With the new year pretty much here, why not try a new strategy with your new leads? We created a 10 day follow up plan for you to help boost the conversion and engagement of your real estate leads. You might not always get the lead on the phone in the first 10 minutes. Instead of disqualifying th...
The #1 complaint about social media I hear is "I don't care what these people ate for dinner last night". News flash, nobody does. It's not just you that finds it annoying. On Social Media, most people will post with the objective to talk about themselves. The reason you don't care about their po...
Have you already written down your goals for 2019? Are they SMART?  To define "SMART", we mean: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-bound. Let's break it down for you...Here is how to create SMART business goals:SpecificHow specific are the goals you set? Do you want to in...
Social media is the bane of many agent's marketing strategies. It's always changing. What used to work in 2009 doesn't work in 2018. And what works in 2018 will likely no longer matter in 2019. So what is your contingency plan? If you take social media out of the equation, how can you still opera...

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