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When the 30 in 30 contest started, well, it was a challenge.   Typically, I'd get on every day or so, and comment to a few things.  Every week or two, I'd write a post.  Essentially, a fair-weather ARer.   This challenge was a good idea, and a few people compelled me. David Shamansky was especial...
There was a contest this month, and every 3 or 4 days, I'd evolve to a new idea of what I was grateful for.  This turned out to be a great way to spend November 2014. In the past week and more, I've though a lot about immigration, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Earlier in the week, someone I'v...
Okay, so I'm a day late. There is a local dog shelter (Fairfax VA County Animal Shelter) here that had a great idea last year.  They had "Black Fur Day".  They were giving away black and almost black dogs, for free.   This is the 2nd year they've done this.   It's been successful, such that they'...
I was just playing around today, and heard a productivity podcast by Michael Hyatt. One of the tools he suggests is Focus @Will, which seems to be a tool/an app that uses music which has been formulated to make people more productive.     I've going to play with it over the next few days.  I tend...
Today is (American)Thanksgiving, and to most of you, that conjures feelings and emotions which we all understand. To me, this is one strange holiday.  As an immigrant, this was a difficult one to learn, this was a difficult one to share with the family back home, and a difficult one to experience...
There are a handful of investors I work with, and usually I speak to one if not more on a daily basis.  This question is most easily posed with regards to them, but this also applies to retail clients, both sellers and buyers. My talk with every client, including a repeat when I speak to an inves...
I'll try to distill my wisdom from the years to my clients, but at times, it's easier for me to let other clients speak. In recent discussions with a seller, I asked them to outline for me why they chose one offer over another. Both offers were strong, financially strong. One Buyer's Agent had pr...
Surely I've lost something as I try to recover this, but it's along the lines of "I'd like to be someone's 1st kiss, 2nd wife, and 3rd realtor". (I'm much more of a romantic at heart, and I'm still working it as the 1st husband, hoping to not to be the anyone's 2nd husband).  I'm not a big fan of...
It's not been clear to me why I should put my listings into Active Rain.  That's a great excuse for not doing so, yet I suspect the true reason that I'm not sure how to do it right, or how to do it perfect. Having stepped away from truly reading/commenting in the past 2-3 days, I jumped back in t...
Perfect Condo For Sale in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC 1320 Park Rd NW, Washington, DC 20010  Price: $499,000MLS number: DC8508067 Bedrooms: 2 + denBathrooms: 2Square Footage: 1295 Call Claude at (703)868-7774 to arrange a showing for this home. You Will Wonder, which is Better, The Convenien...

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