rowlett real estate: Florida Post Broker 30 Hr. Investment Online Course Only $119 - 03/22/14 08:58 AM
Florida Essentials of Real Estate Investment v5.0 30hr. Post Broker Investment Online Course -------$119
Based on the popular Essentials of Real Estate Investment, this online course uses an effective blend of theory and practice to help students navigate potential investment opportunities in the real estate market. The course covers both the principles and the practices of real estate investments. Coverage explores investment trends, tax laws, tax liens, regulations, market conditions, Florida–specific land laws, and more.   Rowlett Real Estate School is a full service Florida Real Estate School Fully Accredited and State Approved.  Our Customer Service is outstanding.  RECampus … (0 comments)

rowlett real estate: Fort White Online Real Estate School License Course - 04/21/13 09:40 PM
 If you would like to get your Real Estate License in Fort White with the best Online Fort White Real Estate School and begin selling real estate in Columbia County, Rowlett Real Estate School is your number one choice in Florida Online real estate schools.
We are proud to say that Rowlett Real Estate School’s passing rate for the Florida State Exam is among the highest in the state of Florida.
As one of the leading Fort White Real Estate Schools in Columbia County, all our real estate courses are state approved and fully accredited.  Online Real Estate Courses … (0 comments)

rowlett real estate: Hollywood Florida Real Estate School Online Classes - 04/05/13 01:22 AM
Whether you are interested in selling real estate part time or full time, getting your real estate license in Hollywood Florida is a smart choice and choosing a Hollywood Florida Online Real Estate School is a mouse click away.  Rowlett Real Estate School can help you achieve your goals online in the comfort of your own home with our Hollywood Florida Real Estate School Online courses to meet every license needs. 

rowlett real estate: Fort Lauderdale Real Estate School License Program - 01/12/13 11:31 PM
You can get your real estate license in Fort Lauderdale, FL in a few short weeks with Rowlett Real Estate School online pre sales associate course.  When trying to decide which Fort Lauderdale Real Estate School will give you the training you need to pass your Florida real estate exam, consider which Florida Real Estate School has the best passing rate.  Rowlett Real Estate School has a passing rate that is among the highest in the state.  
A good Fort Lauderdale, FL Real Estate School online license programs for sales associates and brokers is just a mouse click away.
Rowlett Real Estate School is currently looking … (2 comments)

rowlett real estate: Drafting A Special Clause For A Sale Contract - 08/27/12 05:14 AM
Real estate brokers may prepare listing agreements, sale contracts, option contracts, and lease agreements (on the Supreme Court-approved form) in the course of their business. Real estate licensees should recommend to a buyer or seller to have an attorney draw an option contract or, to reduce liability, licensees should use standardized option contract forms. If an advertisement states that, for a fee, a licensee would complete or review contracts for persons not buying through the licensee, that licensee would be practicing law.
Licensees should not prepare legal documents such as deeds, mortgages, and promissory notes. Activities of this nature may … (0 comments)

rowlett real estate: Florida Real Estate License Application Process - 05/21/12 04:26 AM
License Application Process Rowlett Real Estate School recommends that, if at all possible, as soon as the student decides to take the sales associate license course or the broker license course, the student should
1. First make application to the state.
This will insure that you are approved to take the state board and will also allow you to take the state exam as soon as you finish your course with no waiting. This can be accomplished by doing it on-line or printing the application out, having it notarized and mailing the application in with a check. The school recommends … (0 comments)

rowlett real estate: 2012 School Catalog available - 02/17/12 11:35 PM
Captain Wayne has just finished our new 2012 School Catalog.  We will be printing and mailing by the of the week. We have included an order sheet that can be faxed to us.  If you would like a copy of our school catalog just email us and we will be happy to add you to our mailing list.
Our School Catalog consist of our Classroom Courses and dates along with some of the best selling personal development real estate books and CD-Rom Prep courses available to help you further your Real Estate Career.  Don't forget to take advantage of our discounts … (1 comments)

rowlett real estate: No Cancel Guarantee Post Sales Associate Class - 02/11/12 07:03 AM
The Rowlett Real Estate School understands when time is short and critical for your Post licensing and Continuing Ed, you have to be assured that the class is a solid commitment from a school that you can depend on. Our guarantee to you is “NO CANCELLATIONS.” on all post or CE classes.
Please take a few moments to explore our site where you will find detailed information on our full service Florida Real Estate School, our Instructors, classroom locations, course offerings, times and dates.

rowlett real estate: What is a Group License? - 11/28/11 12:18 AM
 A Group licenses is sometimes issued to sales associates and broker associates who work for an owner-developer (real estate developer)
An owner-developer may own properties in the names of various entities.  If the entities are all connected so that ownership and control is with the same individual, sales associates and broker associates employed by the owner-developer may be issued a group license.
    The owner developer sends an affidavit to the DBPR with a list of all the legal company names used by the owner-developer. This allows the associate to sell for all of the affiliated entities owned by the owner-developer.  … (0 comments)

rowlett real estate: Telemarketing and Telephone Solicitation - 06/01/11 12:35 AM
•Telemarketing is the use of the telephone as a marketing tool to solicit services directly to the public.
•Telephone solicitation  is defined as the initiation of a call for the purpose of encouraging purchase or investment in property, goods or services
When making telephone calls to obtain listings is telephone solicitation:      The FCC recently ruled that real estate sales associates may not call for-sale-by-owners and homeowners with expired listings to solicit for the listing if the owner's name is on the Do-Not-Call registry.     -Even if the number appears on a yard sign or in newspaper ad.
This information is courtesy of Rowlett … (1 comments)

rowlett real estate: Multiple Real Estate License - 04/25/11 11:38 AM
A licensed broker may be issued upon request additional licenses as a broker, but not as a sales associate or as a broker associate, whenever it is clearly shown that the requested additional licenses are necessary to the conduct of real estate brokerage business and that the additional licenses will not be used in a manner likely to be prejudicial to any person, including a licensee under this chapter. A sales associate or broker associate shall have no more than one registered employer at any one time. Information courtesy of Rowlett Real Estate School LLC,  Captain Wayne Rowlett, Real Estate TrainerVisit … (0 comments)

rowlett real estate: Real Estate Audit and Inspection - 04/25/11 11:37 AM
Authority to inspect and audit.  -Duly authorized agents and employees of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) shall have the power to inspect and audit in a lawful manner at all reasonable hours any broker or brokerage office licensed under this chapter, for the purpose of determining if any of the provisions of this chapter, chapter 455, or any rule promulgated under authority of either chapter is being violated.
Information courtesy of Rowlett Real Estate School LLC,  Captain Wayne Rowlett, Real Estate Instructor
schedule of classes 
P. Stone, RRES

rowlett real estate: Non Resident Applicants - 02/13/11 02:54 PM
•An applicant for a Florida real estate license does not have to be a Florida resident, a U.S. citizen or even a resident of the United States. 
•A nonresident applicant must file an irrevocable consent form, agreeing that lawsuits may be filed against him or her in the Florida county where the plaintiff resides and that legal service in any proceeding may be made to the director of the DRE, with a copy sent to the applicant.
Brought to you by Rowlett Real Estate School.  Captain Wayne Rowlett.
"Let Your Career Start Here!"
For our Florida Real Estate Classroom … (0 comments)

rowlett real estate: Home Inspection Online Course with Final Exam - 05/10/10 06:36 AM
Fundamentals of Home Inspection 40-Hour Online Course with Final Exam
This 40-hour course provides a comprehensive introduction to the practice of home inspection. Students will find straightforward descriptions of house systems and how they function, as well as how they may deteriorate or fail. Fundamentals of Home Inspection is a great introductory course for Real Estate schools that are considering expanding their curriculum to include home inspection.   Price:  $639.95
Principles of Home Inspection 100+ Hour Online Course with Final Exam

This course provides the most exhaustive distance training for home inspection available. Nearly 100 hours of comprehensive, in-depth training for students … (1 comments)

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