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Hi Active Rain Community!   I decided to do something a little different for Valentine's Day this year...I gathered a bundle of love-filled artists and created The LOVE ebook. It's packed with love poems, photos and artwork - and it's available for FREE Download on my blog - the perfect Valentine...
OR Just Do It. Of course, I’m not suggesting that brand imagery isn’t important…my design friends are cringing. My point is actually that the two platforms (writing and design) are equally important – and to some degree they serve different purposes. The swoosh is Nike, right? You see it and you...
When I’m working with a client to start a blog and/or use social media to grow their business, I’m always asked for the ROI (return on investment) because most people love the security of ‘if you give the Starbuck’s guy $5.00, he’ll give you a small coffee.’ But, using social media & blogging to ...
I admit, it does seem a bit backward, this whole social media thing. Basically, you give away top-notch information, via your content - articles, videos, ebooks, blog posts, webinars, etc. - and then you become a wild success...but the question that comes up over and over again, is 'HOW?' How do ...
Even I agree that sometimes reading and writing can get boring...so I took to the airwaves with Jason Crouch and Ken Cook. Their entire show is rather hilarious...and I come in around the ten minute mark. If you feel like listening instead of reading today, here's your chance!  
I’ve suddenly found myself elbow-to-elbow deep in a series of partnerships. I’m co-authoring an ebook with Ron Miller, tech writer extraordinaire, about authentical and personal branding; I’m writing a post with Ari Herzog, political and social media moven (I’m hoping that’s the male form of ‘mav...
For the business owners and bloggers that are publishing a blog for the purposes of growing their business, establishing themselves as an expert, selling products, promoting services, etc...certain questions must be asked - before you begin and as you go along - in order to maintain your personal...
I wrote this post a few months ago...but when I found out about and was invited to join the The Optimist Group on AR, I just knew I had to repost it. And, yes, for those of you reading out there, I do have a thing for George Clooney. Like Carrie said on Sex & the City, 'Clooney. He never goes out...
I just published this post on my blog and wanted to share it with you: 1) to say thank you for the incredible support and conversation I've experienced here, and 2) because I think this is an experience that we can all benefit from as we work to sustain and grow our businesses - whatever that bus...
Just wanted to help spread the word that Twitter suffered a security collapse - if you get a DM - EVEN from someone you know - with a weird link or that says you won something or something was written about you - DO NOT CLICK ON IT. A second infiltration just landed and hijacked some huge account...

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