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Jim Crawford real estate broker associate and REALTOR® with Fredericksburg Long and Foster. Successfully buying and selling homes and real estate properties since 1993 for home buyers and home sellers. Find real estate services for Fredericksburg VA, Spotsylvania County, City of Fredericksburg, Stafford County VA, and King George County.



I know the media really hypes the rate cuts of the Federal Reserve, but have they impacted your real estate business in a positive way?  Have the phones started ringing with buyer calls on recent rate cuts?  Are you clients getting incredible financing?  In the Atlanta area I've not noticed any o...
April Consumer Confidence Falls is todays's headlines.   Are you surprised?  I'm not!  The price of a gallon of gas is about $2 a gallon more than I would like to pay for it.   Every time I go to a restaurant I cannot help but notice that the prices have gone up.  The result, I eat out less!  In ...
Real Estate News Stories.  Every day real estate news stories on the evening news, Internet, newspapers.... bombard us with headlines such as..."Vacant Homes Increase" "Foreclosures Rise" "Home Sales Slump...etc."  The headlines that hit the wires are the stories that real estate agents have know...
Real Estate Designations. What real estate designations do you need to be successful?  Over the years there are many new real estate designations that have been introduced, and I personally think a lot of them were overkill.  Some aren't.  For one thing if you are licensed to sell real estate by...
Real Estate Gadgets.  At most of the real estate conventions the hype always to goes to the latest gadgets.  There are hand scanners, Blackberries, tablet notebooks, laptops, talking sings, tool free numbers with call capture, contact managers, software, GPS, cell phones, web-based contact manage...
Atlanta MLS Listings reached 88103 today.  I predicted earlier this year that Atlanta MLS Listings will climb to all time highs this year.   Atlanta MLS Listings may reach as high as 100,000 active listings in our FMLS before the end of they year due to declining sales, increased foreclosures, an...
Atlanta Real Estate March 2008 Home Sales Report. Atlanta home sales and condos continue their decline.  In Atlanta we closed single family detached 3,599 Atlanta Homes in March 2008 a decline of 35.9% YTD over March 2007. Atlanta condos and town homes closed down  to 648 units in March - a decli...
First of all gasoline has now hit a pain threshold.  I'm yelling uncle at over $3.50 a gallon of regular gas in Atlanta.  Atlanta first of all is a driving town.  We have mass transit, but it really is a novelty as opposed to a full functioning system.  It is very limited, and does not have a gre...
Buying a home in Atlanta?  We occasionally get calls from our Atlanta real estate website for folks that just want more information, but do not want to work with an Atlanta real estateagent.  They want to go directly to the seller and negotiate a deal with the listing agent.  There is a problem w...
"When the going gets tough... the tough get going!"  I was at a company mixer the other evening in Atlanta, and was talking to some very successful agents that were in the Atlanta real estate market much longer than I have been!  It was interesting to talk with locals that have seen good and bad ...

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