reverse mortgage florida: Ever Use the Rocking Chair Test…? - 06/30/14 02:08 AM
Ever Use the Rocking Chair Test…?
Have you ever thought back on your life?
What you could have done differently?
What you could have improved on?
Have you ever thought of the decisions that led you to where you are?
That's exactly what the Rocking Chair Test is all about. Bruce Kasanoff, a LinkedIn member, posted an excellent article, entitled "Huge Decisions Require the Rocking Chair Test," and many of the things he stated resonated with me.
It's probably because I've yet to have the time to contemplate where my life is heading, or the wisdom to look back and realize what I did right, … (4 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: Most Long-Term Healthcare Services are Received at Home… - 05/15/14 01:06 AM
Most Long-Term Healthcare Services are Received at Home...
Aging in place is becoming a more prominent alternative to seniors who are retired or retiring in the future, especially considering their choices when it comes to receiving long-term healthcare services.
According to an article published by Reverse Mortgage Daily, which cites an report conducted by the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics, 56% of the 8.4 million older Americans who received healthcare services received them at home.
If this is an indication to the current state of long term healthcare then older Americans will need to secure more stable methods of income in … (2 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: "Reverse Mortgages Fit an Important Niche..." - 05/07/14 01:23 AM
"Reverse Mortgages Fit an Important Niche..."
Says Columbus Dispatch
The reverse mortgage program has undergone many changes in the past few months, and while some may say it is not worthwhile, despite all the success stories, the reverse mortgage industry will not give up on trying to educate consumers, financial planners, etc. on the benefits of the program.
Most importantly, for those who say the reverse mortgage program is on its way out, Columbus Dispatch says, "reverse mortgages fit an important niche," and for that very reason alone they will never cease to exist.
Even in marketing, and branding your company, … (4 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: Home Equity Lines of Credit Are Ballooning - 04/04/14 12:51 AM
Home Equity Lines of Credit Are Ballooning
Home Equity Lines of Credit may cause a new problem for banks as many reach their 10 year anniversary. This means many borrowers willl have to start paying their principal balance on these loans on top of the interest payments they've been paying for the last 10 years.
According to an article published by Reuters, more than $221 billlions worth of these loans will hit the 10 year mark for the next four years in the country's largest banks such as Bank of America and Citigroup. Most of these loans have about 40% of the line of … (0 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: So You Have a Reverse Mortgage… Now What Do You Do with Your Time? - 03/10/14 12:54 AM
So You Have a Reverse Mortgage…
Now What Do You Do with Your Time?
Many of the blog posts I write deal with how and why a borrower should get a reverse mortgage but, like the classical Disney movie, I rarely talk about what happens after "the happily ever after..."
Namely, what do you do with your time now that you have the ability to age in place without the stress of monthly mortgage payments?'s Amara Rose has a few suggestions though, ensuring that seniors in retirement, who have decided not to return to the work force, still get to live an … (8 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau May Be Held Accountable…. - 03/02/14 11:36 PM
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau May Be Held Accountable….
According to an article published by HousingWire, congressional Republicans put to a vote the Consumer Financial Freedom and Washington Accountability Act, a bill that will bring transparency and accountability to one of the least regulated agency in the federal government.
Lately, the CFPB has come under attack after it announced its plans to spend an estimated $145 million in renovations for offices it doesn't own. If this does not signal a reckless amount of spending and lack of regulation, I don't know what will.
The Federal Reserve has even begun an investigation into … (2 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: "Extreme" Action is Underway for Reverse Mortgages - 02/06/14 11:26 PM
"Extreme" Action is Underway for Reverse Mortgages
The National Reverse Mortgage lenders Association is taking "extreme" action in order to change the face (and reputation) of the reverse mortgage, according to an article published by Reverse Mortgage Daily.
The "Extreme Summit," as it has been named by those in charge of the campaign, has gained the financial backing to make a serious dent in reverse mortgage program misconceptions over the next few years.
Lenders and industry leaders have showed their support and encouragement by collectively donating $2 million to revitalizing the reverse mortgage program through advertising across several media outlets and raising awareness about the new … (0 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: How Good is Your Attitude? - 02/04/14 11:40 PM
How Good is Your Attitude?
A good attitude is one of the most important components of having a successful business. Attitude, for the most part, determines your day, especially if you are in the business of customer service. If you have a bad attitude, you'd be hard pressed to find a customer who would appreciate being treated badly because your attitude is anything less than satisfactory.
Attitude also determines your success. If you're positive, even in the face of the most negative consequences, eventually, it will all work out. In truth, most of the negative aspects in our lives can get worked out … (12 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: Baby Boomers See, Baby Boomers Do - 01/16/14 03:44 AM
Baby Boomers See, Baby Boomers Do
Retirement means something different for everyone. Even before the Recession, I'm sure there were retirees who never thought of retirement as "completely retiring yourself from the workforce and moving to Florida."
We are all different, so it stands to reason that some people either remained in the workforce until they couldn't anymore, or dedicated themselves to their life-long career part time and enjoyed other hobbies on the side.
If it is true that retirement is truly changing and becoming another stage in life, instead of the end of a long journey, then the habits of baby … (2 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: "The Iceberg of Retirement": Dealing with Hidden Retirement Concerns - 01/10/14 01:18 AM
"The Iceberg of Retirement": Dealing with Hidden Retirement Concerns
Retirement concerns for many seniors can stem from one main concern: finances. How will I afford this? Will this be enough to pay for it? How much do I need to save? And the list goes on.
However, there are other concerns future retirees, especially those with a spouse should look into, namely, the unforeseen issues that may raise when one spouse, or both spouses, chose to retire.
An article published on, which discussed emerging trends in the baby boomer market, brought up what writer, Robert Laura, likes to call, "the iceberg of retirement."
What does … (5 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: "Right-sizing" with a Reverse Purchase - 01/06/14 11:43 PM
"Right-sizing" with a Reverse Purchase
The new, consolidated reverse mortgage program still has a ways to go before it can become what the FHA hoped it would when the changes were implemented. However, this doesn’t mean that the effort to educate the reverse mortgage industry, and the public, will be anything less than stellar.
In fact, many in the industry have finally realized that unless the public is educated about the changes, there will be a heavy price to pay. Consumer interest hasn’t slowed down, but the program has changed, making it a safer but, ultimately, a different program than it once was.

reverse mortgage florida: Are "Green" Home Improvements Worth It? - 12/17/13 12:26 AM
Are "Green" Home Improvements Worth It?
They Might Be...Now
Home improvements, when done right, can add value to a home during resale or appraisals.
One improvement that has been falling by the wayside, however, is energy efficiency. 
There have been many posts on Active Rain that have got me thinking, not just about going green in my diet, but also about homeowners who go green in their homes, only to be disappointed by lower-than-expected appraisals when they're selling or applying for loans.
In an article published by, "Industry push to raise visibility of home energy efficiency improvements," Ken Harney discussed … (2 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: Educating Clients Should Be a #1 Priority - 12/15/13 11:57 PM
Educating Clients Should Be a #1 Priority
Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. Cliche, but true. Not everyone is hear to blog about the same thing, nor will everyone bring the same background or wealth of information to the table.
What everyone will bring is a way to educate their (past, present and future) clients.
Looking back, this is one of the reasons I've always admired about blogging: the freedom. The freedom to blog about whatever, whenever, and share what you know or found out, with everyone on the Internet. Must the content be original and not just copy and … (2 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: Effective Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers... - 12/13/13 02:03 AM
Effective Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers...
WSJ Says: "Reverse mortgages aren't just for people struggling to keep their homes anymore."
It seems the word is out: reverse mortgages aren't just for the financially desperate. In fact, they can be a valuable source of retirement planning when used correctly.
In an article, "Reverse Mortgages Can Help Rich and Poor Retirees," published in the Wall Street Journal, detailing the benefits of a reverse mortgage as a financial planning tool and not as a last resort for "cash poor, equity rich" retirees.
In fact, the reverse mortgage can be a saving grace for many retiring baby boomers, … (4 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: When to Puff, When to Huff and When to Not - 12/12/13 11:42 PM
When to Puff, When to Huff and When to Not
I don't think it's an exact science, but there must be a method to the madness.
The puffery madness I mean, which seems to take hold of some bloggers from time to time.
It's not to say that you can't self-promote. I do.
It's more about learning when to huff, when to puff, and when to not. Not every post has to be about a listing or what you can and can't do. Some can be. I firmly believe that.
However, knowing how to balance your business posts with your personal posts is one … (8 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: Success Is Earned, Not Given - 12/08/13 11:59 PM
Success Is Earned, Not Given
Being a self starter is difficult business. Even being successful in a company of millions can become a hassle, and, after months (maybe years) of yearning for success, and not achieving it, you wonder why you're not as successful as you should be.
I think it's an important factor to consider. Does success equal happiness or fulfillment? No, but we like to feel like we have accomplished something worthwhile, that all the time and sweat we have input into our jobs has not been a waste of time.
Having said that, I think there are reasons why people … (4 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: Digital Postcards...Yay or Nay? - 12/05/13 04:40 AM
Digital Postcards...Yay or Nay?
Postcards can be a nice gesture in a world that, little by little, continues to dive into technological methods of communication.
Aside from face-to-face communication, postcards (or any handwritten note for the matter) provide a more intimate connection to people than just sending another email or text.
In light of this, LinkedIn has added a digital postcard option, according to an article in, to its rooster of technical tools, which allow free-flowing communication with a personal touch.
I have yet to try this option. In fact, some of the comments make me weary of using it at all, but … (4 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: HELOC Payments are Going from Interest Only to Fully Amortized - 12/05/13 02:35 AM
HELOC Payments are Going from Interest Only to Fully Amortized
This time it's not about the recovering housing market but about making sure borrowers who took out home equity lines of credit during the boom will be able to make their monthly payments once their loans reach the ten year mark.
Many borrowers have been able to continue making payments on their loans because they have only been making payments on their interest, not their principal balance for the first ten years. At the ten year mark, payments can as much as triple for many borrowers, rendering repayment impossible for some.

reverse mortgage florida: Is Right Now the Worst Time to Retire? - 11/24/13 11:24 PM
Is Right Now the Worst Time to Retire?
It has been said before and I'll say it again: retirement is slowly becoming that far off dream that everyone hopes to achieve but few ever do.
It's important to also note that the retirement I'm talking about is the textbook definition of retirement: "relaxing comfortably and without worries, etc." For retiring baby boomers and future retirees, this "textbook" retirement could look more like "working part time to supplement my low fixed income".
It's one of the harshest realities older Americans are going to have to face as the cost of living rises and previous … (3 comments)

reverse mortgage florida: Nothing Should Ever Replace a Firm Handshake and a Smile - 11/18/13 01:44 AM
Nothing Should Ever Replace a Firm Handshake and a Smile
As cheesy as it sounds, this is the first we do whenever we meet someone know. We extend our hand and smile, saying "nice to meet you."
Regardless of what can (or may) happen in the future, at the moment, you are meeting someone new and there is a value in meeting someone offline as opposed to online. There is a value in feeling the strength of someone's handshake, their tone of voice, body language, how genuine their smile is. 
You can be anyone you want online, in person it's a different … (2 comments)

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