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Jim Crawford real estate broker associate and REALTOR® with Fredericksburg Long and Foster. Successfully buying and selling homes and real estate properties since 1993 for home buyers and home sellers. Find real estate services for Fredericksburg VA, Spotsylvania County, City of Fredericksburg, Stafford County VA, and King George County.



Yesterday was just one of those days I did not feel like Blogging!  I had no ideas to write about, and total avoidance ruled the day.  There is no gas in Atlanta, I feel house bound, and trapped.  That is a strange place to be in the sunny south - there was no blizzard with 5 foot drifts to keep ...
For the last week or so, it has been tough living in Atlanta. Since Hurricane Ike, Atlanta has been running out of gas. Supposedly damage to the refinery and distribution of gasoline has been hard hit on our southern coast.  Refined gas is then delivered to Atlanta and as far away as Virginia via...
Has anyone really explained the government bailout to you?  Me neither!  Let me see if I got this right.  I had to put this on paper to see where this is all going.  The 700 Billion dollar bailout needs a more simple description to understand what the politicians do not want you to understand.  ...
This will go down in my personal history books as the year I do not want to repeat.  I get sick of turning on the news, or reading business news on the internet and learning of historic failures of banks, companies and yes bailouts.  What bothers me most is the piece meal bailouts.  This bank is ...
True story folks!  Today as banks fail, and the US Government begs for a 700 Billion dollar for their next junkie money fix...the Democrats proposed another bailout package today for an additional 58 Billion dollar stimulus for the economy.  Have they no shame?  Where do they think the US Taxpaye...
****BREAKING NEWS!***** I was just checking the evening's business news on line and I read that Washington Mutual the nations largest savings bank was seized by Federal Regulators this evening.  As I write this Blog the story has just broke in the last 45 minutes. J.P. Morgan Chase has agreed to ...
Who will we bail out next month?  Commercial loans, insurance companies, airlines, auto manufacturers, local cities, states, local banks, or pension funds?  The problem with writing a blank check is that in rushing for a fix, there is no guarantee that this is the end of the "Can't fail scenarios...
Step right up and buy the cure for what ails you!  "We have a very limited supply of this wonder drug that will cure all your ills from cancer, gout, impotence, diabetes and yes it will even cure AIDS!  Do you want to know the cost to you to buy this priceless cure?   Why it is only $700 Billion ...
Bailout Lies!  We Cannot Trust What they Say - But Judge them By Their Deeds! Why isn't anyone going through video transcripts from Greenspan, and Bernake and more recently Paulson that recently under an oath to God and nation before Congress said - no recession, no problems?  Excuse me?  Have yo...
Atlanta Real Estate Market Report - Atlanta Homes Sold - Atlanta Average Price Homes Sold Atlanta real estate statistics for August 2008 have just been released on September 21, 2008.  Single family detached Atlanta homes sales have dropped to a monthly total of 3,737 which is a year to date drop...

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