certified: Tim Bellville Master Mechanic in Bonifay Florida 850-326-2895 - 06/26/12 12:33 AM

 Tim Bellville is a master mechanic in Bonifay Florida.  He owns a mechanic shop in Bonifay Florida on 3398 Hwy 160.  Tim is one of the few certified mechanics in the Bonifay Florida area with the expertise and experience to diagnose and repair every mechanical problem you are having with your vehicle no matter how big or small. I have had the pleasure of his service many times and have always been completely satisfied with his work and prices.  Tim Bellville is a man of his word and prides himself in fairness and honesty.  Him and his wife Barbara Bellville … (0 comments)

certified: January 2012 License Exam Pass Rate Trend for Certified Residential Appraisers - 02/26/12 07:58 PM
Below is the number of test takers who are getting Certified as Residential Appraisers and the Exam Pass Rate Trend for Florida.

Not much seems to be increasing in the way of Florida Certified Residential Appraisers. There were only three exams given in the state of Florida in January of 2012.  Out of those three, two passed and one failed. 
There were 0 retakes on the state exam.  The overall Passing rate in Florida for the month of January 2012 is 66.67%, leaving the overall failing rate at 33.33%
As far as Certified General Appraisers, there were no exams given and only one … (10 comments)

certified: The Lazy Little Farm - 04/03/11 05:04 PM
The Lazy Little Farm is nestled in the Bethlehem Community of Bonifay Florida.  Bethlehem, is a quiet little community located in northwest Florida.  At the Lazy Little Farm, Captain Wayne Rowlett raises Registered, Certified Katahadin Sheep.  Our new spring arrivals have all been born and will be ready to sell as soon as they are weaned. All our Katahadin Hair Sheep are Registered and Certified Scrapie free flock.  For more information on our Katahadin Hair Sheep, feel free to contact Captain Wayne at 850-547-1222. www.littlelazyfarm.com

certified: The Lazy Little Farm Registered, Certified, Kathadin Hair Sheep in Bonifay Florida - 03/06/11 06:46 AM
Captain Wayne is pictured here with our first spring addition to the Lazy Litte Farm.  Born last week in Bonifay Florida, she is just the first of more to come. They call her Sweet Pea.  Just two days later a set of twins arrived and another one was born night before last.  All our Kathadin Sheep are Registered and Certified.  Our spring flock will be for sale as soon as they are weaned.  Captain Wayne is expecting 15 lambs to be born by the end of April. 
The Lazy Little Farm is located in the Bethlehem Community of Bonifay Florida where Captain Wayne raises his Kathadin Hair Sheep with pride.  Captain Wayne is no … (0 comments)

certified: Registered scrappie certified katahdin sheep for sale at the Lazy Little Farm in Bonifay, Florida - 02/12/11 11:17 PM
If you are looking for registered, certified, katahdin sheep, we have Ewes. Rams and Lambs for sale on the Lazy Little Farm in Bonifay Florida.
Lambs will be born in March and April of 2011 and are ready to go in June and July of 2011.After weaning we will have approximately 10 of our Registered katahdin Lambs for sale.  Our flock is certified scrapie-free.For more information on buying Katahdin Sheep, give Captain Wayne Rowlett a call at the Lazy Little Farm in Bonifay, Florida at 850-547-1222

certified: Raising Katahdin sheep in Bonifay Florida - 02/12/11 10:36 PM
Soon to be born will be our new spring edition to the Lazy Little Farm.  Captain Wayne is expecting each one of his Ewes to give birth most any time now, expecting triplets as well as twins.   
The Lazy Little Farm is a small farm in Bonifay Florida owned by Captain Wayne Rowlett of Rowlett Real Estate School.  Captain Wayne enjoys raising Katahdin Sheep and raises a few cows also.  
The Lazy Little Farm brings forth nothing but the best when it comes to Katahdin Sheep.  All our Katahdin sheep are registered and scrapie certified, and FOR SALE!  Call Captain Wayne Rowlett at the Lazy Little Farm in … (0 comments)

certified: Certified Katahdin Sheep - 08/25/10 07:17 PM

Look at these cute little critters.
Katahdin sheep are a hair sheep that do not have fleece and do not require shearing.  They develop a very thick winter coat which completely sheds during the summer.  Katahdin sheep are hardy, low maintenance and easy to care for.
Some of the of finest purebred, Katahdin sheep are being raised on the "Lazy Little Farm" in Bonifay Florida by Captain Wayne Rowlett.  All of Captain Wayne's flock are certified, registered Katahadin sheep.
Captain Wayne and his wife are planning a trip to Gainsville Florida this weekend to pick up a fine prize Katahdin Ram they have purchased for breeding.  

Captain Wayne Rowlett welcomes you to the finest Florida Real Estate School dedicated to providing you with the latest edition material and up-to-date information. Enjoy learning with our custom Power Point presentations and training techniques designed to enhance your learning experience.




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