spartanburg sc market conditions: Market Conditions in Spartanburg - Homes Sales Improve - 06/11/10 03:31 AM
The number of homes sold shows improvement over the last year but not back to the level of 2008 sales.  For the period of March 1 through May 31, of this year, unit sales are up from 615 in 2009 to 740 units.  Although this is an improvement it is not at the 798 level of 2008.
Homes that sold for more than $300,000 also showed improvement from 34 units in 2009 to 41 units.  This is still well under the 59 homes sold in 2008.
June sales should also show much improvement as Tax Incentives have motivated a lot of … (3 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Spacious Ranch with Lake View in Twin Lakes - 01/16/10 08:46 AM

spartanburg sc market conditions: South Carolina Upstate - 01/03/10 07:47 AM
The Upstate of South Carolina is one of the most desirable places to live with its southern hospitality and charm, seasonal changes and pleasant year round climate. We're conveniently located to Charlotte, Ashville, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta and Charleston. You too, can live and work in an internationally recognized business and cultural community with a quality of life that is second to none. From small farms to mid-town condominium living; mountain views, golf course communities and lakefront properties; we have it all. If we can help you with your relocation to The Upstate please give us a call today at-864-641-5859 or to … (1 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Should You Have Your Home Pre-Inspected? - 12/26/09 01:57 PM
Pre-Inspection can save you money and heartbreak.  Imagine getting an acceptable offer on your home and then having thousands of $$$$$ worth of unknown repairs that are needed, or worse yet, the potential buyer gets scared and backs out.  You may think your home is in good shape, but hidden defects behind the walls and under the house can cost thousands to repair.  You could be left with renegotiating your price or spending unplanned money at the last minute to make repairs.
Experience shows that Pre-inspections help you get things in order ahead of time, for the least cost, while preserving … (5 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Selling the Large Family Home - 12/26/09 01:40 PM
If you're approaching retirement or just have too much house now that all the children are grown and on their own you may be thinking about selling the family home.  Before you do, you should ask yourself these few simple questions?
Do you need the equity from your home?  If you've owned your home for a while you've probably built some equity.  If this is your main source of retirement money, than selling could be the right choice for you.  It would be wise to consult your accountant or financial planner in this case.
Do you have more house than you … (2 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. - 12/26/09 01:37 PM
Unfortunately, we never a get second chance at first impressions and neither will your house.  Creating curb appeal is critical to getting potential buyers inside especially when buyers have so many choices.  The first thing you should do is take a walk around the outside of the house and make a list as you go.  Try looking at it through the eyes of a buyer.  If you were shopping for a home would you want to look inside?  Does this house scream "I'm Gorgeous Inside"??  Be objective!  It's hard when it's your own home.  If the outside of a house looks … (2 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: The Risks of Overpricing - - 12/26/09 01:34 PM
Pricing a home more than 3% over the market value could result in the following:
 Buyers may choose not to view the home at all because they perceive there are better values in other lower priced "comparable" properties.
 By pricing in a higher price range you eliminate potential buyers that otherwise might be able to afford the home if it were priced closer to the market value.
 If a buyer is willing to pay more than market value (and this is not the norm) they may not be able to get financing because the property may not appraise.
 While all of … (1 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: How to Set the Right Price - 12/26/09 01:32 PM
Determining the asking price requires up to date research, experience and judgment.  Knowing your current real estate market conditions and financing trends are a critical beginning.  Other basic steps include:
Comparing the home against similar properties in the neighborhood or area that have sold recently or that are currently on the market.
Determine what features make the home more appealing than other homes on the market.
Consider spending a reasonable amount of money on making cosmetic updates to enhance the appearance, marketability and earn the highest possible sales price.
Sometimes viewing the competition will assist in achieving these goals.  The current selling price … (0 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Is downsizing right for you? - 12/26/09 01:29 PM
Downsizing a home can be a big savings often overlooked by those thinking about retiring. The cost of taxes, insurance, heating and other utilities keeps going up and if you have empty rooms, more yard work than you can handle, and other expenses piling up, it is only natural to think about moving into a smaller place.
Downsizing doesn't necessarily have to mean moving into a tiny apartment or giving up the features you love about your current home. If you are willing to move out of your large family house and into a smaller more efficient house, it could mean the … (3 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Meeting or Exceeding the Standard In Your Community? - 12/06/09 12:47 PM
Meeting or exceeding the standards for the community plays an important role in maintaining the value of your home.  Homes with Formica counter tops, vinyl tile, outdated floor coverings light fixtures and wall paper will take much longer to sell and bring a much lower price than others with newer features and updates.
Make 13 house payments each year with the extra months payment going towards updating your home, even if you have no plans to sell it in the near future. The sale of your neighbors home will impact the value of your home! Unfortunately you as an individual are not … (1 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: What can you do to protect your property values? - 12/06/09 12:41 PM
There are encouraging signs that our local real estate market has somewhat stabilized and some segments of the market have even shown a small increase in price. However, there still are price pressures on higher priced homes.
There are currently 250 homes on the market in the Spartanburg MLS priced between $350,000 and $500,000, a 37 month supply. Homes over $500,000 and up to $700,000 have even more competition with 93 on the market, a 6.5 year supply.
Many of these homeowners must sell their homes and with so many to choose from they are selling for below market value which … (0 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Beautiful Estate Located on Spartanburg's East Side - 11/29/09 06:56 AM

spartanburg sc market conditions: Adorable 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Home with Large Fenced Yard - 11/15/09 01:05 PM

spartanburg sc market conditions: S.C. Quarterly Housing Market Report...Moore School of Business...HBA - 11/15/09 07:08 AM
Overall, economic growth in the housing industry and in the economy as a whole will continue in the coming months, but it will be slow. Banks dealing with defaults on commercial real estate loans will have difficulty extending new loans to builders and other investors, which will slow the economic growth of these industries. As a lagging economic indicator, unemployment will persist into 2010, and foreclosures and high housing vacancy rates will persist with it. This will lead to increased housing inventory and further reduction in house prices.
Even so, the South Carolina housing market has seen increases in permits since … (0 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Home - 11/08/09 12:44 PM

spartanburg sc market conditions: New Listing - Great Location! - 11/01/09 12:17 PM

spartanburg sc market conditions: Are your listing clients focused on the Wrong Number? - 10/24/09 08:44 AM
Call it lack of knowledge or just a perception, but most home sellers focus on the wrong number, Selling Price.  The misconception is that they believe the difference in selling price minus real estate fees and mortgage payoff is what they will walk away from the table with.  They don't understand that there may be costly repairs for the home inspection, the buyer will likely want a home warrantee or that their home needs cosmetic improvements in order to compete with other offerings.
In this buyers market there are lots of homes to choose from and most sellers must reduce their … (2 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Order Taker or Consultant? - 10/24/09 08:40 AM
We have started an aggressive program of working with Custom Home Builders.  Before we started we interviewed a number of top notch builders in our region to try and find out what type of relationship they had with their Realtors, and more importantly, what type of relationship they wanted to have.
We were amazed to find that their Realtors were nothing more than Order Takers.  Their relationships all started during the good times, ‘build it and they will come'.  They did their normal listing stuff and the homes sold.  With the shift in the market the builders began to realize they needed … (0 comments)

spartanburg sc market conditions: Price Just Reduced! Check out this Gorgeous Home! - 10/23/09 09:05 AM

spartanburg sc market conditions: Catch a Falling Star - 10/18/09 11:17 AM
Perhaps you have a friend or colleague who is struggling with the changing market.  They may be a newer agent or veteran who is a true Real Estate Professional.  They have been successful in the past or at least had glimmers of success but just can't get back on track.  Perhaps you should catch that falling star before the industry loses them.
It could take as little as a few words of encouragement, inspiration or even some mentoring to get them back on track.  You have, You can, You will, You must.  In other cases it may take more and depending … (1 comments)

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