Just helping out a couple of fellow 'rainers.  Hey, the good guys stick together right?Hi folks. My good friend and fellow ActiveRainer, Margaret Rome, is getting close to launching her first book "Real Estate the Right Rome Way". I'm sure most of you know Margaret but if not....stop over and che...
Yes, now.  You hear about how it's a buyers' market, sales are down, prices are sliding... so why is now a great time to sell?   Stop and think about what the market was like when you bought your house, and how much equity have you gained over the years.  Is most of your (assumed) equity because ...
Excellent owner occupied or investment property located in Syracuse's near east side.  Bruce St. is a residential neighborhood convenient to shopping, highways, LeMoyne College, Syracuse University, and downtown with access to Centro buses at the intersections of Salt Springs Road and East Fayett...
Today's Syracuse Post-Standard has a front page article titled "Sellers in CNY feel a shiver".  I'm not providing a link to the article because of what it contains:  the address to a house currently listed for sale and disclosure that A) the house is vacant, and B) that the sellers (credited to t...
I've been told that I am oddity when it comes to birthdays.  I hate celebrating my birthday.  I always have.  I don't mind celebrating someone else's birthday, just mine.  I also hate telling anyone how old I am, and will avoid a direct answer at all costs.   However, I am trying to come to terms...
That is singularly the easiest and most difficult question to answer.  But what about market conditions / holidays / winter approaching?  You can't answer the primary question with those questions.  So when is the right time to list your house for sale?   The easy answer is when you're ready.  Bu...

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