town of camillus: Nice Listing on Newbridge Street in Annesgrove - 07/18/08 06:39 AM
This is truly a lovely home that I was so impressed with, I actually asked the listing agent if I could blog about it for him!  Currently listed for $204,900, the home is a two bedroom bungalow with two full baths.

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a front porch, and this one I really like!  There are two images that come to mind so readily for me - wicker chairs and iced tea in the summer, and handing out candy to kids piled on the porch Halloween night.

A view of the kitchen … (4 comments)

town of camillus: Changes are Coming in the Town of Camillus - Hinsdale Rd. and More - 07/17/08 05:30 AM
Bill Davern, Camillus 3rd Ward Councilor, sent out an update to area residents.  I first met Bill almost 9 years ago after we moved into our present home, when he walked to my house to introduce himself.  I don't know if he remembers meeting me or not, but it doesn't matter.  I was impressed by his friendly nature and willingness to talk.  Over the years, I've been impressed even more by his open communication and work to keep residents informed.
On many people's mind:  what's happening with the section of land on Hinsdale Road?  I'm talking about the presently vacant … (2 comments)

town of camillus: New Assessments in Camillus.... (sigh...) again (groan...) - 04/22/08 07:05 AM
I got my new tax assessment in the mail last Friday.  I had a warning first, when a neighbor called me to complain about his.  Turns out he's justified in complaining a bit.  Another neighbor called later in the day, and I had to tell him that he can't complain about it.  I would happily list his house for $30,000 more than his new assessed value!
I went home, checked the mail, and sure enough "the letter" was there.  Our assessment went up 35%.  Took me a second.  WHAT!!!!!  35%?????  Are they nuts???  The town just had a major reassessment two years … (0 comments)


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