Timing is everything!  Since, we supposeably are having a Financial Crisis.  The "Recovery Plan" should have a CEO & Board of Directors leading the bailout.  My selecion of the CEO is William Jefferson Clinton!  His Board of Directors should include;  Alan Greenspan, Lee Iaccocca, Bill Gates & Wa...
The first of 3 Presidential Debates will be held tomorrow evening and yet McCain seems to come across as a man that can only do one thing at a time.  We've already had 8 years of a President who can't think "Outside the Box".   To be a President, you have to MULTI-TASK and not let one thing over...
We have a few cats in our house!  The one I'm going to speak about is Kirby, who is my 16-1/2 year old daughter, Caitlin's cat. We were living in Saint Joseph, Michigan, 9 years ago, when Caitlin was in 3rd grade and she was 7-1/2 years old.  My spouse and I were looking on the web and educating ...
Canadian Mortgage Rates for September 12th, 2008                                    6 Mth       1 Yr        2 Yrs     3 Yrs     5 Yrs      7 Yrs     10 Yrs Bank of Montreal       6.21       6.65         6.70       6.70        6.85       7.30      7.65Centum Mortgage     4.25       4.70         5....
Here's are the Canadian Mortgage Rates, effective Sept. 5th, 2008 from the major banks & mortgage companies in Canada.                           6 mth       1 year       2 years      3 years      5 years       7 years      10 years   CENTRUM          4.25%     4.70%        5.25%       5.35%      ...
Since you are so fired up about how the Republicans have done so well, here's an article from way back in 2004 from the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) (compared to current deteriorating economic conditions) that might give you some perspective to why some of us are not voting for Republicans ...
Was cleaning out some drawers and I found my younger daughter's "To Do List", which I believe is 2-3 years old, so that would have put her at 13-14 years old, being she is now 16-1/2 years old and tomorrow beginning her Grade 12 school year. I read this outloud and couldn't believe the imaginatio...

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