central ny: Yes, Now Is A Great Time To Sell Your House - 10/22/08 05:26 AM
Yes, now.  You hear about how it's a buyers' market, sales are down, prices are sliding... so why is now a great time to sell?
Stop and think about what the market was like when you bought your house, and how much equity have you gained over the years.  Is most of your (assumed) equity because the market has made such gigantic gains in the past five years or so?  Did you buy your house in a buyers' market?
If you did (buy in a buyers' market), you're in an excellent position to sell in a buyers' market.  Not … (0 comments)

central ny: When Is The Right Time To List Your House For Sale? - 10/01/08 03:37 AM
That is singularly the easiest and most difficult question to answer.  But what about market conditions / holidays / winter approaching?  You can't answer the primary question with those questions.  So when is the right time to list your house for sale?
The easy answer is when you're ready.  But don't give up yet.  Market conditions, holidays and seasons can affect your timing in some cases, but it still depends on when you're ready.
The difficult part is knowing when you're ready.  There are so many different factors to take into consideration.  The single biggest to consider has got to be … (0 comments)

central ny: And the Winner Is.... - 08/18/08 09:54 AM
The Hill family of Geneva, NY has won the Extreme Makover Home Edition!  Yeah!!!
Slight differences, but basically the same story:
I was pretty happy to hear the family's story.  Apparantly Tim was an aspiring boxer when he broke his back in a construction accident.  In the years that followed, he began training kids in the community how to box, working primarily with kids in need.
They seem to deserve it, and it will be an interesting week to see how the house changes.  I hope the Hill family has a nice week in Cancun.  I am … (4 comments)

central ny: CNY 2008 Parade of Homes - 08/17/08 04:26 PM
The central New York 2008 Parade of Homes is just around the corner, September 6 through the 21.  The Parade represents many things to many people, and has become an anticipated event.
For the vast majority, it is an opportunity to dream a little.  They are beautiful houses, typically done up "full tilt", and are impressive to see and experience, even if you don't think you'll ever own one.  They also present some of the latest trends in decorating and, although less visible, latest technology in new construction.  For some, this is the chance to walk through a house that … (2 comments)

central ny: Is the CNY Housing Market Good or Bad? - 08/17/08 03:10 PM
Making Sense Out of a Media Mess
Did you catch Tim Knauss' article in today's Home & Real Estate section of the Syracuse Post Standard?  Here's the link if you're interested in reading it: http://www.syracuse.com/poststandard/stories/index.ssf?/base/living-0/121870416692560.xml&coll=1
The article states NYSAR (New York Association of Realtors) as saying sales in Onondaga, Cayuga, Madison and Oswego counties as down 10.4% year to date.  Being the kind of person who questions statistics (statistics are only as good as the person interpreting them, right?), I naturally sought to data to confirm or refute this claim.
My first check was to cnyrealtor.com, our local board … (0 comments)

central ny: One Lucky Family in CNY Gets to Meet Ty! Winner Announced! - 08/06/08 05:43 AM
The winner was announced today!
Straight from Syracuse.com, one lucky family in central New York will be getting a new home for free, through the very popular ABC television show "Extreme Makeover:Home Edition".  The seven day project is set to begin August 18, and the winning family will be notified that day.
Naturally, the thoughts running through my head are pretty transparent:  Is it anyone I know?  Could it be in my neighborhood?  Where might I bump into Ty Pennington?  I understand volunteers are needed.  What are they looking for in volunteers?  Am I more likely to see Ty … (3 comments)

central ny: The Truth About Open Houses - 08/06/08 04:13 AM
Open houses are either a lot of fun, or a complete pain in the backside, depending on your perspective.  For every pro, there is a con.  It's fun to go check out houses.  It's a nightmare to prepare for.  Open houses only sell 2 - 7% of all houses sold.  Your house might sell.  The weather is bad.  The weather is too nice!
As a seller in central New York, yes, you should probably have some open houses.  I say probably because they really don't work for all listings.  It depends on your neighborhood, the property itself, and who your target … (2 comments)

central ny: Living in Camillus, Where Is What - 07/10/08 05:07 AM
When you don't know an area very well, you tend to discredit it as a place to live.  Or you frantically try to find out as much information about it as you can.  Well, I'm here to help you discover some of the ins and outs of living in Camillus.
Online map services and GPS systems can help you get from place to place, but they don't always tell you when you're driving out to Gillie Lake for the first time, you start to think you've gone wrong somewhere even if you haven't.  They also won't tell you that drving … (0 comments)

central ny: I'm Looking for a Green Builder - 06/30/08 09:21 AM
Turning our lives around and going greener is not going to happen overnight, although at times I wish it was going along a little more quickly. I saw a great blog a few weeks ago called A Place For Our Stuff on NYCO's blog about Central New York.  Its poignant insight into how we live, where we live, and the habits we keep, inspired me to think more seriously about a topic that has been dancing around in my head for several years.  I'd like to work with a builder who's interested in building greener homes, both within the city limits and in the suburbs.

central ny: Desperate! Help Wanted - Is it a mobile home or not? - 06/17/08 11:05 AM
I'm supposed to be taking a listing tomorrow and am having a difficult time clarifying whether the structure is a mobile home or not.  I'm really not that stupid - I swear.  The proverbial lines are blurred, and I, apparently, am very nearsighted.  With a stigmatism.
Here's what's going on:  Before my first visit to the home, did my homework, pulled the tax reports and inventory, and prepared a CMA based on the tax records (and owners' statements) that it was a single family residential raised ranch on a full basement.  However, when I was in the basement of the … (8 comments)

central ny: What's Selling in Marcellus? - 06/11/08 04:15 AM
So what's selling in the town of Marcellus?  In the past 30 days, just five properties have been changed to a pending status (an accepted contract with contingencies removed).  South State Street, Patterson, Gray Ledge Terrace, Lot 15 Sage Meadows and lot 4 Abounding Way.  Sage Meadows and Abounding Way are both Pigliavento lots.  Listings changed over to a K status (offer accepted but with contingencies) in the past 30 days are East Maple, West Main, New Seneca Turnpike, Hillside and Deerpath.  Combining the two statuses for a total of 10, we have a low list price of $82,000 and high … (0 comments)

central ny: what's Selling in Camillus - a 30 Day Snapshot - 06/02/08 03:01 AM
The real estate market is moving quite nicely here in the town of Camillus.  According to the MLS, 47 listings have accepted offers in the past 30 days, and are presently either at a K or P status (K means an offer has been accepted but there's some type of contingency, for example a home inspection to be performed, and P means all contingencies have been removed).  But the real question is what is selling?
Currently, there are only 2 colonials listed under $100k.  Leroy St. in the village, and the corner of Melrose and Hudson streets in old Fairmount.  They … (0 comments)

central ny: Broker's Opens and Why Do We Have Them? - 05/29/08 02:42 AM
While on vacation last week, someone asked me this.  So I decided to share :-)
A broker's open, quite simply, is an open house for real estate agents.  Agents are usually busy hosting open houses on Sundays, and can't get to the other public open houses.  Around the greater Syracuse area, the day and time of your neighborhood's broker's opens are generally determined by the board of Realtors.  That is to say, they've established a general schedule for agents to follow.  For example, on the west side, we have them on Tuesdays.  We start in the city, covering the west and … (0 comments)

central ny: Fair Housing and "Testers" - 05/08/08 04:17 AM
A couple weeks ago I took my required Fair Housing class.   I love taking this class.  For starters, it's always smart as a Realtor to be "up on" Fair Housing.  Second, the information never gets old, or becomes dull or uninteresting.  Third, it is a reminder that discrimination is still alive and kicking.  Yes, in this day and age.  
The instructor this time, Fran, made a statement to the class that if we think we haven't been tested - guess again.  It made me think back to two separate incidents that occurred to me when I was a new agent.  … (2 comments)


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