social media: Does Posting Your Closings on Social Media Bring More Business? - 09/13/19 01:27 PM
You know, this question has been asked often. Real estate agents are still skeptical about the benefits that social media brings to their business. Active Rain, what do you think?
Here at Z57, we would argue yes...yes of course. Obviously we are bias, because we provide social media solutions for real estate agents - but hear us out!
1. You need content posted to your social media profiles
If you aren't posting anything to your page, then some people might assume you are no longer in business. Or at least you are not as savvy as the agent that IS posting.
2. A single post … (0 comments)

social media: There Are Easy Mistakes You Could Be Making on Social - 03/11/19 08:21 AM
Hey Active Rainers!
Our Director of Sales, Doug Cherry, will be hosting a webinar next Tuesday, March 19 @12pm PST. He will be uncovering 5 mistakes that top performing real estate agents avoid on social media. He'll be discussing best practices, growing your influence, increasing brand awareness, and the correct posting habits.
Our email subscribers already had first dibs on reserving a spot for themselves, but there are still a few openings left!
Click below to sign up for the webinar!

social media: Use a Social Scheduling Tool? Add These Posts! - 02/26/19 08:07 AM
It's a constant struggle to come up with new content for social media, especially considering that you need to be consistent in order to make any impression on your audience. Skip a week of posting, and the algorithm bumps you down in the news feed. We have compiled 15 posts you can use for your social media posting calendar. Schedule all 15 posts in one month, or schedule them throughout the rest of 2019 to compliment your existing content!
Click below to download!

social media: How to Spark Conversations on Facebook - 06/27/17 09:44 AM
Many real estate agents are frustrated when they first switch from their personal Facebook accounts to a business page. Simply put, it's often easier to get people to interact with a person as opposed to a business. So your challenge, should you choose to accept it (and trust us, you should) is to inspire engagement and spark conversation on your business page in much the same way you would on your personal page. 
We've created a free eBook revealing insights on what type of content gets the highest engagement. Get your free copy today!

In addition to these insights, here are 4 of our … (0 comments)

social media: The Ultimate on How to Snapchat for Real Estate - 01/27/17 03:00 PM
First, What is Snapchat?Snapchat is a video messaging app that allows users to send videos and photos with added text, filters, and drawings. Snapchat users can send a friend or groups of friends these videos or pictures, which are called snaps. Once a user views a “snap” or a text or video, it disappears forever (unless the other user takes a screenshot)!
Here are some keywords to get you started:A Snap: a photo or video taken with the Snapchat app.
Storyboard: A storyboard is a collection of snaps added for all of a follower’s users to watch. Similar to a Facebook wall, other Snapchat users can view … (1 comments)

social media: What is Facebook Live (& How to Use It) - 01/23/17 12:58 PM
Video will soon be taking over all of social media. Why? Because it’s the most engaging form of content! Think about it, would you rather watch a movie or spend two hours looking through a picture book? According to Popular Science, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, stated in his announcement of Facebook Live, that by 2020 he expects all of Facebook to be video. Utilizing Facebook Live before other Real Estate agents and Facebook users is an excellent way for agents to stand out from the crowd.
So, What is Facebook Live?
Facebook Live is a feature that allows users to live stream video from … (3 comments)

social media: Real Estate Hacks For The New Market - 10/26/16 12:50 AM
You’re a resourceful real estate agent right? Great, then you’ll love to hear anything related to you being able to sell more properties. As you are aware, millennials are rapidly becoming a huge demographic in the market. From small consumer goods all the way to larger purchases such as homes, there has been an increasing amount of attention placed on this group.
In an article published on Builder, it was noted that HALF of today’s home buyers fall into the millennials description. Half! Those are huge numbers no matter how you look at it. The sad news though, is that some … (0 comments)

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