sales associate: Continuing Education for Florida Real Estate Professionals v15.0 - 08/15/15 11:08 PM

Continuing Education Online for Florida Real Estate Professionals v15.0
Rowlett Real Estate School will send you a CE book with an open book test.
All you need to do is fax the completed test back to us and we will grade it
and report your credits electronically to the DBPR.  You will also receive
a course completion certificate by email for you to keep for your records.
Price:  $24.00
Credit Hours : 14.00  
This updated course has the most recent changes to Florida law and FREC rule changes. Topic coverage includes the National Flood Insurance Program and more. This course is a popular, interactive approach to … (0 comments)

sales associate: Pensacola Florida Real Estate Classes - 03/02/15 06:00 AM
Rowlett Real Estate School is the number one choice when it comes to getting your Florida Real Estate License.  Our passing rate for the Florida Real Estate Exam is among the highest in the State. 
Rowlett Real Estate School is now teaching pre sales associate classes in Pensacola Florida.  Mrs. Carrie Hughes is our top instructor in Pensacola and will be teaching the pre sales associate class in Pensacola this month on March 16th through the 22nd.
Rowlett Real Estate School is North West Florida's leading Florida Real Estate School with online courses as well as classroom courses.
All our classes  are on PowerPoint and designed … (0 comments)

sales associate: 2014 Florida Sales Associate Exam Vs Florida Broker Exam Passing Rate - 01/19/15 08:47 AM

According to the 2014 Florida state exam summary report, the total number of students who took the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate exam in 2014 is over twenty seven thousand.  Keep in mind, this is for the whole year of 2014.  Compared to the two thousand students who took the brokers exam, that's a very big difference. 
Even though the number of Students testing for the Florida Broker Exam are low, the passing rate is higher than the overall passing rate for Sales Associates.
Our online sales for the 63hr. Florida Sales Associate course increased more in December and so far … (14 comments)

sales associate: Florida Online Post Licensing for Sales Associates v9.0 - 12/28/14 04:56 AM
Post-Licensing Education for Florida Real Estate Sales Associates v9.0  
Price:  $119.00
Credit Hours : 45.00  
Recently updated to reflect changes in Florida law, this latest version offers expanded discussions on lead generation, financing, and fair housing laws. Special learning features include action lists, forms, case studies, and “In Practice” sections for each unit. In addition, this title fulfills the 45–hour state requirement.

sales associate: Real Estate License Application Process in Florida - 10/30/14 12:23 AM
Rowlett Real Estate School recommends that, if at all possible, as soon as you decide to take the sales associate license course or the broker license course, you should: 1. First make application to the state. This will insure that you are approved to take the state test and will also allow you to take the state exam as soon as you finish your course with no waiting. 
The application can be found online at   To get to the Application click on Apply for License, select Real Estate as the Profession, select Sales Associate/Broker-Sales Associate, and select Sales Associate License … (1 comments)

sales associate: Florida Fictitious Name Act - 08/25/14 02:08 AM
Any person or entity doing business in a name other than their legal name must comply with the Florida Fictitious Name Act which requires advertising in a county wide circulated newspaper of the intent to use the fictitious name, submit proof of publication to the Clerk of Court, and submitting an application with the Department of State.
Sales associates and broker associates cannot operate under a trade name and must operate using their legal name as it appears on their license.
Brokerage entities that have registered their name with the DRE are exempt from the Florida Fictitious Name … (0 comments)

sales associate: BROKERAGE OFFICE OPERATIONS - 08/23/14 11:55 PM
I.             THE BROKER'S OFFICE
All sales associates must be registered and work from an active broker's office or branch office. Sales associates may not work for themselves unless they acquire a broker's license. Every active broker must have a registered office, although the office does not have to be located in Florida. If the office is not located in Florida, the broker must agree in writing that he or she will cooperate with any office investigation.
By definition an "office" must be at least one enclosed room of stationary construction where negotiations take place and … (0 comments)

sales associate: Real Estate Licnese Night Classes in Pensacola Florida - 08/03/14 03:17 AM
Coming soon to Pensacola Florida this Fall 2014, Night classes for our Pre Sales Associate Real Estate License.  Give us a call at 850-547-1333 for more information.
Get your real estate license in a few short weeks with Rowlett Real Estate School and begin a new career in Pensacola, FL with our Pensacola, FL Real Estate School online Pre Sales Associate course. 
Rowlett Real Estate School provides real estate courses online in Pensacola, FL for all your real estate license requirements.  Captain Wayne Rowlett offers the best prices for our state approved online real estate courses.
Visit our website at for a full line up of … (0 comments)

sales associate: 37th Edition Florida Key Point Audio Review for Sales Associates - 07/13/14 12:39 AM

sales associate: General Licensing provisions - 07/12/14 12:27 PM
Sales associates are employed by and work under the direction of a broker or an owner-developer.
Sales Associates are agents of their employer.
An owner-developer is an unlicensed entity that sells, exchanges, or leases its own property.
An example of an owner-developer is a real estate development company that owns land that it develops into subdivisions, and then it builds and sells homes.

An owner-developer’s sales staff must hold active real estate license in order to be paid a commission based on actual sales.
The sales staff is exempt from licensure if paid strictly on a salaried basis.
A broker … (1 comments)

sales associate: Continuing Education For Brokers and Sales Associates - 06/30/14 11:42 AM
Florida Continuing Ed By Mail - includes Fax back Open Book Exam For Only $20 You can do your Continuing Educaiton at home with our open book exam that you can Fax back for us to grade. We will mail you a course book with the test included.
Your course credits will be reported the same day electronically to the DBPR after your exam is graded and a Course Completion Certificate will be mailed to you for your records. It is your responsibility to renew your license.
Fax To: 866-879-1722 CORE LAW; If core law is all you need, we can … (0 comments)

sales associate: Windows CD-ROM ....Pre Sales Associate Study Aid - 06/30/14 11:36 AM
Windows CD-ROM ....Pre Sales Associate
Interactive Questions and Answers to Help You Pass Your Sales Associate Exam
Edward O'Donnell developed this WONDERFUL review tool for the sales associate. This is a new version from the ground up, based on customer and student feedback. It is designed specifically to help you pass the Florida real estate exam such as the multiple choice exam administered by Promissor. Review course material on your PC as you complete various sections of your real estate course and be prepared to pass your course final exam, as well as the state of Florida real estate exam.

sales associate: FAQ: What are the Education Requirements for A Sales Associate? - 06/16/14 12:32 AM
Sales associate education requirements
Complete Course I (Commission prescribed prelicense course for sales associate candidates) with a passing score of at least 70 on the end-of-course exam If applicant does not pass the state license exam within two years after the course completion date, the course completion expires and the applicant must again complete Course I … (0 comments)

sales associate: Florida Real Estate License Eligibility Requirements - 06/15/14 06:24 AM
Florida Real Estate License Eligibility Requirements
Please be sure you understand the requirements before taking the pre-license education and licensing examination. If you have any questions, please contact the Commission office at (850) 487-1395 or visit the Florida Real Estate Commission website.
An applicant must be at least 18 years old, hold a high school diploma (more detailed information is available in Chapter 475.17, Florida Statutes), and fulfill the following:
Real Estate Associate When you have made the decision to become a sales associate, we recommend you submit a completed Application and do the electronic fingerprinting, with appropriate fees, then … (0 comments)

sales associate: 14 hour Florida Real Estate Continuing Education Online - 05/08/14 09:48 PM
Florida Real Estate 14 Hr. Continuing Education Online
 For Sales Associates and Brokers                          
Everything is included in our FREC approved online course to complete and meet your Florida Real Estate 14 Hr. Continuing Education requirements for Sales Associates and Brokers. This online version includes 3 hours of Core Law and 11 hours of specialty credit with a final exam.
After completing your 14 Hour Continuing Education Online Course, we will mail you a signed certificate of completion and report your credits to the DBPR promptly.  It is your responsibility to complete your Continuing Education and renew your license before expiration.
Feel free to give … (0 comments)

sales associate: REcampus Florida Online Real Estate Courses Lowest Prices - 03/30/14 11:53 PM
Real Estate School has RECampus Online Courses At the Lowest Prices.  When you are ready to get your Florida Real Estate License, you need to make sure you choose RECampus Online courses for the Highest Quality Online Real Estate Courses available. 
Rowlett Real Estate School uses RECampus Online Real Estate Courses for our Florida Real Estate Principals, Practices and Law 37th Edition Online Course for Pre Sales Associate License. 
When you choose RECampus and Rowlett Real Estate School, you know you are paying the lowest prices for the best courses.  Check out our website at  for a complete … (1 comments)

sales associate: REcampus Online Florida Real Estate Course For Only $189 - 03/22/14 09:08 AM
63hr. Florida Pre Sales Associate License Online Course -----$189
Anyone familiar with online real estate education knows that RECampus Online Real Estate Courses are the top of the line and Rowlett Real Estate School offers them at the lowest prices.  Don't waste your time if your online course is not an REcampus online course. 
With Rowlett Real Estate School, you will get the highest quality real estate training available in the state of Florida without having to pay more money than you should.  So If you are seriously looking for the best online real estate school to take your real estate license course online in Florida don't overpay because all of Rowlett Real … (2 comments)

sales associate: Florida Online 45 Hr. Post Sales Associate Course - 03/15/14 05:33 AM
Florida Online 45 Hr. Post Sales Associate Course  

“Jump Start Your Career!”
Now that you have your Florida real estate license, your Post 45 Hr. Sales Associate Course is your next priority.  Your Post License Course must be completed before your first initial license renewal and can be done right here online. 
The 45 Hr. Post Licensing Course is the foundation you need for a successful career.  Learn about prospecting for listings, making listing presentations, working with buyers, writing contracts, closing real estate transactions and more.
Our Florida Online Post Sales Course meets the state requirements and contains everything you … (0 comments)

sales associate: FAQ: What is the Licensing Process - 02/17/14 02:27 AM
When you have made the decision to become a sales associate, we recommend you submit a completed Application and do the electronic fingerprinting, with appropriate fees, then start your class.
This will insure that you are approved to take the state exam as soon as you finish your course with little or no waiting.
Successfully complete a FREC-approved pre-licensing course for sales associates (Course I) consisting of 63 classroom or online hours and covering the topics required by the FREC. The course is valid for licensure purposes for two years after the course completion date. Minimum grade of 70% … (0 comments)

sales associate: No Cancel Guarantee on CE and Post Classes - 02/05/14 09:06 PM
Our No Cancel Guarantee Policy
If you pre enroll in a Post License or Continuing Education class and your license is within 60 days of expiration, we will not cancel the class. If there have been no pre enrollments, and no commitments to attend class 5 days prior to the class date, the class is subject to be rescheduled in six months.
If you need the 14 hour continuing education after all classes are over and time is short, one option is the open book test. "Click here for details"
Our classroom Post Sales Associate and Post Broker are normally … (0 comments)


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