new hampshire: New Hampshire Getaway for $199,900, 2 miles from Hampton Beach!! - 09/05/07 03:13 AM
This beautiful condo was staged & listing photographs taken by Sue Argue of Staged First Impressions. Thank you Realtor Becky Lufkin of Atrio GMAC Properties for this referral. What a comfortable and affordable place to live or vacation! … (0 comments)

new hampshire: Carey & Giampa Realty, Hampton Falls Home For Sale in New Hampshire, MLS # 2657211 - 08/27/07 02:57 PM

This home was photographed by Sue Argue of Staged First Impressions, a New Hampshire home staging company. Sue can be reached at 603-926-2676.


new hampshire: Staged Real Estate Photography in New Hampshire - 08/25/07 03:45 AM
Listing photographs are what home buyers see first on the Internet when shopping for a new home. Let buyers see beautiful listing photos of your home so that they want to schedule a showing and see it in person. The first impression most buyers get is from the colorful pictures on the web's MLS.
Staged Photography can make your listing photographs stand out from the rest. We're here for you, New Hampshire home sellers.


new hampshire: The Way You Shop Could Change the World... "Climate Counts" from New Hampshire's CE-Yo - 07/25/07 01:52 PM
New Hampshire's own Gary Hirshberg, CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farms (organic yogurt) has more than a farmer's green thumb. He's got a penchant for all things green. Last year Gary started "Climate Counts",  so that folks would know where to shop to support large companies that are doing their part to slow global warming.
By studying the large companies that provide us with most of our everyday products (household, food, apparel...), Climate Counts can give us their results so that we can shop responsibly. The winning companies were judged by "their climate 'footprint', their impact on global warming, their support of progressive … (8 comments)

new hampshire: Active Rain's Localism "Listings" Category: Getting the Biggest Bang For Free! - 07/20/07 06:34 AM
Blog about your active listings by placing your Real Estate Shows and/or your website into a blog via iFrame, and post it on Active Rain's Localism, under the "listings" category. You could put your listing show and a linked community show in one blog to advertise a listing. Cheryl Johnson gave us an iFrame tutorial, how to put iFrames inside a blog, which I have done here to insert this website and Real Estate Show URL into this blog page. I’ts real simple, copy and paste into your blog while in the HTML format. Put your website or Real Estate Show … (5 comments)

new hampshire: Your Home Staging Niche...Have You Found It? - 07/12/07 03:09 PM
After writing the blog about my successes and failures, I came to the wonderful realization that I had finally carved out a niche for myself here in New Hampshire. I enjoyed 26 years of cardiology nursing before switching over to home staging, so I knew a little about specializing. I got a broad nursing education, but then narrowed my work experience down until I reached a point where I was pretty darn good at something! 

Remember those mazes that you did as a kid when you were on a long car trip? You took your pencil and moved it along the … (19 comments)

new hampshire: Craig Schiller, Sue Argue & Cindy Lin Meet in Chicago: Home Staging Coast to Coast - 07/04/07 05:40 AM
We ate deep dish spinach pizza in the heart of Chicago, and talked for the first time face to face.  From New Hampshire, Chicago and San Francisco, we came together and shared our backgrounds, our home staging business stories, and our hopes for the future. And ladies, Craig is much more handsome in person.
Craig Schiller treated Sue Argue and Cindy Lin to a guided tour around Chicago, which was fantastic. If you haven't been to this city in a while,'s a friendly, clean and FUN place to visit.
Craig, never wear that hat in Boston, OK? You might get beat up … (24 comments)

new hampshire: IAHSP Convention June 2007 in Chicago - 07/03/07 04:44 PM
Last year I didn't attend the International Association of Home Staging Professional's Symposium, but this year I felt very fortunate to attend the convention. Held in Chicago last week, our classes took place at the historic Navy Pier. The conference was not only a learning experience, but fabulously fun as well.
Chicago is a friendly, clean and happening place. There were families pushing strollers, older folks checking out the city, and all ages in between. There is shopping on Michigan Ave, there is Millennium Park to explore, "Taste of Chicago", The Art Institute of Chicago, the theater district, The Water Tower, … (6 comments)

new hampshire: Home Sellers, Create Some Excitement and Get Your Home Sold! - 06/20/07 01:03 PM
 Selling your home?? Create some excitement, stir up some energy, get your house SOLD!! 
 If you were a Realtor with a beautiful home to sell that was priced correctly, wouldn't you be EXCITED? Make the excitement happen! 
 If your house looks great and your agent is proud to show it to other agents and buyers, what happens is a "This-house-is going-to-sell-fast" attitude. The excitement is CONTAGIOUS! Buyers can feel this excitement and will be more apt to make an offer.
First, repair and replace broken/ruined items. Have your home staged so it has curb appeal, and updated style.LISTEN TO YOUR AGENT'S … (14 comments)

new hampshire: Under Agreement 8 Days After Boosting Curb Appeal - 06/17/07 11:37 AM
This New Hampshire front entry received a new dose of curb appeal and went under agreement 8 days later!
Staged First Impressions, Hampton, NH home staging company. We'd love to help you sell your home faster too!
If you have a question about home staging and you can't find the answer here, please contact me, and I'd be happy to help you in any way I can.
Carey & Giampa Realty, Seacoast New Hampshire Portsmouth NH's "Tree House Toys"My Successes & Failures Are Teaching MeWhat is Staged Photography?Home Sellers, Create Some Excitement and Get Your Home Sold!Sitting On the Market Too Long?Under … (19 comments)

new hampshire: Foreclosures: Why Stage Them? - 05/26/07 09:43 AM
Foreclosures are happening. Pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, bank-owned, REO's, and government HUD owned properties sometimes sit on the market. Home staging cannot cure all of the challenges that many foreclosure properties have, but it can go a long way toward helping buyers picture the place as home sweet home.
Foreclosures can grow old on the market because:
often do not show or photograph well may have inflexible closing termsmay be no wiggle room in priceWhy stage it?
Universal Law of Wrappers, it will show better when staged, the listing photos will be more likely to draw investors and flippers in.a fixer-upper can look more do-able … (28 comments)

new hampshire: Does This Look Good or What? - 05/22/07 11:08 PM
It's the Universal Law of Wrappers. The prettier the wrapper, the better we assume it is, and the more money we are willing to pay for it. Great confectioners know that presentation matters when it comes to selling pricey chocolate.

See this chocolate bar with a plain old wrapper? Same old, same old, nothing special. How do I know? I just know. Well, I assume from looking at the cheap wrapper!
Take a look at this chocolate on the left. ...umm...looks like it's homemade with the fancy decoration done by hand. Fancy tin, too.
Probably expensive, but I bet it's worth … (38 comments)

new hampshire: Google Has a Sense of Humor - 05/22/07 12:56 AM
Here's some silliness to brighten your morning.1. go to click on "maps" 3. click on "get directions"4. type New York in the first box (the "from" box)5. type London in the second box (the "to" box) & hit "getdirections" on the same line6. scroll down to step #24 and smile
               Silliness brought to you by Staged First Impressions, New Hampshire 's home staging company. We're here for you, NH, with comic relief.

new hampshire: Selling Your House? It's Not About You Anymore - 05/21/07 03:33 PM
My 83 year old mom has this really awful red baseball hat she wears a lot that protects her nose from the UV rays. Combine that hat with her sunglasses, her white with sunscreen nose, and wow, she's funny. It's ok, I love her dearly, and I don't have to wear it!
Everyone's tastes are different. Everyone's needs are different.
The images here are courtesy of Lands End. The upper four shirts may or may not appeal to you. The blue button down men's oxford or the little black dress with pearls are looks that are clean, simple, comfortable, versatile--and appeal to most … (16 comments)

new hampshire: Real Estate Commission...Sellers, It's Not Always What You Think - 05/20/07 10:43 AM
I walked into a small real estate office in rural Ireland while I was vacationing recently. After some discussion about the real estate market in the area, I asked, "How much do you receive for a real estate commission here, if you don't mind my asking?" "We get 1 and a half percent."  I was floored, mouth dropped. "That's ALL?"
Then she started to explain that she gets 1 and a half percent as the seller's agent; the buyer's agent gets 1 and a half percent, and the broker gets 2 percent for advertising and administration costs.
     A light bulb went on. … (27 comments)

new hampshire: The Most Important Listing Photograph - 05/18/07 03:30 PM
The front door holds the key...It's the first picture you post on the MLS, it HAS to count! It must make buyers want to open the door...If you miss the mark on this front entry photo, internet shoppers won't even click on the listing. When I searched active rain to find out what other bloggers had to say, not surprisingly, they're saying a lot. Here's a sampling:
Leslie Olson shows an updated front entry in her blog "What a Difference a Door Makes".Kathleen Lordbock discusses her smiling front door in "Looking Good"Wayne Pruner showcases his front entry in "What Sellers in … (44 comments)

new hampshire: What is a Home Staging Consultation? Pros & Cons? - 04/29/07 02:12 PM
A home staging consultation occurs when a home seller receives professional instruction on how to stage their own home. The muscle and purchasing of accessories is left up to the homeowner.
Cost: the range I have seen on the web is $150-400, with $250 seemingly average. In NH, I charge $250.
Pros: seller saves money by doing the work themselves, seller controls when work gets completed.
Cons: seller may pick and choose the portions of the plan that they like, that they are willing to do, that they physically are capable of. When picking out accessories at the store, homeowner may choose items that … (27 comments)

new hampshire: Who Pays for Home Staging, the Agent or the Seller? - 04/28/07 01:47 PM
Who pays for home staging, the seller or the agent? Home sellers, you are going to benefit from the home staging, and should be the one to pay for the investment. You can't expect your agent to spend their portion of the commission on staging your home!
It's true that some agents pay for staging consultations or full staging. But this can be hurtful if the home's sale never goes through, and the agent doesn't ever get a commission.  
Home Staging has been talked about on CNN, Newsweek, Good Morning America, HGTV, NY Times, NBC, countless local newspaper articles, and blogs...if you … (44 comments)

new hampshire: What are they Saying in Coos County, New Hampshire? - 04/27/07 07:21 AM
Fellow New Hampshire residents who live up in Coos County, there is a new blogging community. An associate of mine emailed me about this group in her area, and I thought perhaps some Coos County folks at Active Rain might like to network here. Check them out!
Coos Conversations This is a blog for and about Coos County, New Hampshire. Whether you call it your new home, your former home, your second home or just a place you visit, the North Country evokes a unique passion in anyone who knows it. The purpose of this blog is to capture that … (18 comments)

new hampshire: What is Considered Household Hazardous Waste?...When is My Town Picking Up HHW? - 04/26/07 04:22 AM
   The following list shows common household items containing potentially hazardous ingredients that might be found in your garage, basement, or other storage space in your home. This information has been provided by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.       
The source of this information below can be found here:
Other Flammable Products
Propane tanks and other compressed gas cylinders Kerosene Home heating oil Diesel fuel
   For NH, your Household Hazardous Waste Pick-Up Day can be found here.  Email me if you have trouble downloading this info.
For my friends outside of … (11 comments)


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