bahamas real estate: Selling a Seller on a Buyer's Perspective! - 09/19/12 06:48 AM
Inspiration for writing my blog can come from many sources!  This post was inspired from a couple of sources but the compulsion undoubtedly came from one.  I am currently remodeling my kitchen and boy have I learned a ton without the first cabinet in place!
When sellers decide to list their properties for sale, there is usually some thought given to what repairs or improvements will reap the highest returns.  Should I paint?  Should I change the carpets in the bedrooms?  Should I freshen up the landscaping?  Should I replace my tired, old kitchen with something new and modern?  And the … (3 comments)

bahamas real estate: To Sell or To Rent...That is the Question! - 09/06/12 12:56 AM
Inspired by comments on an earlier post I made, Selling Real Estate is Hard Work!, I wanted to share some food for thought in an effort to educate owners who are considering putting their home on the market.  In The Bahamas, not unlike other markets throughout the world, we often face the question, "What if I wanted to put the house on the market for rent if it doesn't sell?".  There are many aspects to renting a property that many owners never think about.  You think selling a home presents challenges?  Renting a home presents the same challenges....and then some!
If … (0 comments)

I really pride myself on giving good advice, even if that advice is not in my best financial interest.  I feel that I owe that to my clients and customers and expect that from those who perform services for me.  As I get older, and hopefully wiser, I am realizing that life is too short to miss out on the many opportunities to help others have better, more meaningful experiences, especially in my area of expertise.  It is this spirit I write the following memo.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. H. Seller ("H" for Hypothetical, creative huh!? ;o),
When I do my daily … (0 comments)

bahamas real estate: Expired or Tired!? What is the norm? - 12/07/11 06:21 AM
One of the ongoing debates in our market is when a property expires and is re-listed, does the listing history and days on market remain visible or does the listing that expired get a new life and a "new listing" status!?  I have a feeling that I will get mixed reviews on this topic, but I will give my 2 cents anyway.
When a listing expires, it doesn't always mean that it is taken off the market.  Further, the days on market, although a somewhat loaded statistic, should not change, regardless of who the listing agent is.  What the market wants … (5 comments)

bahamas real estate: Did I Hear You Correctly? Don't List My House Now? - 04/29/11 03:57 AM
One of life's greatest rewards is the ability to convert what you have learned into action.  Like many real estate agents and brokers, I too was lured into the thought process of, "You never know, you may just get that one person who wants to buy that house, no matter what the price."  Not being a gambler, I must admit that the odds game had eluded me until a little over a year ago. 
The Bahamas real estate industry is continuing to evolve and we are now in the 3rd year of having a MLS.  Yes, you heard right, we've only … (20 comments)

bahamas real estate: Hot Off the Press!! Great News for The Bahamas!! - 10/06/10 07:12 AM
We've been patiently awaiting this news and it now appears that The Bahamas, it's people and it's economy, is poised for another major infusion of capital and an immensly powerful boost to the local economy!
Baha Mar and ScotiaBank Syndicate Reach Settlement of Cable Beach Loan Creation of Premier World-Class Destination Resort Set to Commence upon Receipt of Bahamian Government Approvals
Nassau, The Bahamas, October 6, 2010 –
Baha Mar today reported that it and the ScotiaBank-led syndicate have reached agreement to settle all outstanding issues regarding the loan on the Cable Beach properties. With this settlement, the commencement of the … (0 comments)

bahamas real estate: Why Do Buyers Insist on Putting the Cart Before the Horse?! - 10/05/10 04:49 AM
Sitting in my office the other day I received an inbound inquiry from the switchboard.  It was a prospective purchaser that was relocating from one of the "family islands" and wanted to see a home listing we had.  As usual, I asked some qualifying questions to get a feel for the prospect's needs.  After getting satisfactory answers to my battery of questions I asked the most important question of all, " Will you be financing your purchase and have you been pre-qualified at the bank for a loan?"  You would have thought I asked the lady how much she weighed (which … (8 comments)

bahamas real estate: Bahamas Real Estate ~ Great Starter Home, Great Price! - 09/23/10 09:00 AM

The good life awaits you in this fully furnished 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom “Eleuthera” model situated a fully enclosed, corner lot in the oceanfront community of Treasure Cove. Features include an open plan kitchen / living area, cathedral ceilings, spacious master suite with walk in closet, central a/c, full utility room with washer and dryer, large covered patio with brick paver deck and swimming pool, standby generator and more! Treasure Cove is a gated, oceanfront community with a large park and playground, basketball courts, a walking track, covered pavilion and over 500' of ocean frontage for the resident's enjoyment! … (0 comments)

bahamas real estate: One Additional Question You Must Ask When Qualifying a Buyer! - 09/13/10 04:19 AM
One of the most satisfying aspects of the real estate business is that no two days are the same and each day presents us with new opportunities to learn and become more skilled at our craft!  I had an instance last week which illustrates this point perfectly!
I was contacted by a colleague that had a prospective purchaser who was interested in viewing several of my listings.  One of the personal policies I have committed to is not only do I qualify buyers and sellers, but I am equally as diligent in making sure that other agents also do their jobs … (4 comments)

bahamas real estate: Looking on the "bright side" isn't always easy....but it is necessary! - 07/29/10 02:47 AM
Shock waves were recently sent through the Bahamas real estate market when the government announced an across the board 2% increase in the Government Stamp Tax payable on real property conveyances (transfer of title).  Not only were buyers and sellers jolted but the Realtors were screaming bloody murder, everyone left feeling like property purchases just got that much more difficult to achieve!  I must say, I too was a little taken back when I heard the announcement and the news festered in me for a number of days......then the "light" came on. 
Short term memory loss isn't exclusive to certain substance … (1 comments)

bahamas real estate: Short Sales in The Bahamas?.....Well, sort of. - 06/28/10 03:39 AM
One of the many differences in the Bahamas real estate market, and perhaps the most glaring, is that "short sales" do not really exist in the same sense as in other parts of the world.  Often times when owners are forced into a foreclosure the banks will handle selling off the property and rarely, if ever, do they employ Realtors to assist in this task.  You see, the laws here protect the seller of the home to ensure that whatever equity the seller has built up in the property is protected.  However, what do you do when you list a home … (2 comments)

bahamas real estate: Lovely 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom Ocean View Townhome - 06/03/10 03:26 AM

Fabulous end-unit townhouse tucked within a stunning fourplex compound accented by professionally landscaped gardens. The grounds are fully enclosed with a high wall and electronic gated entry providing peace of mind. A Spanish tiled roof lends charm to the already stylish architecture with wonderful outdoor spaces for gracious family living. A superb setting with plenty of privacy and in close proximity to all conveniences. THE RESIDENCE: A collection of prized artwork, antique furnishings, stunning home decor, and luxurious tiled floors outfit the interior and outdoor spaces of this 1,581 sq. ft. sea view haven. The lower level features two guest … (0 comments)

bahamas real estate: Vacationing Where You Live? In The Bahamas........ABSOLUTELY! - 05/13/10 04:18 AM
I thought that, for once in my short blogging history, I would venture off the topic of real estate in The Bahamas and talk a little bit about how absolutely beautiful this country is and what we do for fun on a regular basis.  Last weekend the conditions were picture perfect for a morning run down to The Exumas for a day of fishing.  We planned carefully for the hour long voyage:  Fuel,, check...bait,, check...and perhaps most importantly beer, check!  All the bases were covered and we were on our way!
We spent the day fishing and enjoying the … (1 comments)

bahamas real estate: Nassau's Harbourfront Finally Getting It's Due! - 05/11/10 06:54 AM
Just when you think the good news for real estate in The Bahamas begins to run out we get the news that the government of The Bahamas has finally signed the deal to move the main shipping terminals from the ultra-valuable Nassau Harbour front to a more effective and environmentally friendly area to the west of the main harbour.  In a news release today, The Tribune reported, "Wider distribution of the profits from the freight shipping industry, reduced cost of living for Bahamians and the facilitation of the redevelopment and revitalization of downtown Nassau were highlighted as the major benefits of … (1 comments)

bahamas real estate: Investing in The Bahamas....Did you know?... - 04/21/10 02:15 AM
The Bahamas continues to flourish as a second home destination for many of our foreign friends.  Still, many others don't foray into investing in The Bahamas because their perception is that the costs may be too high in comparison to investing in other tropical destinations.  Besides the fact that we are the closest island nation to North America and travel to and from our beautiful archipelago is easier, faster and cheaper than ever, we have a stable economy and our dollar value is on par with the US dollar.  Here are some answers to other common questions that may surprise you … (2 comments)

bahamas real estate: Selling Property in The Bahamas - 04/14/10 03:38 AM
If you have ever wondered how best to sell your property in The Bahamas this blog post is for you!  The first step is to locate a quality company and an experienced agent with a proven track record.  I recommend interviewing at least 3 agents so that you can be assured that their marketing plan is a sound one, that the agent understands the market and knows how to price your property correctly to achieve the desired results and that your personality and goals are aligned.  To research companies and agents, type in "Bahamas Real Estate" in Google and review the … (0 comments)

bahamas real estate: Timing is Everything....Especially in The Bahamas! - 04/07/10 06:56 AM
While much of the investing world sits on the sidelines and waits for the real estate market to turn around, the opportunities for second home ownership in The Bahamas are really heating up!  Activity for the first quarter of 2010 has surpassed all of our expectations and, as a result, many of the right priced properties are being bought creating a much more balanced supply and demand situation.  
The government really encourages foreign investment and the process is not as daunting as one may think.  The first thing to do is find a quality real estate professional, someone with experience … (0 comments)

bahamas real estate: Some Great News for The Bahamas Economy! - 03/09/10 04:03 AM
Despite the ongoing pessimism regarding the global economic outlook, The Bahamas continues to get great news with the announcement of some very positive events!  Firstly, the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace was quoted recently in The Nassau Guardian newspaper as saying, "In the middle of a recession, 2010 will see an increase of over 400,000 new airseats bringing a potential visitor spend of an additional $400 million compared to 2009," said Vanderpool-Wallace during debate on the government's mid-year budget in the Senate. "These new seats include non-stops to Exuma, to Abaco and to Eleuthera from the United States and Canada … (0 comments)

bahamas real estate: The Bahamas Real Estate Market: Why we have survived! - 02/16/10 04:46 AM
I am often approached by buyers, foreign and local alike, asking if the real estate market has suffered like that of our neighbours to the north.  The answer is a resounding "Not even close!"  Typically there is an uncomfortable silence on the other end of the line and then I begin to explain.
The Bahamas real estate market is a very unique creature indeed!  We are geographically close to the US and our government and currency are stable.  We enjoy a year around climate that is sunny and warm and our islands and our people are equally as beautiful.  Our banking … (1 comments)

bahamas real estate: Buying and Selling Real Estate in The Bahamas - 02/09/10 04:40 AM
As a newcomer to the blogging scene, I have decided that blogging about buying and selling real estate in The Bahamas is an important service that I can offer that will hopefully be helpful in assisting interested parties in navigating the sometimes daunting task of real estate transactions in a foreign country.  As an experienced realtor, broker and sales manager I hope to be able to impart some of my personal thoughts on the real estate market in The Bahamas.  Over the last several months, I have often been approached by buyers and sellers alike wanting to know how the real … (0 comments)

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