home buying: Get A Home Inspection Especially When Buying A Flip - 10/23/19 01:12 PM
Get A Home Inspection Especially When Buying A Flip
In an earlier video (6 Rookie Home Buying Mistakes) I mentioned that skipping a home inspection was a crucial mistake in the buying process. 
Today I want to jump in a little deeper on the topic of home inspections and their importance when you make the big purchase. 
I especially want to stress how crucial this is when buying a flipped house, which I’ll talk about at the end of the video.
In California, we have some pretty good mandated requirements for sellers to disclose material facts when they’re selling a home. But not all states … (0 comments)

home buying: Impound Accounts when Buying or Refinancing a Home - 10/09/19 03:30 PM
Impound Accounts when Buying or Refinancing a Home
When you buy a home and secure the purchase with a mortgage, 
not only will you be required to pay the monthly loan payments, you will be making a commitment, for as long as you own the property, to pay the property taxes every year as well as maintaining a homeowners insurance policy. And depending on the amount of down payment, you might be required to pay for private mortgage insurance. On home loans with less than 20% down, impound accounts are typically mandatory. Money to make these payments is kept by the lender or … (0 comments)

home buying: First Time Buyer Mistakes To Avoid - 10/02/19 10:39 AM
First Time Buyer Mistakes To Avoid
In this video I’m going to cover 6 home buying mistakes to avoid if you are a first time buyer. Make sure to watch till the very end as I will have a bonus tip for you.
So let’s get started:
Mistake 1: Not looking at the big financial picture 
Besides the money required for the downpayment, you’ll also need to pay closing costs such as title fees, escrow fees, attorney fees, insurance and more. 
Now, depending on your lender, you may be required to “impound” 2-6 months taxes and 12-14 months insurance premiums upfront. I’ll talk about impounds more … (4 comments)

home buying: Zillow Hacked? Has your listing been HACKED? - 09/04/19 03:37 PM
Zillow Hacked? Has your listing been HACKED?
I’m sure anyone who has an email address, social media account, or has spent any time on the internet has been the victim of hackers. 
These are sometimes nothing more than mischievous 12-year olds having fun at your expense, but other times these are professionals working on the dark web to hijack corporate or personal information. 
In an article published in the Washington Post, writer Kenneth Harney reported that a homeowner is sueing Zillow for $60 Million Dollars because the listing on that platform had been hacked and bogus low priced sales were reported in an attempt … (6 comments)

home buying: What Is A FICO Score? - 07/18/19 05:31 PM
What Is A FICO Score?
Hi and welcome to another Two Minute Tuesday Video. Today, I’m going to talk about your CREDIT SCORE also known as your FICO SCORE.

One important aspects of purchasing a home is getting a mortgage and getting a good, low rate is dictated by our ability to prove your credit worthiness. The term you are all familiar with is “FICO score” which is a rating system that lenders use to gage what kind of risk you are when applying for financing. There’s a saying in the business that “Past history is indicative of future performance.” So how you’ve … (0 comments)

home buying: Online Home Estimates - Is Zillow or Redfin Better? - 07/11/19 01:46 PM
Online Home Estimates - Is Zillow or Redfin Better?
Since everybody seems to be staring at their smartphones these days, it seems natural to consult this magic wizard when you want to find out what your home is worth. There are dozens of sites that will give you an estimate and two of the largest, Redfin and Zillow make it very easy to see an estimated value just by plugging in your address.
But which one is to be believed? Well...neither one!
You see, The problem with these computer generated estimates is that they don’t take the individual characteristics of each home into consideration. … (1 comments)

home buying: Prepaid & Recurring Closing Costs When Buying A Home - 06/06/19 11:43 AM
Prepaid & Recurring Closing Costs When Buying A Home
In the last video I talked about upfront costs when buying a home and today I want to talk about PREPAID EXPENSES, sometime called RECURRING EXPENSES.
PREPAIDS are charges that will be collected at the time of closing that will cover things like home owners insurance, interest for the first month of the loan, property taxes, HOA dues and possibly some Private Mortgage Insurance premiums.
Of all of these prepaids, the taxes could be the most costly because they are typically calculated based on the sale date where you could pay up to 9 months … (1 comments)

home buying: Upfront Costs When Buying A Home - 05/30/19 04:46 PM
Upfront Costs When Buying A Home
When you begin the home buying process, there is money that needs to be spent that may not be refundable if the sale goes sideways. This video explains how to navigate your way through these costs.
When you begin the home buying process, there is money that needs to be spent that may not be refundable if the sale goes sideways. Back in the day, we would simply take the needed funds from the buyer’s deposit money to pay upfront expenses but what happens when the buyer or seller cancels? Who will reimburse these funds to … (2 comments)

home buying: Century 21 Real Estate Search App - 05/01/19 06:11 PM
Century 21 Real Estate Search App
My latest video is a step-by-step walk through the latest Century 21 real estate search app for your smart phone. It's more accurate and up to date than Zillow and easier to use than Redfin. Send me a message for a link to add my personalized version to you.
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home buying: What Is An Earnest Money Deposit? - 03/19/19 08:56 PM
What Is An Earnest Money Deposit?
What is Earnest Money and why is it important to your real estate transaction?
My good buddy Randy Lynch told me the story about a client who wanted to know “Who this Ernest guy and why does he want my money?” Well, let’s dig in and find out!
The EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT or EMD is a good faith gesture (in the form of money) that a buyer presents to a seller along with a purchase offer, to show that they are serious about completing the contract. It’s their financial “skin-in-the-game”.
Because your offer to purchase effectively takes the sellers … (0 comments)

home buying: Downsizing Your Home - 03/13/19 12:44 PM
Downsizing Your Home
Have you thought of downsizing your life? Have you walked through IKEA and looked at those compact living spaces and wondered if you could live like  that? Have you considered a "tiny house" like on that TV show? Would you store all your belongs, buy an RV and drive across the country for a year? Let's take a look at this as many  people, young and old, are considering a change to a more minimalist lifestyle.
Here's a short list of things to think about before you make a move.
Make a thorough plan
Ask yourself WHY you want to downsize?
Have … (2 comments)

home buying: Cash is King...Or Is It When Buying A Home - 03/06/19 04:22 PM
Cash is King...Or Is It When Buying A Home
Hi and welcome to another two minute Tuesday.
If you've seen my previous videos, you know I bring valuable topics to homeowner,
home buyers & home sellers. Check back every week to see a new video.
They say “Cash Is King”....or is it?
Should you purchase your home for all cash, or is it better to get a mortgage?
In 2018, 23% of home buyers paid cash for homes!! That’s an amazing statistic. And in my market of Orange County CA, 29% of homes have no mortgage at all.
Easy to get offer accepted.
Fast transaction (especially for the seller). … (3 comments)

home buying: 10 things you should do after you buy your new home - 03/04/19 01:59 PM
In today's video I'll talk about 10 things you should do after you buy your new home

1 Change all of the locks and re-key them to be the same for all doors. Make extra copies of the keys and give one to a trusted friend or install your own combination lockbox somewhere on your property - NOT the front door, or hide a key in one of those fake rocks or fake sprinkler heads
2 Replace or upgrade light bulbs. Unless your home is up to today's standards, check out the newest lights available. They'll consume less electricity, will be brighter and … (6 comments)

home buying: Are Open Concept Homes Going Out of Style? - 02/07/19 12:26 PM
Are Open Concept Homes Going Out of Style?
Every week I'll be presenting a new 2 minute video about some aspect of real estate. It might be helpful tips when buying or selling or it might be a story about a current trend in home design and function. Come by every week to see what's happening on Two minute Tuesday.
So...today's topic is:
Open Concept
I was recently asked by a friend if open concept homes were falling out of favor so i thought I'd talk a little about this.
Most homes built in the 20th century were big boxes with little boxes arranged inside, … (2 comments)

home buying: What Is Your Monthly Housing Expense? - 06/23/15 05:45 AM
What Is Your Monthly Housing Expense?
While working with a first time buyer I had the discussion about renting versus buying and explained the many advantages of home ownership. The response was "Yeah, but I'm putting myself on the hook for 30 years with a mortgage."
That's when the next brilliant stream of words popped out of my mouth. "So if you continue renting, how long will that go on? 12 months? Then what? Another 12 month lease. And will you still have a rent payment in five years? 10 years? 30 years? You see,  you will always have a monthly housing expense  … (2 comments)

home buying: Orange County California Home Sales Report May 2014 - 06/16/14 05:54 AM
Orange County California Home Sales Report May 2014
As I look at sales statistics for the Spring season I see a trend that seems to confirm the "word on the street."
Many local (Orange County, CA) agents are reporting that traffic at open houses is slow, listings are lingering and offers are few and far between. Many agents and home sellers are scratching their heads wondering why the market has slowed down. So what is really happening?
I can tell you that the rate of sales has slowed if you look at sold listings (houses and condos) on a monthly basis … (2 comments)

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