Have you started planning for the upcoming year yet? Don't hesitate, because it is coming sooner than you think.There are a few items to consider when looking ahead to the future.1. Your Strengths and WeaknessesWhat in 2018 did you excel at? What did you struggle with? It is a good opportunity to...
With Thanksgiving coming up I think it would be nice to share some things I've learned about gratitude throughout to help me stay grounded and fend off feelings of entitlement. One mentor I had in my life explained to me what gratitude should really mean, and it changed how I approach everything....
Here is a question you don't have to answer out loud: What is your income goal for 2019?Feel free to write down the number you thought of.We want to help you get there! Our General Manager, Jark Markham, who has been featured by Inman News and Forbes will breaking it down for you with a FREE work...

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