facebook marketing: FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ARE DOWN?!?! - 03/13/19 11:43 AM
Oh no! With today's Facebook and Instagram outages, a big flaw in some real estate agents's social media marketing strategy is exposed: Relying on a single platform. That doesn't mean you should have a profile on every platform, just to have a profile. You should only have profiles on social channels that you actually spend time on.
But what if...that social network is no longer available? Where do you engage your audience?
This is the exact reason you should always look into diversifying your online presence with a website and multiple social media channels just in case one of those channels ends up … (1 comments)

facebook marketing: Should You Accept Friend Requests from Other Real Estate Agents? - 04/10/18 10:02 AM
Here's a fun question!

You are on Facebook, you get a friend request from a random person. After looking at their profile you notice that they are also a real estate agent. Do you accept the friend request? Why or why not?

The pros of accepting:
- If they aren't in the business for long, you might be able to accept their referrals
- Expanding your network never hurts, regardless of your industry
- You make a new friend

The cons of accepting:
- There is a possibility they might prospect your friends and family
- They might … (0 comments)

facebook marketing: Why You Might Not Be Getting Real Estate Leads on Facebook - 01/18/18 06:45 PM
Facebook. Love it or hate it, you need it for your business. It's easy enough right? You use Facebook all the time.
Well, here are 5 reasons you might not be getting leads on Facebook:
1. The content in your posts are missing lead capture forms
This should be a no brainer, but if there is no lead capture...there are no leads! Some services (such as Z57, yes shameless plug) have Facebook lead capture. But you can also send them to a landing page on your website with lead capture.
2. The content is not engaging or shareable
People go to Facebook to interact with others … (0 comments)

facebook marketing: Tips for Being a More Likable Agent on Facebook - 08/03/17 11:05 AM
Social media has given us a direct channel to consumers. As a real estate agent, the majority of your leads are on Facebook and it's not enough to simply post once a week and hope for the best. Social media is based on engagement and when it comes down to it, likability. Just like your life outside of social media, if you don't really like someone, you aren't going to go out of your way to interact with them. Be that person online that you would like to talk to! 
There are several ways you can help accomplish this:
1. Engage with your … (0 comments)

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