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I'm not sure if this really counts as a pay it forward. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I spoke to my sister.  My nephew, young guy, 21 years old, though he's already doing more than I was in my late 20's.  He simply got to be an adult faster than I, maybe that's life in the early 21st century.  H...
As I hunt and consider ways that I can make things easier for another, this week, I came upon a todo from my task list from a few months ago. The UPS delivery man on the route here is just amazing.  There are several delivery companies, and UPS has several drivers, but there is one who is head an...
Someone I know was giving a presentation to some people this week. The man was terrified. Simply terrified.  I found out about this some 2 weeks ago, and frankly, it's none of my business. But, I'm a realtor, so everything eventually comes to me, right?? Or so it feels. And so, I picked up the ph...
I'm not certain how this is working. I've not found myself stopping. cleanly. at stop signs. To ensure there are no pedestrians, or more likely my thinking is it's been chilly (or wet), and they need to get out of the elements faster than I need to zip through. Surely I've not become a more gentl...
There have been posts this week about our function within the community, and how realtors are "keepers of the data". Sometimes, we are just people that are trusted.  I received a phone call today from someone who has heard/seen me speak.  She called and wanted to know how to write an ad for her p...

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