home decor: Easy Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decor and Gifts - 12/13/18 06:06 PM
You might not be a DIY blogger like I am, but trust me, you don't have to be to create easy DIY decor.
All of my decor ideas for our home are super easy - because I don't want to break out the hammer and power drill, and because I like easy solutions.
For example, I use glue dots for a lot of my projects, like straightening out pictures, because I don't want to warm up my glue gun.
I used glue dots again in this project:
Bottle Brush Tree Decor With a Pie Tin
And I also used glue dots for this 5-minute project:
DIY Gumball … (4 comments)

home decor: Ideas for Getting Your Home Holiday Ready - 11/26/18 07:20 PM
Hi, it's Dagmar, and I blog at Dagmar's Home.
I LOVE decorating for every holiday and season, and you can find many posts with easy DIY ideas on my blog. Here are just a few I wanted to put together in a roundup for you.
What you can expect from my posts: they are never hard to replicate, because I'm a lazy DIYer and always try to find the easiest and fastest way to update our home, and nothing I do costs a lot -- I decorate on a budget. Partly because I am really frugal, and partly because I like to … (2 comments)

home decor: My Dream House posts: From Home Office to Porch - 10/03/18 03:26 PM
Hi there, it's me again, Dagmar, from Dagmar's Home . Today, I would like to share some of my most successful blog entries with you. They are about creating the perfect home. I usually find fantastic inspirations for my DIY projects or easy home improvement jobs on Pinterest. 
My Dream Home posts are always a great hit, and I have a lot of fun putting them together.
Today I’m showing you some of my favorite ideas I found on Pinterest!
Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking: I should really give this room a different look, or I wish I knew how to make this place look a little … (0 comments)

home decor: DIY Home Decor and Gift Ideas - 06/22/18 11:10 AM
Hi, I'm back with more tips for you. For those of you who don't know me yet: I'm Dagmar Bleasdale and I have been posting articles about DIY, home decor, green and healthy living and saving tips for years on my successful blog.  
Today I would like to ask you if you love Pinterest? I don't have to tell you that I am a huge fan and post pictures every day. My now over 71.000 followers are mostly interested in DIY, crafts, home improvement and home decor, and we all have something in common. We love the instant visual aspect of Pinterest. I have to … (2 comments)

Remodeling your kitchen can confront you with some questions you hadn't thought about before: Which colors would work best with the size of the room? How much light do my windows let in, and how does that affect the colors I choose? In my case, when we renovated our kitchen I opted for white cabinets because it will always make the kitchen look bigger. We even ordered white appliances — I’m not a fan of stainless steel and this way the white appliances don’t stand out.
The next decision: the color of the countertops. I narrowed it down to a white with … (0 comments)

home decor: 7 COZY LIVING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS - 05/04/18 03:36 PM
Your living room is like a business card. It shows who you are in so many ways. From the colors you choose, and the furniture you pick (chic or cozy or both?), to the flooring - you present your style to your visitors. At holiday celebrations, parties and other events, sooner or later people will gather in your living room and experience the way you designed this space. 
Setting up your living room is such an important task, so you, your family, and your guests can enjoy your personal interior design style. When you sell your house (and it's still furnished), potential buyers will … (2 comments)

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