slip and fall lawyer: 4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against a Slip and Fall Case by Your Tenant - 05/17/20 03:57 AM
Accidents happen and many times, it is the result of someone's negligence or carelessness. This is why the law protects the injured by making the negligent person liable to pay for damages and the medical expenses that come with such accidents and their resulting injuries. One such category of accidents is a personal injury and this includes all slip and fall cases.
Generally speaking, if you can prove that the accident happened because of the negligence of a person or a company, you're eligible for damages. This rule applies to owners and tenants as well. If a tenant can prove that an … (2 comments)

slip and fall lawyer: 5 Reasons Why a Lawyer is a Must-Have for Your Business - 07/07/19 12:40 AM
When we think of a lawyer, the first image that comes to our mind is that of a person arguing for his or her client in a court of law. Though lawyers do appear in courts to defend their clients, they do a whole lot of other things too, especially in the corporate world.
Let's look at some of the ways through which they add value to a business, thereby making them a must-have for every business.
Drafting business contracts
The most common reason for hiring lawyers is to draft business contracts and other legally binding agreements. Since lawyers know the right language … (0 comments)

slip and fall lawyer: 3 Qualities You Should Consider Before Hiring a Slip and Fall Lawyer - 04/08/19 02:22 AM
Accidents never come with a warning and unfortunately, the results can be disastrous and beyond your control. Since these accidents can happen at any time and anywhere, it is never possible to be cautious or preventive.
But if a slip and fall injury happens due to the negligence of a commercial establishment or a restaurant, you are entitled to get compensation for the same. Nobody can bear the pain, but the least you can get is some financial support for your injury.
However, getting this compensation is not easy because every establishment will only look to avoid paying you. This is why … (0 comments)

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