diy: 20+ Easy St. Patrick's Day Ideas - 03/07/19 09:18 PM
Hi, this is Dagmar from Dagmar's Home.
Aside from affordable farmhouse and cottage home decor, I blog about easy do-it-yourself projects anyone can create in just a few minutes.
Having a nice house or decorating for every holiday doesn't have to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money -- I promise!
The next holiday coming up is St. Patrick's Day -- it's on March 17.
There is still time for all of these projects I mention in these blog posts!
You can create a cute banner with just book pages and some shamrocks, you can create adorable decor with split … (1 comments)

diy: Ideas for Getting Your Home Holiday Ready - 11/26/18 07:20 PM
Hi, it's Dagmar, and I blog at Dagmar's Home.
I LOVE decorating for every holiday and season, and you can find many posts with easy DIY ideas on my blog. Here are just a few I wanted to put together in a roundup for you.
What you can expect from my posts: they are never hard to replicate, because I'm a lazy DIYer and always try to find the easiest and fastest way to update our home, and nothing I do costs a lot -- I decorate on a budget. Partly because I am really frugal, and partly because I like to … (2 comments)

diy: Easy Holidays Ideas & Christmas Home Tour - 11/13/18 12:28 PM
Hey, it's Dagmar again from Dagmar's Home. On my blog I have recently shared many ideas and tips on how to enter the Holiday Season as prepared as possible!
Every year, I'm getting into the Christmas spirit by putting together my Christmas Home Tour, and I hope I will bring that spirit into other homes as well.
But first things first! In order to build up anticipation for the upcoming season, I love the tradition of having an Advent calendar  in my home.
I'm from Germany where every child gets one and is looking forward every morning to open the next little gift. These … (0 comments)

Hey, I've been posting a lot about minimal efforts to achieve the maximum effect when it comes to your home decor. Today, let's talk about your bedroom. The color of a room says a lot about its purpose and also about YOU! And with a little paint you can achieve great changes!
What color did you choose for your bedroom? Are you happy with it? In my house, the Blue Cottage, I chose happy colors that make me feel good. My son's room is a bright turquoise because I felt that the regular blue seemed just too predictable. 
For our bedroom - as you can … (3 comments)

diy: Pretty and Practical - Storage Ideas For Your Home - 10/12/18 10:33 AM
Hey, it's Dagmar again! Please do me a quick favor! If you are home right now take a look around you! Is everything organized, nothing in an odd place? Great, I truly admire you because when I look around in my house I constantly see room for improvement, especially when it comes to organizing. That's why I brainstormed ideas how to add storage to my home and how to display the things that are dear to me in the best possible way. You can find all posts about storage ideas on my blog but let me give you a quick summary for … (2 comments)

diy: My Dream House posts: From Home Office to Porch - 10/03/18 03:26 PM
Hi there, it's me again, Dagmar, from Dagmar's Home . Today, I would like to share some of my most successful blog entries with you. They are about creating the perfect home. I usually find fantastic inspirations for my DIY projects or easy home improvement jobs on Pinterest. 
My Dream Home posts are always a great hit, and I have a lot of fun putting them together.
Today I’m showing you some of my favorite ideas I found on Pinterest!
Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking: I should really give this room a different look, or I wish I knew how to make this place look a little … (0 comments)

diy: DIY Home Decor and Gift Ideas - 06/22/18 11:10 AM
Hi, I'm back with more tips for you. For those of you who don't know me yet: I'm Dagmar Bleasdale and I have been posting articles about DIY, home decor, green and healthy living and saving tips for years on my successful blog.  
Today I would like to ask you if you love Pinterest? I don't have to tell you that I am a huge fan and post pictures every day. My now over 71.000 followers are mostly interested in DIY, crafts, home improvement and home decor, and we all have something in common. We love the instant visual aspect of Pinterest. I have to … (2 comments)

diy: Best Gift Ideas For Creative People - 05/16/18 02:32 PM
Hey, I'm Dagmar, from On my blog you can find posts about home decor, DIY, frugal living, interior design, recipes with healthy ingredients and farmhouse style decoration tips.
But most of all, I'm here to give you ideas about how you can make your home more beautiful home and how to make your daily life easier. Speaking about easy: Finding a gift for a friend, especially for somebody who is very creative should not be a problem. But I'm sure you can relate to the frustrating times when you were looking for a gift idea and weren't able to come up with … (0 comments)

Would you consider adding neon to your interior design colour palette? My first reaction was 'NO'!!! For me neon colors belonged in the 80s, and had nothing to do with my home decor style. I just could not embrace the thought of having super bright colors in my home. But then I saw more and more posts on Pinterest that featured neon-colored elements for home decor and I reconsidered my initial reluctance. What I learned is: Less is more when it comes to using neon colors. After browsing many boards, I made my own list of my 10 favorite decorating ideas with … (3 comments)

diy: Fabulous Ideas How To Set Up Your Home Office - 05/04/18 02:45 PM
Do you work from home? I do, and I have to admit that my office is still not set up the way I would ideally have it look like — it’s always a work in progress. That is why I often browse the interior design ideas on Pinterest. Here are my 12 favorite creative ideas for home office spaces.
Have you ever thought about how many hours you spend in your office? Working from home can be challenging with all the other daily tasks that are waiting to be tackled. So, I try to make my office space as cozy and functional as … (0 comments)

diy: The Lazy Way to Paint a Bookshelf and Other Furniture - 03/11/18 11:46 AM
Hi, it's Dagmar from Dagmar's Home. 
Where do you store extra dishes, glassware or canned food? If you don't have much space, it can be challenging to keep everything organized and at reach. Especially, when it comes to your kitchen paraphernalia, and the things you don't need on a daily basis. Maximizing your space is already a challenging task but of course you also want it to look neat and beautiful. 
I have a little pantry with a beautiful pine bookcase. I wanted to give it a clean look but wasn't willing to spend too much time on a DIY project. I … (3 comments)

diy: Easy St. Patrick's Day Decor, Craft and Recipe Ideas! - 03/01/18 11:32 PM
Hi, it's Dagmar from Dagmar's Home.
I regularly blog about affordable and DIY home decor, and here are a few posts I've written about St. Patrick's Day decor, DIY, crafts ideas, and yummy recipes.
DIY St. Patrick’s Day Banner & Thrifty Shamrock DecorationsSt. Patrick’s Day Mantel and Seed Packet Banner Decor Ideas5 Last-Minute DIY St. Patrick’s Day IdeasDye-Free St. Patrick’s Day Snacks and Free Printable Bag Topper6 Easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorating, Food, and Games Ideas
St. Patrick’s Day RecipesEnjoy!

diy: Easy Decor and Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day - 02/07/18 06:44 PM
Hi, this is Dagmar from Dagmar's Home.
I just published a new post I wanted to share with you!
Easy Decor Ideas for Valentine’s DayI love decorating for Valentine's Day and have many other posts about Valentine's Day ideas on my blog:
Heart-Shaped Treats for Valentine’s Day — Cookies, Pizza, and Brownies
10 Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Cards & Crafts For Kids
Valentine’s Day Tablescape With Heart-Shaped Doilies

DIY Valentine’s Day Banner With Playing Cards
My 5 Favorite Valentine’s Day Ideas From Pinterest 
Do you love decorating for Valentine's Day?

diy: 10 Awesome Last-Minute New Year's Eve Ideas! - 12/29/17 07:45 PM
Hi, this is Dagmar from Dagmar's Home.
I updated this post with the most awesome, last-minute New Year's Eve ideas you can use for the best party - if you are just celebrating alone at home or throwing a big party!
10 DIY New Year’s Eve Ideas 

diy: Christmas Home Tour, And Check Out This Decor Hack! - 12/17/17 06:33 PM
I posted the Christmas Home Tour of our Blue Cottage!
Come on over and enjoy the tour I posted on my blog, Dagmar's Home, and check out what I bought at IKEA and used as a table runner!
I love putting together tablescapes, and this year I opted for a partly modern, partly vintage look with many bottle brush trees and paper doilies.
I totally avoided red :)
You might also enjoy:
last years Christmas Tour 7 Fabulous Farmhouse Christmas Home Tours Blue Cottage Christmas Home Tour - Our Kitchen  

diy: 2014 Color Trends for The Home - 01/16/14 01:27 AM
The top colors for Spring 2014 and how to add them to your home If you are planning to freshen up your home this spring, take a look at the top colors for Spring 2014, selected by the Pantone Color Institute. Considered the top color authority for paint and textiles, Pantone is the go-to resource for the hottest color trends when it comes to giving your home a makeover, whether great or small, and is a favorite inspiration booster of Karen Haas, Owner of CertaPro Painters® of Norwalk, CT.
A Balance of Bright and Subtle
The much-awaited “Color of the Year” by … (5 comments)

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