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Real estate locally in Bend, OR can be impacted by the global economies. We are watching the key variables hourly to make sure you will get the best possible interest rates.



    Spencer's presentation below about the trends in internet home buying had a couple of real eye-openers for me. (You can get the whole presentation to share with your office as either a ppt or pdf by clicking here.)   These buyers use much less time of your agents (visit half as many homes and...
Rates are even better this week than last! We are locking conforming loans at 4.625% for 30-year fixed for the price of an origination and normal closing costs.  Why the improvement? Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) continue to ride sky high with values very close to their 2-year high-water mark ...
Originially sent out Monday 11/9/09 - for realtime receipt of our blog - email dave@signetmortgage.com Rates, Housing, Tax Credits, Unemployment, FED announcements, Treasury Auctions, Oh My!  We had a full week with many different topics in play.  To cut to the chase: Signet Mortgage lending rate...
Here is a great rant, and well founded.  We've seen a lack of accountability caused by the HVCC.  Two appraisals performed within days of each other had vastly divergent answers (of course, the appraisal done for a potential refi by the contractor/seller's bank was much higher than the one done ...
Obama to sign legislation tomorrow - will extend to June 30, 2010 - First Time Home Buyers still $8,000 and Some Existing Home Buyers Qualify for NEW $6,500 “Move-Up” credit ... November 5, 2009   Congress acted with urgency today to get the Unemployment and Housing Credit bill out before the Un...
If you are interested in reading the actual legislative language of the Home Buying Tax Credit Extension bill, it is available by going to this link: http://bit.ly/3UustY  This is an amendment (S.AMDT.2724 to H.R.3548) to the Unemployment Extension Bill as offered by Senator Schumer. As describe...
One of our own realtors here in Bend is keeping up with the legislative efforts on the combined Unemployment Extension and Home Buyer Tax Credit.  I am betting on action including a Senate vote and into conference this week.   -Dave     Good News for Bend Oregon Home Buyers: First Time Home Buyer...
Plenty of news from last week and I mean even bigger than the Ducks’ smothering of the overmatched Trojans. In FHA and FNMA home financing news, the High-Balance Conforming Limits that were set to expire this year have been extended through all of 2010.  This is big residential real estate news. ...

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