Increasing Facebook engagement and funneling traffic to your real estate website are two goals in your marketing plan, right? Well they don't need to be separate entities! While Facebook is great for nurturing client and lead relationships, it can also be used to drive targeted traffic to your re...
If the idea of sitting down to write a listing description makes your palms sweat and your heart race, take a deep breath and read on! Being a real estate agent doesn't require you to be the next Hemingway, but having a basic understanding of the essentials of writing can go a long way. This is e...
One thing there is a consistent shortage of in the real estate day is time. You've got listing presentations, clients to meet, open houses to plan...let's face it, you're busy! Planning your day, and each task, according to importance can improve your productivity and decrease your stress. We've ...
While it's likely that your first introduction to Pinterest came in the form of a shared recipe or a great decoration idea, there are some real benefits to using Pinterest for real estate. Now more than ever, real estate agents are understanding the implicit power behind this highly visual form o...
When you think about the main goals of your website, traffic and leads are likely top of mind. While we all know the end goal, the path to getting there can be a bit tricky. If you want more traffic (and really, who doesn't?) try these 5 tips for driving traffic to your website. 1. Focus on Onsit...
Social media has given us a direct channel to consumers. As a real estate agent, the majority of your leads are on Facebook and it's not enough to simply post once a week and hope for the best. Social media is based on engagement and when it comes down to it, likability. Just like your life outsi...

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