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Jim Crawford real estate broker associate and REALTOR® with Fredericksburg Long and Foster. Successfully buying and selling homes and real estate properties since 1993 for home buyers and home sellers. Find real estate services for Fredericksburg VA, Spotsylvania County, City of Fredericksburg, Stafford County VA, and King George County.



ATLANTA REAL ESTATE   MAKE The WRONG CHOICE WHEN  SELLING YOUR HOME IN ATLANTA, THINGS CAN GET REALLY  SCARY! Don't Make a Costly Mistake Listing Your Home with A Scary Agent!  Before You List Your Home...  For A Real Treat - Call Atlanta's Best Real Estate Agents Jim and Ellen Now!  We offer so...
This is an important election coming up. For those that are full time in real estate it is important to know and understand the issues.  It will mean the difference of is it smarter to own or rent?  Even though I am in real estate, I have to stop and think of the consequences of my actions.  For ...
They're back!  You thought this mess was just going to end with the banks, the insurance companies, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wall Street Brokerages, the 200 billion dollar bailout, the 850 Billion dollar bailout, the museum.  Now the automakers are knocking on the Federal Government'...
What many persons do not realize when the espouse redistribution of wealth is that social welfare is a failed economic policy of the FDR, Stalin and Soviet Union Era.  It sounds good, but doesn't work.  I am going to give one recent example.  Recently we had a major run up in gasoline and oil pri...
Why do people just not grow up and deal with life and give everyone else a break?  Everyone wants a government bailout these days.  They can't!  Wall Street brokerages, banks, mom and pop, insurance companies, auto makers, and they all want it on your dollar!  Grow up!  It is not the responsibili...
Are You Helping or Enabling?  Sometimes we need to step back outside our roles and ask ourselves this question.  It can apply to many people in life from agents - to buyers and sellers.  Under the law - licensed real estate professionals are permitted (by state law in which they are licensed) to ...
This blog is just to put you on notice!  Times are changing, and after the next election you'll know forever more the phrase "You can't go back home again!"  For those of use that lived conservatively, paid our taxes, saved, lived within our means, used credit sparingly, never took costly vacatio...
I am sure there are many persons around the world these days biting their nails over the economy.  They are worried about layoffs, dispossessory actions, bills they cannot pay, foreclosures, and not having a safety net in their life. For the last few years, the world has run on credit instead of ...
Atlanta Home Prices Decline. The Price of the Average Atlanta Home Sold Falls 17.7% To most persons reading this this is not good news.  Our most recent statistics were just released by our FMLS this week and it is interesting to see the trends that are taking place.  The price of the average sol...
Two Major Atlanta Real Estate Firms Merge - Jenny Pruitt & Harry Norman.  This is a major event for the Atlanta real estate market.  Harry Norman Realtors which is one of the oldest and most respected real estate firms in the Atlanta real estate market since the 1930's has just merged with Jenny ...

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