homedecor: Easy Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decor and Gifts - 12/13/18 06:06 PM
You might not be a DIY blogger like I am, but trust me, you don't have to be to create easy DIY decor.
All of my decor ideas for our home are super easy - because I don't want to break out the hammer and power drill, and because I like easy solutions.
For example, I use glue dots for a lot of my projects, like straightening out pictures, because I don't want to warm up my glue gun.
I used glue dots again in this project:
Bottle Brush Tree Decor With a Pie Tin
And I also used glue dots for this 5-minute project:
DIY Gumball … (4 comments)

homedecor: Easy Holidays Ideas & Christmas Home Tour - 11/13/18 12:28 PM
Hey, it's Dagmar again from Dagmar's Home. On my blog I have recently shared many ideas and tips on how to enter the Holiday Season as prepared as possible!
Every year, I'm getting into the Christmas spirit by putting together my Christmas Home Tour, and I hope I will bring that spirit into other homes as well.
But first things first! In order to build up anticipation for the upcoming season, I love the tradition of having an Advent calendar  in my home.
I'm from Germany where every child gets one and is looking forward every morning to open the next little gift. These … (0 comments)

homedecor: COLORS YOU WILL LOVE FOR YOUR BEDROOM - 10/17/18 02:55 PM
Hey, I've been posting a lot about minimal efforts to achieve the maximum effect when it comes to your home decor. Today, let's talk about your bedroom. The color of a room says a lot about its purpose and also about YOU! And with a little paint you can achieve great changes!
What color did you choose for your bedroom? Are you happy with it? In my house, the Blue Cottage, I chose happy colors that make me feel good. My son's room is a bright turquoise because I felt that the regular blue seemed just too predictable. 
For our bedroom - as you can … (3 comments)

homedecor: Pretty and Practical - Storage Ideas For Your Home - 10/12/18 10:33 AM
Hey, it's Dagmar again! Please do me a quick favor! If you are home right now take a look around you! Is everything organized, nothing in an odd place? Great, I truly admire you because when I look around in my house I constantly see room for improvement, especially when it comes to organizing. That's why I brainstormed ideas how to add storage to my home and how to display the things that are dear to me in the best possible way. You can find all posts about storage ideas on my blog but let me give you a quick summary for … (2 comments)

homedecor: 10 OPEN SHELVING IDEAS FOR THE KITCHEN - 05/07/18 08:34 AM
Some people don’t like open shelves beause they think their dishes will dusty, and they would have to dust more often than if they had their dishes and glasses behind doors. Even if you are not concerned about the cleanliness of your dishes, it's possible that you just don’t like that look. You might also be afraid it will look too cluttered. 
I, on the other side, do love open shelving, especially in the kitchen. I think a few open shelves near the sink are practical and make the kitchen feel bigger. The kitchen accessories you use on a daily basis are also much … (0 comments)

homedecor: 10 IDEAS FOR DECORATING WITH NEON COLORS - 05/07/18 08:02 AM
Would you consider adding neon to your interior design colour palette? My first reaction was 'NO'!!! For me neon colors belonged in the 80s, and had nothing to do with my home decor style. I just could not embrace the thought of having super bright colors in my home. But then I saw more and more posts on Pinterest that featured neon-colored elements for home decor and I reconsidered my initial reluctance. What I learned is: Less is more when it comes to using neon colors. After browsing many boards, I made my own list of my 10 favorite decorating ideas with … (3 comments)

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