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TGIF - another day in paradise, ha!  Been busier than a one armed paper hanger it seems eh?  Don't forget your daily vitamins - I purchased a pack of vitamin/energy pills at the counter at the gas station - you've seen those right?  I figured I would give them a try yesterday - one of the ingredi...
Another roller coaster week for rates - still quite low and it's a great time to take advantage of them - rates are adjusted based on a variety of factors such:  Loan to value, credit score, type of transaction (refinance, cash out refinance, streamline refinance, etc).  I usually get updates dur...
From Think Big, Work Small    Always key; the employment data hit at 8:30 and overall it was disappointing for those that were sure we would see a big increase in private jobs The consensus was for an increase of 90K private sector jobs, as reported private sector jobs increased 71K. The headline...
From my friends at the State of Oregon---- here is latest info on the status of the "NSP" monies that are being allocated to help folks in Oregon--- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lisa Joyce, Policy and Communication Manager 503-986-0951, lisa.joyce@state.or.us Michael Kaplan, Oregon Homeownershi...

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