Summertime is perfect weather for going door knocking! If the home owner doesn’t answer, it is another great oooirtunity to leave a pop-by gift to make an impression. Here we have created a small list of inexpensive items you can leave at their doorstep. Most of these can be purchased at dollar s...
With so many changes to the industry, theories of the zillowpacalypse are more plentiful. With so many websites now bypassing the agent, real estate agents have reason to be paranoid of what direction the industry will take 10 years from now.Here are 5 Reasons Why Agents Will Be Needed in the Fut...
QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Should you drive a luxury vehicle?There are many pros and cons to both sides of this situation. Pros: It'd be nice to own a luxury vehicle to impress your real estate clients. Owning an expensive car hints that you are successful, and comfortable enough in spending money on ...
You want to be productive, but you can't read a book or real estate articles while you drive. What do you do? Well you can obviously listen to an audio book. Audio books offer great in-depth knowledge on certain topics. Or! You can listen to a podcast. If you find a good podcast with regular epis...

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