standby reverse mortgage: Most Long-Term Healthcare Services are Received at Home… - 05/15/14 01:06 AM
Most Long-Term Healthcare Services are Received at Home...
Aging in place is becoming a more prominent alternative to seniors who are retired or retiring in the future, especially considering their choices when it comes to receiving long-term healthcare services.
According to an article published by Reverse Mortgage Daily, which cites an report conducted by the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics, 56% of the 8.4 million older Americans who received healthcare services received them at home.
If this is an indication to the current state of long term healthcare then older Americans will need to secure more stable methods of income in … (2 comments)

standby reverse mortgage: The Wild, Wild West of Retirement Planning - 07/16/13 06:04 AM
The Wild, Wild West of Retirement Planning
WSJ says: "Using your nest to help with your nest egg..."
What used to be viewed as the "Wild Wild West" of retirement planning (reverse mortgages) has become a more cost-effective option for senior homeowners looking to supplement a comfortable retirement and take advantage of the equity their home has acquired throughout their lifetime.
In an article, published by The Wall Street Journal, entitled "Advisers Reverse Thinking on Reverse Mortgages," author Tom Lauricella describes how the reverse mortgage program went from being the red-headed stepchild of the mortgage broker to a possible retirement planning technique for … (0 comments)

standby reverse mortgage: Does Less Fees, Mean Less Money? - 07/16/13 06:03 AM
Does Less Fees, mean Less Money?
(The Benefits of the HECM Saver)
Reverse Mortgages are a possible tool for senior who wish to live comfortably during retirement. Unless it has been used as a last resort, however, senior homeowners have been largely skeptical of the reverse mortgage, choosing to exclude it in their retirement plans because of the high costs associated with it. 
In 2010, the “Standby” Reverse Mortgage was introduced as a cost effective alternative to seniors hoping to obtain a reverse mortgage. The benefits of a HECM Saver include:
Lower Up-Front Costs. Firstly, amount of equity that can be borrowed … (0 comments)

standby reverse mortgage: Reverse Mortgage Can Mean Retirement Insurance - 06/24/13 06:10 AM
“It’s critical that pre-retirees change their current mentality of planning to live 20 years in retirement,”  said John Carter, president and chief operating officer of retirement plans for Nationwide Financial in a recent article published in the Reverse Mortgage Daily. “Too often, once retired they realize they’re facing 10 or more years of expenses ahead of them that they didn’t pay for.”
The cost of retirement has risen and many seniors haven't realized it. In fact, many Americans underestimate Long-Term Care (LTC) by more than three times the actual cost, and nursing homes carry an estimated to cost at least 265,000 per year by the … (0 comments)

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