zanes blogs: Playboy Magazine Cars and the War...... - 01/01/10 02:22 AM
If you hate Playboy Magazine you can blame it on your government....and if you love Playboy Magazine well you can blame it on your government also....The Magazine that the government hated came about because of thier actions......You think I'm kidding?
 1st January, 1942  The U.S. government no longer allowed the sale of civilian vehicles (i.e. cars and trucks).1942 U.S.A. Car Production Stops It was after this date that automobile manufacturers were required to make only vehicles which were to be used for war purposes.
Automobile plants during this time were dedicated to the sale of bombers, jeeps, military trucks, and other gear. The government offered … (12 comments)

zanes blogs: This winter, experience the thrill of tobogganing - 12/31/09 05:16 AM
On this day December 31, 1966 the Cleveland Metroparks opened a toboggan hill at The Chalet in Mill Stream Run Reservation. so if your feeling the need to fly down a snow covered hill but would like it to be a controlled ride check out the toboggan run at the Cleveland Metroparks.
In addition to tobogganing, guests can enjoy the facility with a snack bar, two fireplaces, a large-screen television, indoor restrooms, and a main gathering area.
Feeling the need, the need for some winter speed? Then watch the video
Tobogganing operates the day after Thanksgiving (noon - 10:30 p.m.) … (6 comments)

zanes blogs: Have a Happy New Year but please be safe - 12/31/09 02:41 AM
In Ashtabula County Ohio in the past 2-3 weeks we have lost 6 people to traffic accidents 5 of the 6 were drug and alcohol related. New Years Eve is in the top 3 deadliest nights for drinking and driving on U.S roads. Before you go out tonight find a Designated Driver or better yet just stay home if your going to drink. Please think before you drink....
Although the numbers have fallen over the years we still have to many deaths from drinking and driving 1 is 1 to many just ask someone who lost a loved one from it....I'm sure you know … (6 comments)

zanes blogs: Lights on the Lake..... - 12/18/09 11:43 PM
Well last night we went to the Ashtabula Mall to see Santa and tell him what I want Matt wants for Christmas ... Lego's and Drums.....had something to eat and drove down to Lake Shore Park for the 4th annual Lights On The Lake.
Now if you have never been to this event or even heard of it here is the website check it out Lights on the Lake The site has maps, photos, story's, and a little about the people who put this on every year at Lake Shore Park in Ashtabula Ohio.
I didn't have any idea we were going to … (16 comments)

zanes blogs: “For the Man Who Hated Christmas” - 12/18/09 02:19 AM
Here is a great Friday Story about giving! I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to forward this email! Click on the link below to check out the organization
"For the Man Who Hated Christmas"
It's just a small, white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, no inscription. It has peeked through the branches of our tree for the past 10 years or so.
It all began because my husband Mike hated Christmas. Oh, not the true meaning of Christmas, but the commercial aspects of it, overspending, the frantic running around at the … (3 comments)

zanes blogs: From 39 to the speed of sound in less then 100 - 12/18/09 12:28 AM
 Todays history from 39mph to the speed of sound in less then 100 years. I'm sure everyone out there has gone a little over the speed limit at least once....Am I right? Well I got that out of my system years ago I rarely go more then 10 mph over on the freeway anymore. Now I just sit back and cruise in my slow VW Bug yes under 100mph....But ever since the invention of cars people have been racing them and seeing how fast they can go......and Today in history is the first ...............
Official land speed record set December 18, … (8 comments)

zanes blogs: Be an alert pedestrian...don't be a victim - 12/17/09 09:27 AM
This past weekend there was a death in one of our friends family. It was her little cousin that happens to have been a friend of my two older boys and they all went to the same school. She was a victim of a hit and run. They have the person responsible for it.....My post that for some reason never posted was a much angrier one.... Maybe that is good it got I am just posting this instead....
I have calmed down a little and decided to post something positive...below you will see a list of tips to help protect yourself. … (9 comments)

zanes blogs: And the winner is.........not me again this year.... - 12/10/09 12:37 AM
Alfred Nobel
According to Nobel's will, the Peace Prize should be awarded to the person who:during the preceding year  [...] shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.
Usually I write about history well today history is being made. Today  BARACK OBAMA will be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize his name will be among names like MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DESMOND MPILO TUTU  JIMMY CARTER JR. and others.
Do I agree with it? Well no I think there where others more deserving … (18 comments)

zanes blogs: Do you have something in common with them? - 12/08/09 02:36 PM
Do you have something in common with these people? Thomas Edison ,George H. W. Bush, Johnny Carson, Roger Ebert, Ralph Nader, Alice Cooper, The United States Military and maybe you.....Man that's an odd list of people don't you think?
Wheelbarrow's, covered wagon's, B-17 Flying Fortress air plane's, US6 6x6 military trucks, cars. That's a funny list of things isn't it ?
Well what do all these things and people have in common? maybe a few things but one thing for sure.....
The Studebaker yep they all owned or were made by The Studebaker Manufacturing Company. The only company to successfully bridge the … (15 comments)

zanes blogs: You Lost..... a lot of business because of your big mouth... - 12/06/09 03:38 AM
Yep You lost a lot of business because of your big mouth and you don't even know it yet but you will....after you read this....
Why stereotype they are different but doing the same salesman and Realtors....I see post here all the time cutting down the car salesman. Really are they any different from you?  Car and Home salespeople sell two of the biggest investments that people will buy in their life...If your not following me yet it is cars and homes.....
So why are you cutting them down? Is it because you bought a car and it turned out to … (18 comments)

zanes blogs: My trip to the Matty - 12/04/09 01:17 PM
There is so much more to do and see at the Geneva Public Library... Today we had to go to the library with mommy she had home work to do. So me and daddy went along for the ride. And we found all kinds of fun things at the library. They have a big tree you can climb in and some mirrors to make you look funny and games to play.
They even have the very first traffic light that was put up in Geneva there on display. There are lots of computers and toys and people to help you. And they even have … (6 comments)

zanes blogs: The little town time forgot - 12/03/09 05:44 AM
The little town time forgot. Just between borders South of Geneva (Harpersfield) and Madison is a little town called Unionville, Ohio. It is only 4 small square miles but has a lot of big history. From the historic Old Tavern to the Unionville United Church that was established in 1834. They even have their own post office that I used to send off some mail this morning....
If you ever want to go back in time this is the town to do it in. Some time in May (dates vary from year to year) they have Flea Market day, Unionville host over … (8 comments)

zanes blogs: plays, parades, trains, party's, and food and wine - 12/03/09 04:16 AM
So you say you have nothing to do this weekend. Well we have you covered ages 0 to 110 years old...If your over 110 years old you more then likely done it all and seen it all....but you can still come and join in on the fun things to do this weekend in the Geneva Ohio area.
We have plays, parades, trains, party's, and food and wine going on all over Ashtabula county Dec. 4th 5th and 6th come on out and enjoy the fun....below is phone numbers and websites for more info and have a great weekend.....
12/04, 06, … (8 comments)

zanes blogs: So you have some money and you want to invest it ? - 12/02/09 04:55 AM
So you have some money and you want to invest it. Well where is the best place to put it? You have lots of option's on that but you need to make the best choice for your goals... how long do you want to wait for your return on your money? 1 year 2, 5, 20 years? and what are you doing it for? Retirement ? To supplement your income now? Or just to get out of the line of work your in now? What do you want your money to do for you?
Before you answer any of the questions read … (8 comments)

zanes blogs: Your going to pay for something today... - 12/01/09 05:19 AM
They say the best things in life are free....I say nothing in life is free. Like a free dog? nope you gotta feed him...well how about a hug from your kid...well now that is special but nope you gotta feed him for the next 18 years and then some. But it is the worlds greatest joy. But its not free. Well how about a smile? nope takes a split second and a split second is time and time is not free you only get so much and then its gone. Like I said nothing is free there is a price for everything. … (5 comments)

zanes blogs: Kids Safety is #1 a must read website............. - 12/01/09 01:06 AM
I was reading an article this morning after dropping off Matt at school and it mentioned this organization well there was no website or number. So I took a little trip into cyberspace looking for it. Well if you have kids or grand kids or any little ones you love I would suggest checking it out they have safety tips and product recalls. It is a very good site Safety Kids USA and it is loaded with great information.
You will find a lot of great advice on this site and who knows you my even end up saving or preventing injury … (5 comments)

zanes blogs: The Circus was in town......100 years ago - 11/30/09 01:27 AM
"Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages" and "the greatest show on earth" You all know what those phrases mean, everyone knows what they are for  Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey but what if it wasn't the greatest show on earth ( circus show)......what if another show was the greatest......But was taken out by sickness and a tragic event?
Well let me fill you in....Back in the late 1800's early 1900's there were a lot of traveling circuses roaming the USA and the world for that matter.
In 1896 Geneva Ohio had a population of three thousand. They had five churches, two railroads running through the town. … (6 comments)

zanes blogs: Geneva Ohio and Dad.......Geneva History - 11/29/09 05:07 AM
In the late 1890's and the early 1900's America and 75 or more auto makes, Yes some were back yard garage brothers and others were big time factory tycoons. You maybe familiar with some of the big boy's names like Henry Ford, Louis Chevrolet, Ransom E. Olds just to name a few....
But what if I told you one of these company's may not have ever existed with out Geneva ,Ohio and dad Would you believe me? Well when I was a young child I was exposed to cars--- hot rods, race car, and classic cars..Must be why I love them so much now....Although … (6 comments)

zanes blogs: Speechless Sundays (no your not always the greatest) - 11/28/09 11:47 PM
I am the greatest !!!! no sometimes you do fall

zanes blogs: 114 years of history.......... - 11/28/09 03:55 AM
What do you get when you mix four (4) gasoline-powered automobiles,two (2) electric cars, twelve (12) drivers, 52-miles, several inches of snow, $5,000 in prizes,and an average speed of 7.5mph, on November 28th 1895?
Well you get one hell of a long race. But what a race it was as a matter of fact it was the first gasoline powered automobile race in America. And it happened in Chicago, Illinois on this date 114 years ago today.
We sure have come along way and the car did get a little faster....just ask Jimmy Johnson....2009 NASCAR Champ.................................

The first gasoline-powered race is held 11-28-1895


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