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Graphs and Articles provided by National Real Estate Post and GeekWire I wanted to pose the question: Are we seeing the end of the real estate agent? More importantly, was this perpetuated by the real estate agents themselves? So we have 2 very large internet companies, tech companies that have b...
I keep seeing articles about mortgage applications in decline, when we are booming and seeing a very healthy market.  Buyers are getting the offers they want as the market has shifted from a definite seller's market to a healthy and balanced buyer's market.  We were seeing 5+ offers on properties...
As a mortgage lender, I have always viewed Non-QM Loans as a great opportunity for people to receive a loan that doesn’t include all of the confusing and time spending rules a regular QM loan requires.  In previous years, (viewing them on a much higher scale) Non-QM hadn’t reached the popularity ...
One of the biggest mortgage lenders in the game has abruptly shut down operations regarding reverse mortgage originations. The Virginia based company, Live Well Financial, was founded in 2005 by Michael Hild, a local entrepreneur and former Capital One executive. The originations came to a stop a...
Let’s talk about buying and renting property. Many people prefer to rent their living space instead of securing a mortgage, based on different facts: no long-term commitment, lower payments, fewer maintenance costs, to name a few. And, when people come to get some kind of advice with me, their op...
Mortgage sales and applications saw a big drop through all of April. There’s been a huge growth on external economies (mainly european), this normally leads to an increase in local concerns and fears. As a consequence, we’re seeing an increasing drop on new mortgage acquisition and even less acti...
We’ve seen a slow increase in home prices throughout this year (almost 0.7%). Appreciation might be increasing slower than in 2018, but we’re expecting a radical increase over the next month (CoreLogic’s forecast says it might be around the 4.7% - 5.0% range). “During the first two months of the ...
As I wrote in the previous post, when the 10 Year Treasury yield gets below the 2 Year’s Yield (which is right now at 2.25), it’s usually when we see a recession coming. Again, this is nothing to be scared about, recessions are normal. But when we talk about mortgages and real estate it’s not a b...
People ask me all the time: “Phil, why do you keep saying a recession is coming?” I don’t wanna sound like the crazy guy screaming “the end is nigh!” around the street but, there are two big indicators to consider. First of all, unemployment. Unemployment has been historically low for a couple of...
In 2018, more than 250 executives from diverse mortgage companies (Mortgage Bankers Association) in the USA asked the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) to adapt the Loan Originator Compensation rule to new standards. Reducing this compensation would let mortgage companies compete in the...

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