home values: Atlanta GA Home Sellers Get A Free CMA - Whats Your Home Worth? - 12/11/12 02:40 AM
Atlanta GA Free CMA - What is Your Home Worth? Atlanta homeowners selling a home?  What is your home worth?  All too often when selling a home Atlanta homeowners choose an Atlanta listing agent that tells them what they want to hear, or an Atlanta real estate agent that will at little or no commission but offers them no advice or a home selling marketing plan. That's a major mistake to make when selling a home. When you make the wrong choices only a few things can happen...the home will not sell, will stay on the market for an extended period … (4 comments)

home values: Atlanta GA Free CMA and Home Values for Atlanta Home Sellers - 08/26/11 08:36 AM
Atlanta GA FREE CMA. Atlanta GA Home Values and Prices. Atlanta GA Home Sellers if you are planning to sell your home in Atlanta GA get a free CMA and find your your homes values! Atlanta GA listing agents offer FREE CMA - find Atlanta GA Home Prices.
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A Free Comparative Market Analysis or Free CMA is a great tool not only for Atlanta home sellers, but for home buyers also.
A Free CMA is just an estimate of your home or properties values based upon a … (3 comments)

home values: Dunwoody GA Free CMA What is the Best Listing Price for Your Home? - 07/08/11 04:49 AM
Dunwoody GA FREE CMA - Free Comparative Market Analysis
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Dunwoody GA FREE CMA!  If you're a Dunwoody GA homeowner and thinking of selling your home or real estate we can assist you accomplishing that task.  A FREE CMA or Free Comparative Market Analysis is a tool that we used in real state to help a seller determine the best possible listing price of a home or property.  It is not an appraisal, but rather it is a way to strategize a realistic listing price and possible prices that a … (0 comments)

home values: Fun with Appraisals - 02/13/10 01:36 PM
The definition of "property appraisal" from Investor Words: A professional opinion, usually written, of the market value of a property, such as a home, business, or other asset whose market price is not easily determined.  
Suppose Zsa Zsa Gabor comes upon hard times and must sell her diamond ring.  She goes to the jeweler she has used for a century (sorry, Zsa Zsa).  He writes her up an appraisal on his letterhead that he'll stake his reputation that Zsa Zsa's ring is worth one million dollars.  However, surprise of surprises, he won't buy the ring from Ms. Gabor at any price.  Poor old … (24 comments)

home values: Atlanta Average Home Prices - Average Home Sales Prices - 01/26/10 04:45 AM
The most recent numbers for closed December detached single family Atlanta homes were just released from our Atlanta MLS this past week.  I decided to compare this average sales pricing to the same time-frame in preceding years.  It was interesting to note that the peak in price was $261,023 for December 2006.  The peak in average Atlanta homes sales price was $292,245 in June of 2007 for a single family detached Atlanta home!  That is a 30.83% drop in the average sales price!  That is almost a drop if a third drop in the average sales price of a detached Atlanta homes.

home values: Atlanta Free CMA for Home Sellers - What is Your Home Worth? - 01/12/10 02:55 AM
For a home owner in Atlanta that is considering selling their home the first place to begin the process is trying to figure out what the home is worth.  That's an easy task to do with a FREE CMA or Comparative Market Analysis.  A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an estimated sale price for a property given current market conditions.  A CMA is not an appraisal!  A CMA encompasses recent sales of similar properties that have sold in your neighborhood with in the last 6 month, and it usually comes in report form.  It is not an appraisal, which is a professional estimate … (2 comments)

home values: Don't Rely on CMA's Alone for Price! - 12/04/09 12:13 AM
CMA's Can Be Faulty on Price! A Comparative Market Analysis or CMA is definitely a tool for educating ourselves regarding pricing, but it's certainly not as in depth as an appraisal. Matter of fact in some states like Maryland all CMA's must have a disclosure stating they are not an appraisal! It's the law!  A CMA entails information on homes in your subdivision that are similar to yours.  A CMA is simply trying to compare apples to apples.  I can't give you the pricing on a full finished basement if you're a ranch on a slab. 
We first have to look into … (27 comments)

home values: Atlanta Home Prices Move Lower | Atlanta Average Home Sales Price Trends Moves Lower - 10/23/09 06:52 AM
First Multiple Listing Service* (FMLS) just released the most recent Atlanta real estate sales data for the month of September 2009.  With this data, I created a 5 year average sales price trend chart for the month of September for single family detached Atlanta homes sold.  The chart is very interesting.  From September 2007 the average home sales price stood at $265,029 and in September 2009 the average sales price for a single family detached Atlanta home sold was just 203,440.  That is a loss in value of $62,589 in the value of the average single family detached Atlanta homes.
Atlanta Real … (0 comments)

home values: So What's Next? - 06/06/09 03:24 PM
It is interesting to real the financial news but not let it ruin your day.  The word on the street this week is interest rates are about to start ratcheting up dramatically, and the government seems powerless to turn the tide.  Those that were going to buy should have locked in and purchased that home.  The entire reason of having low mortgage rates was to firm up prices of falling bank assets, and move the inventory.  Now with a prospect of higher mortgage rates... another thing is assured. Rising mortgate rates may totally stall this anemic recovery. There is an axiom in real estate that has … (20 comments)

home values: You're Upside Down! - 04/30/09 01:13 AM
Before we waste a lot of our time in Atlanta real estate, I would rather not be doing anything than wasting my time.  I have come to the conclusion lately that many of the listed homes for sale in Atlanta are totally upside down overpriced.  They are not worth showing.  Overpricing a home that you owe more on than it is worth is a total exercise in futility.  It is a waste of everyone's time.  You cannot sell a track home in a 250K neighborhood for 450K.  The agent that lists that home is a total loser and is enabling the seller to avoid reality.  The … (24 comments)

home values: What's Taking Place in Your Real Estate Market? - 01/24/09 02:43 PM
I am curious if there is any quality signs in anyone's real estate market.  Increase in prices would be a major plus.  Are you seeing any trends?  I know in many markets sales are increasing, but the average price is still declining.  That means the sales are lead by distressed properties.  In Atlanta both price and sales are still in decline.  I posted a few  this week about the Atlanta real estate market that discussed our trends.  I also noticed in some real estate markets there is a trend that listings are increasing daily.  January is an early time to go … (20 comments)

home values: Some Sellers Don't Have Clue They Are Upside Down! - 11/18/08 02:03 PM
There are many times as a real estate agent we are called out on a listing appointment and the sellers look at you like you have two heads on your shoulders when speak to them of what their home may be worth.  Most of the time, these are homeowners that purchased a home in the last 3-4 years.  For the most part the owners were oblivious to neighborhood prices when they purchased the home.  They just signed on the dotted line and picked up the keys after closing.  For some of these home owners, they did not even try to negotiate … (5 comments)

home values: Seller's On The Edge! What's Your Home Worth? - 08/26/08 04:48 AM
There isn't much that can prepare you to deal with the current real estate market we are in.  The double digit mortgages of the 1980's, WRAP mortgages and the early 1990's when in many markets appreciation took a holiday!  The current real estate market is a credit crunch that is testing everyone patience!  We have would be home sellers that purchased homes with no money down and borrowed against future value only to find out there was no appreciation.  There are home sellers that purchased with money down, but tapped into the equity to maintain their lifestyle - cruises, trips cars … (49 comments)

home values: Your Homes Assessed Value Has Nothing to Do With Actual Value. - 07/21/08 02:45 PM
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is value.  A home or a piece of real estate is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.  Just because you purchased a home at 200K does not mean that a buyer will pay that same amount when you resell it.  If you can admit that prices rise in appreciation, you also must acknowledge depreciation.  What goes up, can come down.  Home prices and their values are not immune to that.  If we have 5 homes on a street, one in a flood zone, one on a hill … (20 comments)

home values: MLS Tools - Do You Fully Utilize Your MLS Tools? - 06/14/08 02:58 AM
MLS Tools.  Everyone professional has tools of the trade, and some are considered masters! In reale state we have our own tools, and many are under  utilized.  There are so many MLS tools at most agents fingertips that they never use.  It is sad for everyone that the agent short chages all around them. Most agents never know that these tools even exist!  These agents short change themselves and their clients because of their inability to comprehend the tool and employ the useful utility.  It is smart to know what your competition sold for, what the trends are, and also provide your … (43 comments)

home values: Apology to Home Seller's - 05/15/08 08:40 AM
It is not uncommon when we are on a listing appointment we meet with irrelevant objections from the seller that have no bearing on price.  More often than not, these are objections that we cannot overcome.  With little or no equity in a home, the listing agent often finds themselves between a rock and a hard place of placating the seller, and telling the truth.  A real estate professionals know all too well that  home prices are not something we can just pull out of the air, they are more objective than that.  Sellers do not want to hear they cannot get … (44 comments)

home values: Equity - Every Home Buyer and Seller Needs It! | Buying Right Begins the Process! - 02/11/08 02:08 AM
Equity is the most important thing a home buyer or seller can have. Equity is basically your interests in a property after your obligations are deducted.  If you purchased a $100,000 home with 20% down that means your equity is $20,000 dollars.  It is a sad commentary in this current real estate market that most agents and home owners do not heed this!  
A home is something that is a long term plan, not a fix for the short term.  Over the past few years all the fundamentals of home ownership have been thrown out he window and trampled underfoot.  From what I see, buyers … (6 comments)

home values: Gwinnett Homes Sales Decline November 2007 | Gwinnett Georgia Homes Sales Decline 38.35% in Nov. 2007 - 01/07/08 03:15 PM
Gwinnett Georgia Homes Sales Decline 38.35% in Nov. 2007 the average price saw a modest negative loss in value.  I know that no one wants to hear that, but hte reality is it is here, and will be getting worse at least for the first half of 2008. Please keep in mind that there are many variables in pricing that do not show up in all the Gwinnett home sales reports!  Incentives, commissions paid, sellers contributions, repairs made to the property and and upgrades do not show up in the MLS systems we use. 
There are now Active - 8743 Single family … (0 comments)

home values: 2008 Real Estate Predictions | Share Your Thoughts on Real Estate in 2008? - 12/26/07 03:20 PM

With 2007 almost at a close, we all have a chance to reflect on the year and project where our business will be next year.   Will work be easier or harder in 2008?  Has the real estate market bottomed?  Do we still have a way to go?  When will the real estate recovery begin?  Please answer all 10 questions
Mortgage Rates Lower or Higher? Credit Loosen or Tighten?Numbers of Agents in Your Market Up or Down?Real Estate Inventory Levels in Your Market Increase, or Decrease?Better Real Estate Market or Worse?Buyer's Market or Seller's Market?More Foreclosures or Less?Homes Sales Prices Flat, Rise, or … (24 comments)

home values: Sandy Springs Market Report | Sandy Springs Home Sales December 2007 - 12/26/07 02:08 AM
Sandy Springs market report December 2007.  sold.  The new statistics have just been released for Sandy Springs homes sales this week.   To skip the MLS jargon of the report... (some entries are placed as Atlanta rather than Sandy Springs) I broke down the numbers to just Sandy Springs area 131 listed as the city as opposed to MLS areas that are harder to understand.  For the Month of November 2007 there were only 18 Single Family Sandy Springs Home Sales. 
Sandy Springs November 2007 Comparison 
November 2007 18 Sales Single Family Homes Average Sales price $ 585,836 Day to Sell 52November 2006 13 Sales Single Family Homes Average Sales price $ 548,380 Days to Sell 59November 2005 17 Sales Single Family Homes Average … (2 comments)

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