online: Is It Time To Renew Your Florida Real Estate License? - 01/14/20 02:26 PM

Is your renewal date coming up for your Florida real estate license?  
 It is getting close to renewal time for all new sales associates whose Florida real estate license expires on March 31st. If you have not completed your 45-hour post-license course and your deadline is approaching, you still have time to do it online with Rowlett Real Estate School.
Our post 45-hour online course is only $119 and with our promo code RRES10 you can get ten dollars off. The course is not timed so you can work it at your own pace.  Everything is included in the course to complete the state requirements.
If you are ready for … (3 comments)

online: Florida Real Estate Continuing Education by Distance - 08/16/15 12:13 AM
Continuing Education by Distance is the way to go. The CE Book and bubble answer sheet will be mailed to you after registration and payment. Fax back your bubble sheet when finished. We will report your CE Credits to the DBPR and mail you a course completion certificate. 
If you are under a time crunch to complete your course credits or just need the Core Law portion, please give us a call at 850-547-1333 
Florida Continuing Education By Distance … (0 comments)

online: Continuing Education for Florida Real Estate Professionals v15.0 - 08/15/15 11:08 PM

Continuing Education Online for Florida Real Estate Professionals v15.0
Rowlett Real Estate School will send you a CE book with an open book test.
All you need to do is fax the completed test back to us and we will grade it
and report your credits electronically to the DBPR.  You will also receive
a course completion certificate by email for you to keep for your records.
Price:  $24.00
Credit Hours : 14.00  
This updated course has the most recent changes to Florida law and FREC rule changes. Topic coverage includes the National Flood Insurance Program and more. This course is a popular, interactive approach to … (0 comments)

online: 45 Hour Post Sales Associate Class August 17th 2015 - 08/09/15 12:37 PM
If you need your post 45 hour pre license course before your next renewal, Rowlett Real Estate School has you covered.  We will be having a class on August 17, 2015.  If you can't make a classroom course, we also have the online course for only $119  Register Here FREC Approved Course No. #0011856
This is one course you should take as soon as can after getting your Florida Real Estate License.  This course gets right down to the meat of what you need to learn as a sales associate.  From listing agreements to writing contracts, this course is packed with information … (8 comments)

online: Florida 72 hour Pre Broker Course Online - 08/03/15 03:02 AM
As one of the leading Florida real estate schools, the Rowlett Real Estate School offers Florida Real Estate Courses online, and in the classroom. It has never been so convenient to pass your real estate exams and achieve your Florida Brokers License. You can take our Florida 72 hour Pre Broker Course anywhere in the world from any computer.
In the state of Florida, to obtain a Brokers License you must hold an active real estate sales associate license and complete 24 months of real estate experience during the 5 year period preceding becoming licensed as a broker OR a licensed real estate sales associate.
authority by completing its education and examination requirements. NOTE: … (8 comments)

online: Classroom Real Estate Training in Destin and Panama City Beach FL - 07/21/15 08:42 AM
Our passing rate for the Florida Real Estate Exam is among the highest in the State. 
Our classes are all on PowerPoint. Captain Wayne uses special training techniques to reach each students learning potential, enhance understanding of Real Estate Math and increase comprehension.
All classroom hours are fully accredited. We teach the entire course in class. No hybrid or partial online course is needed. 
Upon passing the end of course exam, you will receive in hand an official 63 hour course completion certificate to take to your testing site.
For your achievement, you will also receive a beautiful hand crafted wall certificate to proudly display.
Our Florida Real Estate School is first in … (4 comments)

online: Online Continuing Education for Florida Real Estate Professionals v15.0 - 07/16/15 11:06 AM

  Price:  $24.00
Credit Hours : 14.00 
This updated course has the most recent changes to Florida law and FREC rule changes. Topic coverage includes the National Flood Insurance Program and more. This course is a popular, interactive approach to the 14-hour CE course, offering timely and critical information to licensees in short, lively units, with interspersed progress quiz questions. The “Forms-to-Go” section makes important forms readily available to licensees. The final exam is a bank of 150 questions that is set to present five unique 30-question exams. Each question has a review link that allows the student to have … (0 comments)

online: REcampus Florida Online Real Estate Pre License Course - 06/29/15 12:37 AM

Rowlett Real Estate School
It's a great time to get your Florida Real Estate License.   Rowlett Online Real Estate School has the latest online version of REcampus Florida online courses on our website.  Our passing rate for the Pre License Real Estate Course is among the highest of all the Florida Online Real Estate Schools.
A career in Real Estate allows you to have flexible working hours.  This can be especially beneficial to mothers with small children and people with various lifestyles or circumstances.  This is also what makes our  online real estate course perfect for your lifestyle.  With our Florida Online Real Estate School, you can have your real … (2 comments)

online: Once I register for an online course, how soon can I start? - 05/17/15 12:25 PM
Once you register for your course, you can start it immediately.
The online enrollment process includes credit card verification. This only takes a minute and you are approved to start your desired online course.
You will receive an e-mail confirmation for your records and you may begin the course immediately following registration or at any time you choose.
You can progress through your course as quickly as you like or take your time.  The course is not timed.  Only the end of course test is timed.

online: Student Resource Video Library - 04/29/15 01:08 PM

Rowlett Real Estate School is expanding our Student Resources  Our Pre Sales Associate online and classroom students now have access to learning videos to help them have a better understanding and prepare for the Florida Real Estate exam.
 In our student resources, our students have access to valuable information to prepare them for the Florida Real Estate Exam.

online: Post Broker Management Guide, 30 Hour Broker Post Licensing v5.0 - 04/20/15 11:49 PM
Florida Real Estate Brokerage:  A Management Guide, 30 Hour Broker Post Licensing v5.0

Price:  $119.00
Credit Hours : 30.00 
This online post–licensing course based on the national Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide textbook is tailored to Florida with specific content about state licensing laws, brokerage relationships, handling escrow, and more. Students will learn to become more efficient leaders and managers while fulfilling their licensing requirements. … (1 comments)

online: FAQ: How Do I Get Credit For My Online Course - 03/09/15 07:55 AM
Once all course requirements are completed, you will be issued a Course Completion Certificate (or in some states your course completion will be directly reported to your state and no actual hardcopy certificate will be issued). 
If you are to receive a Course Completion Certificate, it will be mailed to you via the U.S. Mail and placed in the mail within 3-5 business days after you have satisfied all course requirements.  

For infomation on Rowlett Real Estate School and our classes in Panama City, Fort Walton, Pensacola and Destin, visit our website at .  Or give Captain Wayne a call at … (8 comments)

online: Jump Start Your Career! - 01/25/15 01:35 AM
Rowlett Real Estate School also has the 45hr. Post Sales Associate
Class online.  Visit our website at   


online: Florida Online 72hr. Pre Broker Course v5.0 - 12/28/14 04:59 AM
This course is designed to meet the 72–hour education requirement for broker candidates and includes all necessary topics for the broker exam, complete with end–of–unit questions and a practice final exam. Updated to reflect recent 2010 legislation, this course includes practice questions designed to prepare students for the new proficiency state exam requirements. To reinforce key concepts, there is a new Summary of Important Points at the end of each unit.  


online: Florida Online Post Licensing for Sales Associates v9.0 - 12/28/14 04:56 AM
Post-Licensing Education for Florida Real Estate Sales Associates v9.0  
Price:  $119.00
Credit Hours : 45.00  
Recently updated to reflect changes in Florida law, this latest version offers expanded discussions on lead generation, financing, and fair housing laws. Special learning features include action lists, forms, case studies, and “In Practice” sections for each unit. In addition, this title fulfills the 45–hour state requirement.

online: 30hr. Real Estate Investment v5.0 online course - 12/28/14 04:49 AM
Florida Essentials of Real Estate Investment v5.0  
Price:  $119.00
Credit Hours : 30.00  
Based on the popular Essentials of Real Estate Investment, this online course uses an effective blend of theory and practice to help students navigate potential investment opportunities in the real estate market. The course covers both the principles and the practices of real estate investments. Coverage explores investment trends, tax laws, tax liens, regulations, market conditions, Florida–specific land laws, and more. … (0 comments)

online: Florida Real Estate Broker Qbank v3.0 exam prep Online - 12/28/14 04:46 AM
Florida Real Estate QBank for Brokers v3.0  
Price:  $49.00
  The most powerful real estate test engine turned loose on Florida! What do you get when you put over 70 years of licensing and exam preparation experience behind one comprehensive test engine? You get the power to pass the Florida real estate license exam!
The Florida Real Estate QBank for Brokers gives students the power to simulate nearly every test environment imaginable, from full-length licensing exams to single-topic mini-exams. The QBank contains hundreds of questions on national and Florida-specific topics.

online: The Benefits of Online Education - 10/29/14 12:19 PM

There are a number of reasons why more and more students choose online education to achieve their Florida real estate license.  Online courses allow students to easily fit learning into their schedules. Online learning offers a number of advantages but none is bigger than the ability to offer training anywhere, anytime.
Benefits of Online Education:
Begin classes anytime and study anywhere you have an Internet connection Take classes in the comfort of your home or office Come and go as your schedule allows Interactive learning with industry experts Environmentally friendly The most up-to-date content Improved retention: stop, start, rewind each lesson as often as … (1 comments)

online: Florida Real Estate School Student Resource Center - 10/26/14 05:06 AM

If you have been searching for the #1 Florida Real Estate School with the highest quality Real Estate Training available.  Rowlett Real Estate School is without a doubt the best Florida Real Estate School.
As an addition to our courses, we have our very own Student Resource Center where you can have access to our video library.  Student Resources contains a valuable source of information to help you pass your Florida Real Estate Exam.
Our passing rate for the Florida Real Estate Exam is among the highest in the State. Not all students learn the same way at the same pace. We provide … (1 comments)

online: Highest Reviews and Ratings For Rowlett Real Estate School - 10/26/14 04:47 AM

Highest Review and Ratings For Rowlett Real Estate School using Florida REcampus Online Courses 
Rowlett Real Estate School rates the highest in Online Real Estate Education because our Florida Online Real Estate Courses are powered by RECampus.  We have a 5 star rating for reviews because of the great low prices we offer you for our Florida Online real estate classes.  Don’t pay more than you should with other online Real Estate Schools who also use RECampus Online Real Estate Courses. Check out our website at and you can see for yourself that you will pay less with Rowlett Real Estate … (1 comments)


Captain Wayne Rowlett welcomes you to the finest Florida Real Estate School dedicated to providing you with the latest edition material and up-to-date information. Enjoy learning with our custom Power Point presentations and training techniques designed to enhance your learning experience.




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