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Jim Crawford Atlanta real estate broker associate and REALTOR® Maximum One Executive REALTORS®. Successfully buying and selling North Atlanta homes and real estate properties since 1993 for Atlanta home buyers and home sellers. Our real estate services are for all of North Atlanta: Windward, Alpharetta, Dawsonville, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Cumming GA, Suwanee GA, Duluth, Peachtree Corners.



Ellen and I just listed and sold a Buford Georgia home for an Internet / listing referral in Buford Georgia in this current market and sold the home in 12 days!  It closed last Tuesday! Our sellers were relocating out of Georgia and needed a sale in under 30 days in the current mar...
THE NEW LIBERAL VERSION OF THE SAME STORY As a child one of my favorite stories was the "Ant and the Grasshopper!"  Not only was it entertaining, but there was a lesson to be learned that has transcended millenniums!  The story was one of Aesop's Fables!  It is about an hard working ant that work...
I am hearing loads of real estate seminars that are touting the theme "Back to basics!" This is a quick ploy to separate you from what little money you have left!  It is very easy to pitch this scenario scenario to so many new agents in our industry that will not know the difference!  The problem...
Do you delegate your tasks in real estate to an assistant or service or are you a hands on person and do them yourself?  I guess I am use to doing so many different tasks that I just prefer to do them myself!  I am not good at delegating because I am very particular, and like the best results!  H...
Over the years of selling real estate you start to see the patterns more easily.  We must learn from each experience we are in!  It is all about being able to recognise the situations before you get into it, and not waste your time!  Time is money!  It is easier to predict  where everything is he...
A lot of folks ask me why i do not run my own Atlanta real estate brokerage, or have a team other than my wife and myself.  The answer is simple!  I do not like to do "Adult daycare!"  I am a firm believer in less drama is better in life and we are more productive because of it.  Some ego agents ...
For the past several months I noticed my main site jumping in position on Google!  It can really drive you nuts especially when your site has held a very high web position for years!  I've always been on the top of page 1 which is a great thing since over 85% of our business comes directly from t...
This Blog is going to be short and sweet!  I may even take the rest of the day off!  LOL!  I think I've finally reached a Blogging goal that I started out to last January!  My Atlanta real estate blog has reached a milestone of 200000 Active Rain Points!  Along he way I met a load of great agents...
Most Atlanta home buyers do not understand home values.  Before a person buys a home in Atlanta they need to have a basic understanding of what is a OK value and what is an exceptional home value!  What is a good investment, and what home purchase is a guaranteed loser that will cost them dearly ...
Where are the Atlanta home buyers?  There are over 86000 homes for sale in Atlanta! Atlanta home buyer traffic is unusually slow for this time of year!  With new Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac limits, it is amazing that buyer traffic has only picked up minimally!  30 year fixed rate financing is very...

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