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In thinking about what I could be thankful for today it would be to maintain some sense of humor in all situations in life. I call it DON'T GROW UP, IT'S A TRAP. We all have our mature, responsible selves (well some of us do) in relating to others in our personal and business lives. But I have be...
I have written earlier about how in exercising your creative juices to get a real estate deal done, consulting others for ideas is not a bad way to go. But what if you are crunched for time? Have to use your own head, Two tips: Creativity Means Seeing And Doing Differently. If you look in either ...
It is interesting when you get in small to medium groups of meetings how some people start to gossip about others. It is not flattering on anyone's part. These people are not inherently BAD but it seems like it gives them great joy to talk about others behind their back in negative tone, snicker ...
On Memorial Day we read many articles on its history with the Civil War and the original Decoration Day and that it was May 30th and recent men and women from Iraq or Afghanistan who served and lost their lives and now Memorial Day is EVERY day for those families. I have found it HARD to thank th...
In writing about the rapid pace of change in the world, in people, in nature, it did occur to me that there are exceptions to the rule. You know, constant is death and taxes. This one made me pause as another ....... The more things change, the more you realize Bill Gates still has the same hairc...
Coming after a week where we had tornadoes in my backyard in Texas, Oklahoma really got slammed with the EF5 one, over 200 mph, 2 miles wide at one point, 17 miles long and an INCREDIBLE 50 minutes on the ground. I listened to a schoolteacher from one of the elementary schools at a funeral of one...
Do you realize? Life Is Messy But Worth Going Through The Mess. The very young and the very old seemed to be mired in messes in life from strong needs that are not satisfied, or being very delicate with health issues, and don't seem to have any problem just ACCEPTING that life SOMETIMES is messy....
Sometimes in a teaching moment an example or an illustration saves writing a lot of words on a subject. So it is with knowing the point of how POWERFUL the mind is in BELIEF. You do believe what you think. No two ways about that. So check your thinking now and then to make sure it is in ALIGNMENT...

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