As most real estate agents are just finally understanding how to use Facebook, Instagram still mystifies business owners. There is a lot of false information being shared by social media gurus (seriously, how is everybody a guru now?) that we would like to debunk. Let's Talk About These Instagram...
Did you hear about the real estate photographer that was shot by the homeowner? Long story short, the real estate photographer entered the home to take photos. However, the homeowner was not aware that anybody was scheduled to photograph the home. After entering the building, the alarm was set an...
Happy Early St. Patrick's Day! Here we have a few green tips to give your seller leads! Going green can increase the value of their home, and by the transitive property, your comission!Share these tips in passing, in an email campaign, or sprinkle them into your Facebook posting schedule: 1. Use ...
Facebook. Love it or hate it, you need it for your business. It's easy enough right? You use Facebook all the time. Well, here are 5 reasons you might not be getting leads on Facebook: 1. The content in your posts are missing lead capture formsThis should be a no brainer, but if there is no lead ...
Do you need a phone service solution for your small team or brokerage? We've done a bit of research to see what other agents are using and found these 3 at the top of their list. 1. Grasshopper Virtual Phone System - link hereThis is your standard phone service, but also the service that we saw t...

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