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Home Stager - First Impressions by Joanna: Home Staging, Redesign, & Decor
With some of the negative articles I have been reading about Home Staging recently- this being the latest one: am tempted to have a "What Home Staging is not" section on my web page.  Maybe we can compile a lis...
Or in this case, a home by its exterior.  Whether we like it or not, first impressions count when selling a home.  The exterior of a house is the first thing people see and it usually sets the tone for what's inside.   If the first thing home buyers see is an overgrown lawn and weeds, dirty windo...
Hi everyone.  I am new to this site and to blogging, so please bear with me.  I had a very interesting conversation today with Margaret Rome.  I first heard about Margaret while listening to the radio a few weeks ago.   Margaret was the host of 'All About Real Estate' on WCBM.   When Margaret men...

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