license: Pre Sales Associate VIDEO LIBRARY -- STUDY AIDS - 11/05/15 09:39 PM
and more Student Resources is your one stop study center with narrated videos of the Pre License Course and Exam Prep.
Access to our Student Resource Center is included when you register for a classroom course with Rowlett Real Estate School.  Student Resources is also available to all of our Pre Sales Associate Students who register for the pre license Florida Online Real Estate course.
We are the only online Florida Real Estate School with REcampus online narrated videos of the pre license course that follow the Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices and Law text … (1 comments)

license: What is an Involuntary Inactive Real Estate License? - 08/31/15 02:56 PM
If a licensee fails to renew an active or voluntary inactive license before the expiration date (other than the first renewal), the license reverts automatically to involuntary inactive status. The licensee must complete continuing education and renew the license to either active or voluntary inactive status within the next two years. A license is placed in involuntary inactive status for no more than two years. After two years the license automatically expires (becomes null and void) by operation of law without further FREC or DBPR action.
Ninety days before expiration of an involuntary inactive license, the DBPR notifies licensees of this upcoming … (1 comments)

license: What is a Voluntary Inactive Real Estate License? - 08/31/15 02:53 PM
Voluntary InactiveA licensee who has qualified for a real estate license but who voluntarily chooses not to engage in the real estate business during a given period and requests such a change is placed on voluntary inactive status.
A licensee may change an active license to a voluntary inactive license status by submitting to the DBPR the proper form. Such licensees hold a current inactive license.
Voluntary inactive licensees who subsequently wish to activate their licenses may do so at any time simply by completing the proper form requesting an active license with an active broker or owner-developer. As with an active license, a … (2 comments)

license: September 7th Pre Sales Associate Class in Panama City Beach Florida - 08/25/15 05:34 AM
September will kick off with a big pre sales associate class in Panama City Beach, Florida for Rowlett Real Estate School.  I't is amazing how many people of all ages are interested in getting a real estate license.  
Panama City Beach, Florida is a great place to work the real estate business.   The sales have picked up and things are looking good.  
Our next pre sales associate class in Panama City is April 7th through the 13th.  If you are in the Destin area, we have real estate classes in Destin as well.
Check out our website and take a look at our schedule of classes.  Rowlett Real Estate School is the Florida Real Estate School of choice when it comes to real estate … (1 comments)

license: Activate Involuntarily Inactive Real Estate License - 08/16/15 12:16 AM
If you hold an involuntarily inactive license, make sure you complete the reactivation education within two years of the first day you failed to hold a valid and active license. After the second year, the broker’s or sales associate’s right to reactivate automatically expires.
If the time elapsed is less than one year, the reactivation requirement can be fulfilled by satisfactorily completing 14 hours of continuing education as described in Rule 61J2-3.009.
If time elapsed is more than 12 months but less than 24 months, the requirement is 28 hours of prescribed classroom hours of the prerequisite course for licensure as a salesperson.  … (1 comments)

license: License Fees For Real Estate License - 06/28/15 03:05 PM
License FeesNew applicants for licensure are assessed an initial application fee in addition to the biennial license fee. Applicants for initial licensure and for subsequent license renewal also pay an un-licensed activity fee and may be required to pay a Real Estate Recovery Fund fee, if applicable (see "Real Estate Recovery Fund" in unit 6). Applicants submit the license exam and fingerprint processing fees directly to the test vendor.
The initial application fee, biennial license fee, and unlicensed activity fee are waived for military veterans who apply for a real estate license within 24 months after honorable discharge from the armed forces. … (0 comments)

license: Real Estate Licnese Background Check of Criminal History - 06/21/15 02:57 AM
Background Check of Criminal History 
On the license application, applicants are asked whether they have ever been convicted of a crime, found guilty, or entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) to a criminal charge, even if the applicant received a withhold of adjudication.
When the court determines that a defendant is not likely to again engage in a criminal act and that the ends of justice and the welfare of society do not require that the defendant suffer the penalty imposed by law, the court may withhold adjudication of guilt, stay (stop) the imposition of the sentence, and place the defendant … (11 comments)

license: General Licensing Provisions For Florida Real Estate License - 06/21/15 02:51 AM

An individual typically begins a real estate career in Florida as a licensed sales associate. Applicants who have completed the required education and passed the license exam are initially licensed as voluntary inactive sales associates. Inactive sales associates can become active by finding an employer and filing the information with the DBPR.
Sales associates and broker associates are employed by and work under the direction and control of a broker or an owner-developer. Sales associates and broker associates are agents of their employer. An owner-developer is an unlicensed entity that sells, exchanges, or leases its own property. An example of an owner-developer … (8 comments)

license: Destin Florida Real Estate School - 06/10/15 01:14 PM
Classes in Destin are still ongoing.  We have a great group of students every month in Destin and look forward to hearing back from our students who pass the state exam.
Our next class in Destin is July 6th through the 12th.  You can view our classroom schedule at and register for our classroom or online course.
Classes are held in Destin at the Palms of Destin Resort at 4201 Indian bayou Trail in Destin.  For more information give us a call at 850-547-1333.
 Paul Jensen is our real estate instructor for Destin.  He does a great job teaching and does an excellent job. … (5 comments)

license: Jump Start Your Career! - 01/25/15 01:35 AM
Rowlett Real Estate School also has the 45hr. Post Sales Associate
Class online.  Visit our website at   


license: Florida Online 72hr. Pre Broker Course v5.0 - 12/28/14 04:59 AM
This course is designed to meet the 72–hour education requirement for broker candidates and includes all necessary topics for the broker exam, complete with end–of–unit questions and a practice final exam. Updated to reflect recent 2010 legislation, this course includes practice questions designed to prepare students for the new proficiency state exam requirements. To reinforce key concepts, there is a new Summary of Important Points at the end of each unit.  


license: Florida Real Estate License Reactivation Course v8.0 Online - 12/28/14 04:43 AM
Florida Reactivation Course v8.0  

Price:  $99.95
Credit Hours : 28.00  
This 28-hour online course, based on key content from Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law, is intended for real estate sales associates and brokers who currently hold involuntary inactive Florida real estate licenses and meet the education requirements needed to reactivate their license, including the required two exams. Practice activities provide an interactive method of concept reinforcement and self-testing.

license: June 2015 Pre Sales Associate Class in Pensacola Florida - 12/08/14 05:07 AM
If you are looking for a Pensacola Real Esate School with a classroom course for a Pre Sales Associate license, Rowlett Real Estate School is having a class in June at the Keller Williams Office on 800 Langley Avenue in Pensacola Florida.  
Mrs. Kerry Hughes will be teaching our Pensacola Class and looks forward to seeing you there.  To register go to our website at or click on the register button. 

license: Real Estate License Application Process in Florida - 10/30/14 12:23 AM
Rowlett Real Estate School recommends that, if at all possible, as soon as you decide to take the sales associate license course or the broker license course, you should: 1. First make application to the state. This will insure that you are approved to take the state test and will also allow you to take the state exam as soon as you finish your course with no waiting. 
The application can be found online at   To get to the Application click on Apply for License, select Real Estate as the Profession, select Sales Associate/Broker-Sales Associate, and select Sales Associate License … (1 comments)

license: Real Estate License Requirements for Florida Broker - 10/30/14 12:19 AM
Real Estate Broker In order to qualify for a Brokers licenese in Florida,  you must hold an active real estate sales associate license and complete 24 months of real estate experience during the 5 year period preceding becoming licensed as a broker OR a licensed real estate sales associate or broker who has real estate experience in another state may apply the experience toward a Florida real estate broker license if the applicant has held an active sales associate or a current and valid broker license for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years. The real estate license must have … (0 comments)

license: Real Estate License Requirements For Florida - 10/30/14 12:14 AM
Florida Real Estate License Requirements Please be sure you understand the requirements before taking the pre-license education and licensing examination. If you have any questions, please contact the Commission office at (850) 487-1395 or visit the Florida Real Estate Commission website.
An applicant must be at least 18 years old, hold a high school diploma (more detailed information is available in Chapter 475.17, Florida Statutes), and fulfill the following:
Real Estate Associate When you have made the decision to become a sales associate, we recommend you submit a completed Application and do the electronic fingerprinting, with appropriate fees, then start your … (0 comments)

license: Florida Real Estate School Student Resource Center - 10/26/14 05:06 AM

If you have been searching for the #1 Florida Real Estate School with the highest quality Real Estate Training available.  Rowlett Real Estate School is without a doubt the best Florida Real Estate School.
As an addition to our courses, we have our very own Student Resource Center where you can have access to our video library.  Student Resources contains a valuable source of information to help you pass your Florida Real Estate Exam.
Our passing rate for the Florida Real Estate Exam is among the highest in the State. Not all students learn the same way at the same pace. We provide … (1 comments)

license: Highest Reviews and Ratings For Rowlett Real Estate School - 10/26/14 04:47 AM

Highest Review and Ratings For Rowlett Real Estate School using Florida RECampus Online Courses  
Rowlett Real Estate School rates the highest in Online Real Estate Education because our Florida Online Real Estate Courses are powered by RECampus.  We have a 5 star rating for reviews because of the great low prices we offer you for our Florida Online real estate classes.  Don’t pay more than you should with other online Real Estate Schools who also use RECampus Online Real Estate Courses. Check out our website at and you can see for yourself that you will pay less with Rowlett Real … (1 comments)

license: Pensacola Real Estate School Classroom Schedule - 10/26/14 04:24 AM

Register Now for any one of our Florida Real Estate License Pre Sales Associate Course.  We have classes to choose from every month in Pensacola, Destin and Panama City Beach Florida.
Getting your real estate license in Pensacola, Panama City Beach or Destin Florida is just a mouse click away.  All you need is a small deposit to hold your seat.  Check out our website or give Captain Wayne Rowlett a call for more information.

license: Rowlett Real Estate School, A Cut Above The Rest - 10/26/14 02:20 AM
Why is Rowlett Real Estate School a cut above the rest?  We offer our students what no other Florida real estate school does.  Rowlett Real Estate School grants free access to our Student Resources Center to any student who registers for a class with us. 
Captain Wayne is constantly updating our information and adding new study aids to our Student Resources. We are happy to announce that our new video library can now be accessed by our online and classroom students in our Student Resource Center.  Any of our students who register for one of our classes is entitled to free access.  Online students must request a username … (0 comments)

Captain Wayne Rowlett welcomes you to the finest Florida Real Estate School dedicated to providing you with the latest edition material and up-to-date information. Enjoy learning with our custom Power Point presentations and training techniques designed to enhance your learning experience.




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