kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series - Aikahi Park, Kailua - 06/06/10 09:15 PM
Aikahi Elementary School
Aikahi Military Connection
Marine Corps Base Hawaii Aikahi Park Shopping Center

kailua neighborhoods: Home Buyers Can Find a "Walkable" Place to Live: Try Walkscore.Com - 05/29/09 01:49 AM
How cool! I stumbled across a website that rates the walkability of a particular address: www.Walkscore.com
It uses an algorythm to assign points based on how close various types of amenities (e.g., grocery stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc.) are to the address. If the amenity is less than .25 miles from the address, it scores the maximum points, and the address gets less points if the desired location is further. No points are given for amenities further than one mile away.
Many homebuyers and renters are interested in finding and living in walkable neighborhoods, as boost to their own health and … (2 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Maunawili - 09/26/07 03:07 PM
Data current as of September 2007.
Maunawili is one of Kailua's best kept secrets. Maunawili is lush and green, and as would be expected, a bit rainer than some other areas of Kailua. A tranquil bedroom community, Maunawili is only 10 minutes (or less) from Kailua Town. Living here also shortens your commute to downtown Honolulu, as it is located off Auloa Road, turning South from the Pali Hwy (61) and heading into the country. This area is very convenient to Le Jardin Academy and Trinity Christian School, and to H-3. Maunawili has many beautiful homes with spectacular mountain views, including some large estates on huge … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Kukanono - 09/26/07 02:14 PM
Data Current as of September 2007
The Kukanono neighborhood in Kailua is very small and consists of only a few streets. It is located between the Pali Highway and Kawainui Regional Park. Homes rarely become available in this area, but if listed would probably be priced between $600K to $850K. Kukanono lot size varies from about 3,500 to 11,000 square feet and some lots have been split, with two homes. This neighborhood is conveniently located for commuters to Honolulu, and there are nearby walking and running trails at the Kawainui Marsh. Castle Medical Center is also next door and Kailua Town is a short drive.
(c) … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Pohakupu - 09/26/07 01:08 PM
Data Current as of September 2007
The Pohakupu neighborhood is a relatively small subdivision in Kailua. It is bordered to the Northwest by the Pali Highway and to the Southwest by the Kalanianaole Highway. Great for families, this neighborhood features a large park with a playground for kids. Pohakupu homes were built in the late 1950's and early 1960's, and are among the most affordable in Kailua, selling usually between $625K and $800K. Lot sizes in the Pokakupu subdivision mostly range from about 7,500 to 8,600 square feet. Homes are 3 bedroom and up, usually ranging from 1,100 to 2,400 sq ft. … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Olomana - 09/26/07 12:46 PM
Data current as of September 2007
The Olomana neighborhood in Kailua is relatively small and houses do not come available here too often. A nice family neighborhood, it is relatively affordable, and includes convenient access to the Pali Highway and proximity to Castle Medical Center. Some of the homes here have great views of the Koolau Mountain Range and the neighborhood, itself, is named after Mount Olomana, the unique three peaked mountain in near proximity and view. Lot size in this area is generally between 7,500 to 8,500 square feet, with a few larger exceptions. Most homes range from 1,000 to 2,500 … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Lanikai - 09/16/07 08:35 PM
Data Current September 2007
Lanikai means "heavenly seas" and is one of the most desired, prestigious, and expensive areas of Kailua. Home or vacation spot to many local and national celebrities, such as the beloved late Don Ho, you will find multi-million dollar mansions and modern architechtural masterpieces mingled with plantation style homes and shabby beach cottages.  As one of the first and oldest areas of Kailua, there are more very old (incl. 20's & 30's) homes left in this area of Kailua than any other, some beautifully restored. The beach, with it's soft white sand is world renowned and many homes are either … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Ku'ulei Tract - 09/16/07 08:30 PM
Data Current September 2007
This is a very desirable family neighborhood with areas very close to the Kailua Beach Park/Kailua Beach, and Kailua District Park. It has many cul-de-sac streets. It is bordered approximately by Kuulei Road to the Northwest, the odd-numbered 0-200 blocks of S. Kalaheo on the Northeast, the even-numbered 100-200 blocks of Kailua Road on the Southeast, and the even-numbered side of the 400 block of Kailua Road & the East side of Kailua Intermediate School & the 0-200 blocks of S. Kainalu Drive on the Southwest. Homes are mostly original to the 1970s, but there are some fabulous remodels, causing … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Keolu Hills - 09/16/07 08:24 PM
Data Current September 2007
This Kama'aina family neighborhood is bordered by Keolu Loop to the West & includes Ku'upau street to the North. It ends East at the hills located above & behind Lanikai and Bellows Air Force Station. The Southwestern border is approximately at Akamai Street (Kailua Bluffs), and the Southwest border is Keolu Drive Loop (Enchanted Lake). The lower part of Keolu Hills is comprised mostly of bungalow-style homes original to the early 1950s, most in various stages of remodel. Some are have been completely torn down and rebuilt, some are tear-downs. These start at around $700K, with tear downs in the $600K's, making this area one … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Ko'oluapoku - 09/16/07 08:14 PM
Current September 2007
This is a charming Kailua family neighborhood, with wider streets, and some areas quite close to the beach. Named after the Koolau Mountain Range, which you can view from many properties, it is the location of the famed Duck Road (Kainui) Road. A very wide street, it is lined in the center isle with palms, where ducks wander up from the part of the Kawainui Canal that ends at Kailua Bay in the Kaimalino/Beachside neighborhoods. Lot sizes vary widely, getting larger as you get closer to the beach, up to about 13,000 sq ft. and prices generally range from $700K-$1.8M, getting … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Kawailoa - 09/16/07 07:56 PM
Data Current September 2007
This is the beachfront neighborhood in and bordering Kailua Beach Park, ending Northwest at Kailua Rd. by the Kalapawai Market (Est. 1932). Properties consist of single-family, as well as a few condos and rentals. There are a few older homes, but date of construction varies quite a bit. The streets in this neighborhood include Kaneapu Pl., Makalii Pl., Kawailoa Rd., the 300 block of S. Kalaheo Dr., Popoia and Alala Rd. It is a small area and properties rarely come on the market in this area, unless they are newly constructed/renovated. For example, in 2004, 521 Kawailoa (an almost 1/2 … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Kaopa - 09/16/07 07:50 PM
Data Current September 2007
This neighborhood begins on the West part of Keolu Drive, bounded on the West by HWY 72 (Kalanianaole) and continues Northeast around the loop until about Hamakua Drive, and Southeast on the loop until and including Akaakaawa and the streets branching off it. This neighborhood has mostly newer single family homes ($700K-$1M) and lots of condominiums. Many of these homes are on or near the Kaelepulu Pond ("Enchanted Lake") or have views of the Ko'olau Mountain Range.
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kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Kalama / Coconut Grove - 09/16/07 07:45 PM
Data current September 2007
This neighborhood of older homes is directly East of Coconut Grove and just West of the Kalama Tract. It is bordered on the East approximately by the East side of Maluniu Street and goes about a few houses west of Kainalu Road. It is bordered on the North approximately by Kaha street and the South boundary goes to the commercial section of Kailua/Kuulei Road. As homes are a bit closer to the beach, and lots tend to be larger, with more sq footage in the homes too, the prices are a bit higher than Coconut Grove ($750K up to just over … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Kalama Tract - 09/16/07 07:42 PM
Data Current September 2007
This is a nice area, within a block or two of the beach (see photos bleow), located between an area just makai of Kainalu Drive (Kalama/Coconut Grove) and bordered slightly makai of N. Kalaheo Drive (Beachside). Though, the Northwest section of the neighborhood, past Uilama street, is bounded closer to Maluniu street on the West. Pukoa St and Wilikoki bound the area to the North and the Southeast section crosses Kuulei Road. The homes are generally older, many dating from the late 30's, 40s, and 50's, some plantation style with post & pier construction/some slab, but there are also lots of new remodels. The lot size is mostly … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Kaimalino - 09/13/07 02:16 PM
Data Current September 2007
Bordered by the Southeast side of Mokapu Rd, Marine Corps Base Hawaii to the North, and the beach the East and the Kawainui Canal to the Southeast, this is another one of Kailua's premiere neighborhoods, with luxury, beachfront and canalfront homes. Homes are generally larger than in most other neighborhoods 1800 sq ft and up, and all lots are over 10,000 sq ft. Date of construction runs from the mid-50s through now, and prices usually range from the low 7 figures to about $4 or 5 million.

(c) 2007, Yvonne Jaramillo Ahearn. All rights reserved.
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kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Kailua Estates - 09/11/07 11:48 AM
Data Current September 2007This is one of the older Kailua neighborhoods, with original homes circa 1940, walking distance from Kailua Beach Park. It is in the area between Kailua Road (the odd-numbered 200-300 blocks) and the Enchanted Lake Canal (Kaelepule Stream) that leads to Kailua Beach, which is bordered by the Kawailoa Neighborhood makai. The neighborhood continues mauka from the Kalapawai Market, across Wana'ao Road, just  South of the Mormon Church. The Kailua Estates Neighborhood inlcudes a children's park with a playground on an odd-shaped plot of land, the Kaelepulu Playground, which is called by locals "Triangle Park." 
                      Walk to the Kalapawai Market & Kailua Beach … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Kailua Bluffs - 09/11/07 11:43 AM
Data Current September 2007
This neighborhood is one of the Southernmost in the Kailua Zip Code (96734) and lies South of the bottom part of the Keolu Drive loop, including and to the West of Akamai Street & the Keolu Hills neighborhood, and bounded by HWY 72 (Kalanianaole) to the West (but not including Aka'aka'awa and its connecting streets, which are in Kaopa). It consists of single family homes which are priced from about $750K to $1.2M, varying in size from about 1,500-3,000 sq ft. It also includes very afforable duplex/CPR homes in the Kaopa Park Place development (in the $500K's, at approx. 1,000 … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Hillcrest - 09/10/07 08:15 PM
Data Current Sept. 2007
Hillcrest in Kailua is a relatively small and prestigious neighborhood, adjacent to Keolu Hills, and near Kailua Bluffs. The street names in the Hillcrest neighborhood all begin with A'U. The Hillcrest neighborhood consists of the streets West up the hill on A'ulepe St. (which is parallel to Keolu Drive off of Nanialii) & also South up the hill on Akahai St. (which like Nanialii, is also off Keolu Drive). These single family custom homes start at around $1.1M and go up to $2M or more, depending upon the views and size of homes/lots, which vary considerably. At best, these homes are huge, on estate-sized lots, with … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Government/Agricultural - 09/10/07 08:07 PM
Data Current September 2007
This "neighborhood" is not a neighborhood, but a designation in the MLS, which consists of several different areas of Kailua, with unusual (country or agricultural) zoning or proximity to (once part of?) government property. "Old Kalanianaole Road/Norfolk" area - This is an area off of HWY 72 (Kalanianaole), on the mauka side, between Olomana and just South of Keolu Drive. Most homes, in the community of Norfolk, are generally built in the late 80's and early 90's, have 2+ acre lots, and are very large, at least 3,000 and up to 10,000 sq ft. Many are quite impressive and have ocean views.  At the … (0 comments)

kailua neighborhoods: Kailua Neighborhood Series: Enchanted Lake - 09/10/07 07:56 PM
Data current Sept 2007
This family neighborhood lies in a mainly flat section of SW Kailua, which consists mostly of homes originally built in the 1960's. With a maze of curving streets all surrounding Kaelepulu Pond, it is located mostly inside the loop formed by Keolu Drive, but also, North of the loop, bounded by Mid-Pacifc Country Club Golf Course to the East, Auwina Street and Place to the North, and Hamakua Drive to the West. Most of the homes are fairly similar, slab construction, single-family ranch, unless renovated. Some homes are on the lake or canals, on which you can take out your kayak and paddle to Kailua … (0 comments)

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