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Jim Crawford real estate broker associate and REALTOR® with Fredericksburg Long and Foster. Successfully buying and selling homes and real estate properties since 1993 for home buyers and home sellers. Find real estate services for Fredericksburg VA, Spotsylvania County, City of Fredericksburg, Stafford County VA, and King George County.



It is my opinion that if the 30 year mortgage rates hit 6%, all bets on a recovery are off.  If the market is anemic at best at the historic low martgage rates of 4.75% it is not going to move at all at 6%.  We will go backwards, and real estate prices will fall more quickly, sales will drop and ...
Here are the most recent Atlanta Metro area MLS figures for Atlanta homes and Atlanta real estate.  As of today Thursday here are the MLS May 28, 2009 MLS Single Family Detached Listings At a Glance: Active - 44582 Detached Single Family Atlanta homes Found  Contingency w/Kickout - 66 Detached Si...
Yes is a market when sometimes you stumble across a listing that seems familiar, and yet you cannot believe the home has never sold since the last time you've shown it.  It is kind of scary when you think about it.  You have no psychic abilities, yet something seems to be warning you subtly that ...
When you consider the industry of real estate sales in Atlanta, the Spring kicks off our selling season. This year it is a non event.  It hasn't happened.  Normally, April leads that pack with new listings, and much higher monthly home sales numbers leading the pack.  The market normally would st...
Everyone quotes the Case Schiller Index as Gospel about declining home prices.  It isn't.  First of all, the Case Schiller index is quoting March's average sales price numbers as opposed to the most recent data in April!  It really isn't worth mentioning it.  Can you spell "O-L-D----D-A-T-A?"  A ...
Many listing agents falsely make the claim their new fabulous listing is "Upgraded, and Updated!"  To compound this misleading information they only have the front picture of the home, and maybe the yard photos.  There are no interior pictures.  The Agent remarks sound fantastic "Fabulous New Lis...
There is an ad on TV that is about saying "Yes" to everyone!  It may sound like a great way to do business but in real estate it's maybe not such a smart idea. The definition of the word 'qualify' is "to prove capable or fit; meet requirements."  If a person is not fit to buy, or even rebuild the...
It is no surprise to anyone that Google has been hard hit is stock value in this market.  They are facing many new changes to make up some incredible loss of wealth.  There are layoffs and downsizing and announcement of new Algorithms that are smarter than humans.  I don't think so, and now I hav...
Most buyers in this market are still on the sidelines waiting for prices to really hit bottom before they leap in and buy 'right!' They are sadly mistaken.  They'll miss the boat totally.  The bottom is marked by many different signs, and only one of which are home prices.  In my own way of think...
I was reading a lot of MLS entries and wondering to myself ...does the agent even think before they enter these comments in the MLS?   If over 85 of home sales begin on the Internet, and are a direct result of how thye are entered in our MLS...then we have a problem for the viewer.  They may not ...

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