quite often to Get A Grip On Perspective. I am not advocating IGNORING being a detailed person ...
I would venture to guess about 70% of REALTORS and Stagers are failing the USP test, the Unique Selling Proposition test. It is a case of Finding Nemo Is Harder When Everyone Looks Like Nemo. It is the plain vanilla professional. You are #1, call me if I can help you buy or sell a home, keep me i...
I have voiced my opinion of the Social Media tool of Twitter being pretty lame from observing it over time. It has its place. Different uses for different people and its immediacy of information or reaching people you could not ordinarily encounter is fascinating. Also thought leaders links, brea...
There can be much disagreement to the question of Do You Show Homes On Bad Weather Days? I think common sense comes into play in the end, and often I tell buyers IT IS JUST WEATHER. We do have jackets and umbrellas and gloves and obviously we are not traipsing out in tornadoes, lightning type thu...

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