See the question in the title...Would you take a haunted listing? Why or why not? The laws for selling haunted, or Stigmatized Property, vary from state to state. So here are some not-so-fun facts about those properties: In New York, agents are not required to disclose a haunting to potential buy...
Did you know Facebook is free? It is free to post. Free to have a business page. And free to comment on other people's content. Then why on Earth would you keep a budget for Facebook? Here's why:1. Facebook AdsTo advertise, you need to spend money. Plain and simple. There are plenty of agents out...
Here is an odd topic: Is it okay to use smartphone photos (that you took yourself) for listing photos?We know there are many costs involved for real estate agents, and in order to turn a profit you must be selective about when it would be a good idea to DIY vs hire a professional. Building a webs...
Earlier this year we asked the question "Do Billboards Work?". And in some markets they do, some markets they don't.What about this question:Do you still get calls from your signs?We know not everybody is going have a budget for a billboard, or even consider using a billboard. However, it is stan...

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