Secretly people enjoy filling out surveys. How many "Which Disney Princess Are You?" posts have you seen on your Facebook page? Too many I bet. Giving your home buyers a questionnaire to fill out will provide similar results...except for instead of becoming a Disney princess, you are given more i...
It's a constant struggle to come up with new content for social media, especially considering that you need to be consistent in order to make any impression on your audience. Skip a week of posting, and the algorithm bumps you down in the news feed. We have compiled 15 posts you can use for your ...
There is plenty of real estate jargon that can over your buyers' heads because they are unfamiliar with the industry. Throwing unfamiliar terms at them can drain their self-confidence and cause them to take longer to research before choosing to transact. Share some of these terms with your buyers...
You have two days to find last minute presents for your significant other! They are the most precious thing in your life. So it is understandable for them to not be remembered this Valentines Day. So, let us do it FOR YOU! We have designed 6 cheesy Valentine Cards you can send to real estate lead...

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