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Jim Crawford real estate broker associate and REALTOR® with Fredericksburg Long and Foster. Successfully buying and selling homes and real estate properties since 1993 for home buyers and home sellers. Find real estate services for Fredericksburg VA, Spotsylvania County, City of Fredericksburg, Stafford County VA, and King George County.



While it is a pleasure to work with most agents, every so often you have to deal with the agent that is not very professional!  Perhaps they do not have the best negotiaion skills, or better yet none at all! One of the things that gets me crazy in real estate is that when you present an offer, th...
I guess the thing that I know that is most responsible for my success in real estate is that I was asked to join a real estate mastermind group.  I belong to several, both local and National. Since real estate is highly competitive, agents in ones own office are least likely to compare real notes...
Have you ever looked at the list price sales / sales price ratio and assume nothinga adds up?  98% LP/SP ratio sounds great if taken at face value, but when you look closer it is not such a good dea for the seller or even your buyer if you are the buyers agent! l if the seller paid $6000 in closi...
Ever played musical chairs? Have you ever noticed that real estate sometimes can be like changing seats on the Titanic?  If not in your own life... look at those around you!  When times change sometimes, we feel a geographical change will boost our self-esteem and outlook on life.  It is sort of ...
I ofter receive calls from brokers wanting a seminar on beefing up the listing presentations.  I always ask them first, "What type of real estate market are you in?  A buyer's market or a seller's market?"  The brokers balk at answering first... and ask why am I asking the question!  The question...
I don't know what the rest of your markets are going through, but I would love to create a dialogue here.  Do you feel "It's Like a Buyer's Market without Buyers?"  The phones definitely do not ring as much as they used to, but they do ring.  However, when they do ring it is to list a home that h...
Loads of agents e-mail me everyday asking how to get on top of the search engines so they can be successful in real estate. That is a tricky question, because you would have to assume the person asking first understands the nature of real estate, and sales. First of all placement or SEO that gets...
How do you deal with really bad attitudes of buyers and sellers?  Life is more than handling a few objections or dealing with the client that constantly has to have thier hand held to more forward or make a decision.  They are OK and just part of the job.  But every so often we get the person tha...
I read loads of Internet post of so called real estate professionals that turns out to be more hype than reality.  I  have been on the Internet for over 12 years, and over 85% of our income is directly Internet related, I 've made a lot of observations that directly impact my Internet business, a...
This blog is a subliminal pet peeve I don't think I've ever seen shared in writing!  Almost everyday... when browsing through the MLS you come across a few listings that you feel like saying dropping to our knees and saying some prayers for the owner because the agent's MLS entries are so bad.  T...

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