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Yucaipa is a city that lies in the inland valley east of San Bernardino. It's in the low lying hills that climb up to the Banning Pass that goes into the desert communities around Palm Springs. In the summer, it gets really hot, like most other inland valleys in California. If you have a yucaipa...
Today I was working on a project to add an informative page to another Realtors website about a new area he will be servicing, Pasadena. I personally don't know anything about Pasadena other than it's in the LA area. So, i did a bit of Googling to find out what the city was like, what it looked l...
Yucaipa California is an extraordinary little city in sourthern california. It has recently blossomed from a small bedroom town into a flourishing new city. The Chapman heights development and world class golf course anchors the revitalized economy of this growing city in San Bernardino County. C...
Once you have your site established, and you've written content about your city make sure that in your quest to provide quality information about your city, you haven't forgotten the most important part of your site...the "call to action!" This can come in several different ways. You could put in...
Having worked with hundreds of Realtors over the past 3 years and helping them refine their website strategies, I realize that the simple truth is the simple things get looked over too easily. Before you worry about "long tail keywords" "meta tags" or inbound one way hyperlinks with or without no...
There has been quite some buzz out on the blogs about how social media methods are being tapped by larger companies who already have traffic flowing to their site to increase the interaction they have with their clients, and keep them coming back to their site. Trulia.com has expanded on their ve...
I took a look at the competition I have for my Yucaipa Real Estate site, and started to really look at what it is about a real estate site that really drives business and actually converts visitors into customers. Here's my take for two crucial items you must have on your real estate website: Com...
I have been developing my Yucaipa real estate site for just about 6 months now, and I have successfully havested 8 leads, and 1 that actually seems like it may turn into an actual transaction. I have spent a large number of hours on my site, adding content, checking my stats for inbound links, ad...
I was very disallusioned with the work that I had found myself doing to "find links" of sites to link to my new website for Yucaipa Real Estate. I've read blog after blog, forum post after forum post about how "important" links are to get a top ranked website in Google. Aron wall of Seobook.com s...
My website is for Yucaipa Real Estate, and I know that inbound links from other websites are the most critical aspect of gaining rankings in google. I was referred to a social media "bookmark site" delicious.com, where I could create a profile and bookmark pages. So I created my own profile and b...

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